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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Option to 'Invite' a Companion

In Rune Factory 3, there is a new option to invite a villager to join you. When you see the option to 'Invite', using either the L or the R Button above the dialogue box, you can invite one individual to join you. Pressing the L or R Button while engaged in dialogue with a Character will initiate an invitation to 'go somewhere with me'. You can invite either a Male or a Female Character and each has his/her own unique style of combat. For example, Shara uses her trusty Watering Pot. Gaius, rather surprisingly uses a longsword instead of a Hammer, although his acceptance of your invitation will be couched in the following terms:

Gaius: Okay. Well, where should we dig for Iron?

As with any Monster companion who joins you in combat, your human companion will have an Energy bar over his/her head that will display current health. Some companions, like Shara, have Magical powers that allow them to heal themselves. For others, you can restore health by giving your Companion an edible Item that will restore HP. You can do this where any tame Monster is concerned as well.


  1. Freya, how do u find the 3rd boss in the Fall dungeon. I have been looking for it , but nothing had happened. Please help!!

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  3. i am having troubles with the final boss in dragon cave what level do u have to be?

  4. I really need to know, does Monica even have a weapon?

  5. Monica doesn't have a weapon. I have tested, and she does not fight.