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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Early 'Cheats' in Rune Factory 3

This information is included in the General Guide/Walkthrough, but I am posting it here for quick reference.

Shara's Farming Tutorial

After you save your game for the first time during the tour of your home, Shara will take you to your Fields. You have two Fields at the foot of the Sharance Tree. Both will be filled with coloured Grasses, Medicinal Herb, Antidotal Herb, Branches, Weeds, Rocks, Stumps and Boulders.

During her Tutorial, you will be required to defeat a Monster who appears with your Hoe. After this, two more Monsters will appear and you will be offered a Weapon of your choice by Gaius from the Weapons Shop. After the two Monsters are defeated, Shara will remark that the monsters 'looked pretty strong'.

You now will have a choice of responses:

Yes, they were strong!
They were pretty weak, actually...

If you agree that they were strong, Shara will move forward to give you a farming tutorial. If, however, you declare that the Monsters were weak, your arrogance will cause three more Monsters to appear. These Monsters will be more powerful than the first three and you may use most of your RP and HP before you are able to defeat them. When defeated, a prompt will appear to the effect that the game difficulty level now has been set to 'Hard'.

This is another aspect of Rune Factory 3 that is new to the series. You can set the difficulty of combat in your Trophy Room. It is only if you brag about the weakness of the Monsters that the game automatically will be set to 'Hard' but if you wish for the most challenging combat, you can set it to 'Hard' yourself at any point.

Once the Monster situation has been resolved, whether by the defeat of the two Monsters or the defeat of three additional Monsters, Shara will offer to give you a Farming Tutorial. It is your choice whether to accept or not. If you accept, you will gain a number of advantages, even if you know how to farm!

When you accept the offer, she will place 9 Weeds on the Field in a single plot and tell you to clear the plot. This is an opportunity to clear both Fields entirely. Note that you cannot harvest any Bamboo Shoots at this point, however, as Shara will tell you to 'stop fooling around' if you attempt to equip any Tool or Weapon! You can harvest all Wild Grasses as well as Medicinal Herbs, Antidotal Herbs and, if you wish, all Branches and Stones. If you wish to clear both Fields, you should not collect the Weeds she placed until all other Items have been collected as, when the ninth Weed has been collected, she will tell you to equip your Hoe.

You now will be told to till 9 squares in the plot where the Weeds had been placed. When this has been done, Shara will give you 9 Toyherb Seeds to sow. After the Seeds have been sown, Shara will place six Withered Grass and three Toyherbs on the Field to the right in another square. You will be told to harvest both the Flowers and the Withered Grass. This will give you three Toyherb and six Withered Grass to use or ship.

Shara finally will give you three Toyherb Seeds and take her leave.

If you refuse her offer of a Tutorial, you will receive only three Toyherb Seeds and the clock will begin to run when she takes her leave afterwards.

Early Exploitations

On your very first day in Sharance, you can collect many of the 'free' Items stashed throughout the village. Their locations are given in another section of this Guide. Make certain that you ship them before 5.00 p.m. if you wish to have more income than the initial 500G that you have in your inventory.

Go into Privera Forest even if your Level is low, saving your game before you enter the Dungeon. There often is a Chest on the first screen that can contain two to four random Items, including Crops, Cooked Dishes, Ingredients or Accessories. Exit and re-enter the Forest again and again to find these Chests. Ship the Items that you find for early profits in order to be able to purchase basic defensive equipment, Cooking Utensils and Ingredients from the General Store.

Incidentally, your Character actually can find basic Tools in Chests in the Dungeons and Tools as well as Weapons and Accessories may be dropped as War Trophies by Monsters. For example, the Wooly in Privera Forest may drop a pair of Clippers!

Another exploitation that is not restricted to the first few days exists with respect to the Special Deals Menu at the Blacksmith. The Items in this Menu will be loaded at the time of your first visit to the Blacksmith on any given day. Some special Weapons and Accessories that are far superior to those found in the regular categories are offered as Special Deals.

Save your game BEFORE you go to the Smithy for the first time. Go to the Smithy and ask about the Special Deals for the day. If the Item or Items you seek are not included in the day's Menu, reload your game and try again.


  1. PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEE tell me how to get the big bed

  2. To get the big bed you go to hazel's(when they are selling furniture)and order one

  3. could you make a guide on what items are best to persuade certain monsters?

  4. Agreed on the guide for taming monsters... That would be very helpful. Thanks!