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Rune Factory 3 Requests Guide

Rune Factory 3 Requests Guide

by Freyashawk

Created on 13 November 2010
Last updated on 10 May 2011

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Note on 17 November: Of all my RF3 Guides, this one still needs the most work. I have organised Requests by Location and then by Character, but I am not certain if this is the best format.

As of 15 November, I have created this Walkthrough/General Guide, a Cookbook Recipes Guide, an Items Guide, a Characters Guide, a Requests Guide and a Bestiary and Dungeons Guide. All are in preliminary stages.

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This is a Quick Reference Guide for all the Requests in Rune Factory 3. My Rune Factory 3 Characters Guide includes the actual text of the Request Events but this Guide simply lists the Requests with all basic details about the requirements for completing them and the Reward, if any, that you will receive upon completion.

Requests made by other Characters are a fundamental part of the integral structure of Rune Factory 3. In the course of fulfilling Requests, your Character will obtain his Basic Tools, some financial Rewards and a number of interesting and useful Items. Requests often are the method by which your Character will experience a Romantic Date with one of the Eligible Girls. For example, one of Shara's early Requests will constitute your first Date with her.

Players of Rune Factory 2 will be familiar with the Request System but its operation is slightly different in Rune Factory 3. Although Requests do appear on the Bulletin Board outside the Flower Shop, you will be able to find a different selection of Requests in your postbox and even obtain some special Requests from an Owl. In Rune Factory 2, you could choose often between more than one Request. This is true in Rune Factory 3 as well.

Although you are restricted to one Request per day from any location, you can accept one Request from each Location daily. You cannot accept any Request from any location, however, while a Request remains pending. You either must cancel the current Request or complete it before you can accept a new Request from one of the other locations.

As in all Rune Factory games, you will be given most of your basic tools if you are patient and satisfy the requirements of the giver. Watering Pot and Hoe are given by Shara as soon as she introduces you to your new home in the Sharance Tree. Sickle, Axe, Hammer and Fishing Rod follow when you accept Requests from villagers. A Brush will be given to you by Gaius after you build a Monster Barn and tame your first Monster. Clippers will be given by Gaius as well.

There are three types of Requests in Rune Factory 3. Ordinary Requests from an individual that have no sub-division appear to occur in a specific order and may be based on Friendship Levels. Battle Requests and Simple Requests are the other two types of Requests. They appear randomly at the three locations and do not have any specific order. It is possible for Battle Requests and Simple Requests to appear and be completed more than once.

Next to the Bulletin Board is another board that provides Request Tips as follows: Simple Requests and Battle Requests are requests that you can complete many times. Once you complete them, people will usually repost them soon. Simple Requests usually involve fetching certain items. Battle Requests will require you to defeat certain monsters. The Items that are given as Rewards for completion of Simple Requests often are chosen randomly from a group of Items. For example, if the Reward is a bag of Seeds and a Formula, you may receive a different bag of Seeds and a different strength of Formula if you reload and try the Request again. Ordinary Requests, on the other hand, tend to have set Rewards that will not vary.

Although you cannot accept a Request from another location while any Request remains pending, once a Request is completed, you will be able to accept a Request from each of the other locations. The limit is one Request per location per day. Note, however, that once a Request is accepted from any location, you will not be able to take another Request from THAT location on the same day even if you abandon the first Request.

Initial Requests

Shara will make the very first Request, asking you to introduce yourself to every one in the village. This follows the pattern established in games such as Animal Crossing where your Character will familiarise himself/herself with the map and with all residents of the village by meeting and greeting each one. Note that meeting an individual outside will not satisfy the requirement. You must experience every Introduction Event that occurs inside a Building AND properly introduce yourself to each Character. When you have completed this 'Request', she will ask you to ship one item. You can ship anything you wish. Return to her and she will give you four Pink Turnip Seeds.

Items given to you in Rune Factory 3 will be thrown onto the ground inside wooden Chests. Access the Chest and the contents will pop out onto the ground. Always remember to take the Item (s) that you are given!

Note that you often will be able to find Chests randomly on the ground in the dungeons. The items these Chests contain are random but can consist of Seeds, Medicines, Crops or even Accessories.

The next Request is made by Wells. He will ask you to deliver a message to Marjorie. When you complete his Request, he will give you a Sickle.

In the next two Requests, you will be given a farm Tool that will allow you to perform the Request.

Sherman will ask you for 9 Wood. He will give you an Axe so that you can chop branches or stumps into Wood.

When you complete his Request, you will be given 3000 Gold as well as the Axe that you used to perform the task.

Gaius will ask for a piece of Iron Ore and will give you a Hammer so that you can smash the Rocks that contain Ores. He will not give you any reward per se, but you will be allowed to keep the Hammer.

Evelyn next will request a piece of Scrap Metal. Like her father, she is generous and will give you 2000G when you hand the Scrap Metal to her.

The next Request is made by Carmen. She will ask you to meet her for lessons in fishing. When you do so, she will give you a Fishing Rod and request that you catch any Spring Fish. When you give her the Fish, she will give you a Sardine.

Note that you can accept only one Request from each location per day. The appearance of Requests, once you have completed the initial Requests, is based on your Friendship Level with the Requester, so if you do not find any new Requests anywhere, you may be neglecting members of your community!

Incidentally, although you can cancel a Request at any time, you will not be able to accept another from the same location until the next day. It therefore is rather counterproductive to cancel Requests after accepting them unless you absolutely cannot complete them.

What is interesting is that you can ship Items that people give to you for delivery, cancel the Request and then find the Request again the next day, beginning it anew. For example, you can ship the Heavy Spice and Tomato that Sakuya enjoins you to deliver to Blaise and Marjorie respectively, then go home and cancel the Request. When Freyr did this, he was able to accept the Request again the next morning and Sakuya acted as though she never had given him the Items previously. This, despite the fact that she had warned him:

Sakuya: You'll have to fix it on your own if you give it to the wrong person.

She simply threw down another Heavy Spice and another Tomato and told him where to deliver each...

Note that special Items in the category of 'Presents' such as the Shade Stone cannot be shipped and therefore cannot be 'stolen' from a Request.

Owl Requests

The Owl who conveys Requests is in the Univir Settlement in the Desert. His name is Owlsey and he has a twin sibling named Owlwin. The two alternate on the perch. The Owl Requests are initiated by the members of the Univir Tribe. Many of them are Battle Requests, but some deal with Kuruna's Story.

The Order of Requests

Simple Requests and Battle Requests appear to have a somewhat random appearance with the Owl as well as those found in your postbox and on the Sharance Bulletin Board. A Request that is present one day may be absent the next, but you should find it again at some point.

Ordinary Requests, however, belong to a set sequence and are based on two factors: Heart/Friendship Level and completion of the previous Request in the sequence.

Note that you need not accept Requests in order as you were required to do in RF2 due to the fact that there is more than one type of Requests. Where Simple Requests and Battle Requests are concerned, more than one Request by a single Individual can appear at a location at any given time. You can decide whether or not to advance the Character's Story by taking an Ordinary Request or accept one of the Simple or Battle Requests if you wish to obtain the Reward for it on a particular day.

Simple Requests and Battle Requests, as previously indicated, appear to be generated randomly and the List will change each morning. Ordinary or Story Requests, on the other hand, once placed, should remain until your Character has completed them.

Requests and Special Events

Note that, if there are any Requests you have accepted but not yet completed, special Events may not trigger. For example, the Event wherein the Sharance Tree is expanded to include an upper floor for your workspace will NOT trigger if you have any pending Request. Likewise, you will not be able to experience the Monster Tutorial Event with Gaius if there are any unfinished Requests.

Requests and their Function in the Plot

Ordinary Requests by a Character usually either advance the Main Plot in the game or, in the case of any Eligible Girl, advance her own Story. You must complete the entire Sequence of an Eligible Girl's Plot or Ordinary Requests if you wish to be able to marry her. Often, a Request by another Character will be part of this Sequence. For example, Shara's Story includes Requests by her sister Monica and Raven's Story includes Requests by Gaius. Sakuya and Pia appear to share a Story to some extent which is based on Stand-up Comedy. You therefore should accept the Story Requests of both Girls if you wish to marry one of them.

The best strategy in any Rune Factory game is to accept and complete ALL Requests if you wish to have the richest experience and obtain the greatest Rewards. You never know how an Individual's Request may affect the game! This Requests Guide provides brief details and lists the Rewards for the Requests to give players the opportunity to choose between all the Requests that appear at a location on any given day. Even when a player favours one Individual's Requests with a view to marrying a specific Girl, ALL Requests should be completed ultimately.

The main Story of Rune Factory 3 is linked to Courtship and Marriage. When you have defeated the 'Boss' Monsters of the four Seasonal Dungeons and discussed the need for humans and Monsters to create a new alliance, Wells will not allow a Unity Festival to be planned until your Friendship/Heart Level for at least one Eligible Girl is sufficiently high to allow you to impart your 'secret' to her.

When you first broach the topic to him, he will declare:

Wells: About the 'Unity Festival'...

Freyr: ?

Wells: Is there any one in town who knows about your secret?

Freyr: No... not yet...

Wells: I see. So you're not close enough to any one to trust them with your secret, yet. Then there's no way I can agree to a 'Unity Festival'. Try romance. Find some one who accepts you. Do some requests... Come back to see me when you've found some one who accepts you.

Whenever you speak to him again, he will reiterate the need to complete Requests in order to meet the goal:

Wells: I see. So you're not close enough to any one to trust them with your secret, yet. Then there's no way I can agree to a Unity Festival. If you continue to complete requests, I'm sure an opportunity will arise... Come back to see me when you've found some one who accepts you for who you are.

Postbox Requests

Shara's Postbox Requests

Shara: Come with me.
I want to show you something
Reward: None
Details: 1st Date with Shara

Shara: Can you help?
There's something I want you to get.

Shara: Thank you, Your Highness.
May I request an audience with the Rose Prince?
Reward: Cake
Details: Meet Monica and speak to her

Shara: Can we talk?
I want to tell you something...
Reward: Formula C x 27
Details: Shara confesses her hope that the Sharance Tree will bloom
(Appeared at 8 Hearts)

Shara: Come with me
A small wooly has been coming to play. Would you like to join us?

Raven's Postbox Requests

Raven: Come here
I need to see you.
Reward: 2 Bronze, 2 Silver
Details: Accompany her for delivery to Evelyn

Raven: Let's talk...
Come with me.
Reward: None
Details: Take her to Vale: Icy Rosebush

Raven: ...
Reward: Wood x 6
Details: Ask Raven if she is frightened

Raven: Help
There's something I want to make.
Details: Accompany Raven to the Desert
Your Reward will depend on your response to the question about wearing jewelry.
If you respond that you would be happy:
Reward: Ruby Ring
If you respond that you do not wear jewelry:
Reward: Scorpion Pincer

Raven: Could you help...?
Thank you.
Reward: Handknit Hat
Details: You need Failed Dish, Amethyst Ring and Gold Ore

Raven: Survey
Simple Request
I want your opinion.

Sakuya's Postbox Requests

Sakuya's Bamboo Shoot Request

Sakuya: Can you help?
There's something I want you to get.
Requests: Bamboo Shoot
Reward: 1 of three Items: Strawberry Jam, Curry Powder or Salmon Sashimi
(You choose between them.)

Sakuya: Help again?
There's something I want you to deliver
Reward: Small Fleece (not Free Voucher to the Women's Bath!)
Details: Deliver Heavy Spice to Blaise, Tomato to Marjorie

Sakuya: Souvenirs
(Simple Request): Could you come get it?

Sakuya: Help yet again
There's something I want you to get again.
Reward: 3 Insect Skins
Details: Give Cheap Cloth to Sakuya in Privera Forest while in Wooly form

Sakuya: Souvenirs
Simple Request
I bought something for you

Sakuya: Date
If you have the time, could you come see me?

Pia's Postbox Requests

Pia: Member needed
I'll be waiting at the inn!
Reward: Squid x 3
Details: Join stand-up troupe temporarily

Pia: I need help
(Appeared at 6 Hearts)

Evelyn's Postbox Requests

Can you help?
Requester: Evelyn
Thank you.
Reward: 2000G
Details: Give 1 Scrap Metal to Evelyn

Evelyn: A Favour
Could you bring me material for an outfit?
Reward: 10000 Gold
Details: Give her 3 Wood and a Shade Stone you fetch from Marian

Sofia's Postbox Requests

Sofia: I'm busy.
Let's go play.
Reward: 6 Small Eggs
Details: Take her on a Walking Tour of Sharance
N.B. The most interesting part of this Event is the discovery that Pia is a Mermaid.

Sofia: Not important
There's something I want you to bring me
Reward: Rice Ball x 3
Details: Bring Sofia a Weed

Marian's Postbox Requests

Marian: Practice!
Looking for patients! Come see me for details.

Daria's Postbox Requests

Daria: Lumber help
I'm out of materials for my art! Oh no! I need an assistant to come to my aid.
Reward: 1 piece of Iron
Details: Give 3 Wood to Daria

Daria: Weeding Help
I'm almost out of paints! I need my assistant ASAP!
Reward: 1 piece of Iron, 1 piece of Bronze
Details: Give Daria 1 Orange Grass, 1 Yellow Grass, 1 Red Grass

Daria: Help wanted
My shelf broke. I need my assistant to help repair it!
Reward: 1 piece of Silver, 2 pieces of Bronze
Details: Give 1 piece of Iron, 1 piece of Wood to Daria

Daria: Some one...
Help me... Hurry...
Reward: 1 Iron, 1 Bronze, 1 Silver, 1 Gold
Details: Fetch Dried Sardines from Blaise

Daria: Want assistant
I need an assistant to help me with my work!
Reward: Platinum, Bronze, Silver
Details: Find Round Stone at Rainbow Waterfall

Daria: Want assistant
Hurry up, my dear assistant. I'll test your artistic vision.
(Appeared at 6 Hearts)
Reward: Sapphire Ring, Lv. 3 (level is random)
Details: Give Daria a Ruby Ring

Daria: Cook Wanted
Simple Request
Especially some one good at making 'dried sardines'

Daria: Study time
You're a valuable assistant. I think it's time I introduce you to them.

Karina's Postbox Requests

Karina: Come with me
There's somewhere I want to go...
Reward: None
Details: Find Evelyn

Karina: Take me somewhere
I'll give you more details when you come see me.
Reward: 100 Gold
Details: Take her to the Eye in Privera Forest, smash ore, pick apples and give her an Apple

Karina: I want a cold
I really want something. Could you come see me?
Reward: Leek Seed x 9, Cold Medicine and a Cold!
Details: Give Marian 1 Yellow Grass, 1 Purple Grass, 1 Grape, 1 Rice

Collette's Postbox Requests

Collette's Cooking Competition Request

Collette: Bring it on!
Some one take me on!
Details: Bring her a Rice Ball

Carlos' Postbox Requests

Rusk's Postbox Requests

Gaius' Postbox Requests

Gaius: About Raven
Could you come see me?
Reward: 1 Gold, 2 Silver
Details: Take him to Sol Terrano: Sand Sea

Monica's Postbox Requests

Monica: Shara told me...
Shara told me to send this. Go talk to her about it.
Reward: Kiss from Monica
Details: Give her 100-Rose Bouquet

Wells' Post Box Requests

Wells: Help...
Battle Request
There's a hercules beetle problem I need you to handle.

Wells: Help...
Battle Request
There's a flower crystal problem I need you to handle. Come see me.

Wells: It's important
I need to talk to you
(Appeared at 7 Hearts)
Reward: None
Details: Asks what your intentions are with respect to Shara

Hazel's Postbox Requests

Hazel: Town Helper 1
I need a delivery.
Reward: 1 Cabbage Seed
Details: Deliver Relax Tealeaves to Marjorie

Hazel: Delivery help
Simple Request
Could you take care of some monsters in the way?

Blaise's Postbox Requests

Blaise: Please help
I will give you the details once I see you. I'll be waiting.
Reward: 2 Cooking Bread
Details: Make and deliver 1 Boiled Pumpkin, 1 Pickle Mix or 1 Boiled Spinach to Blaise

Blaise: Cooking help
Come when you can. I'll be waiting.
Reward: 2 Recipe Bread (Freyr received Accessory + and Medicine Breads)
Details: Make Fried Veggies and give it to Blaise.

Sherman's Post Box Requests

Marjorie's Post Box Requests

Shino's Post Box Requests

Shino: A favour
Could you come to the inn?
Reward: Greenifier
Details: Make Squid Sashimi and give it to her

Bulletin Board Requests

Shara's Bulletin Board Requests

Introduce yourself to every one.
Reward: 4 Bags of Pink Turnip Seed
Details: You must enter each building to experience an Event and introduce yourself properly to every Character, then ship ANY Item.

Shara: Giving out Kits
Simple Request
If you want a flower kit, please come see me.
Reward: 1 Bag of Seeds, 1 Formula A, B or C

Shara: I need your help...
I want to meet a Wooly
Reward: 9 Formulae A
Details: Transform into the Wooly and speak to her.
This Request is part of the Main Story in RF3.

Shara: My waterpot
My waterpot broke. Can you help...?
Reward: None if you give her money; 1 Rice Ball if you give her a Waterpot
Details: Either offer to give her money or give her a Waterpot.

Shara: I need your advice...
It's about Monica. Do you think you could help?

Raven's Bulletin Board Requests

Raven: Bring me...
Bring iron by 7.00 p.m.
Reward: 1 Silver, 1 Iron
Details: You must work in her shop, remembering prices to sell three items
N.B. Although she will ask for Iron, you will not be required or indeed able to give it to her.

Raven: Any one
Simple Request
Take this with you.
Reward: 6 Random Weapons, Items, Seeds or...
Details: Simply enter her Smithy and exit again with the Weapons and/or Items*

*The 6 Items are loaded randomly when you accept the Request. If you want a specific Weapon, reload until you obtain it. The Weapons can include types that would appear only as Special Deals. Items can be as valueless as Weeds or as valuable as Sour Drop.

Raven: Looking for
Simple Request
Help me.

Sakuya's Bulletin Board Requests

Sakuya: Want to show
Could you come see me?

Sakuya: Looking for
Could you help me find something?
Reward: Silver Hairpin
Details: Allow her to shear your Golden Wool!

Pia's Bulletin Board Requests

Pia: Help me
I have questions for those who use the bath.
Reward: Grape Juice
Details: Answer three questions

Pia: Need Ingredient
I wanted to make a new bath additive!
Reward: Large Egg
Details: Take Squid to Pia

Pia: Part-time work
It'll be fun!

Pia: I need help
Simple Request
Reward: Sneakers
Details: Give her any coloured grass

Evelyn's Bulletin Board Requests

Evelyn's Bulletin Board Requests

Evelyn: I'm looking for
Simple Request
I'm looking for some one who will get some clothing material.

Simple Request
I am looking for some one to help me with work.

Sofia's Bulletin Board Requests

Sofia: I'm not hungry
Bring something to eat.
Reward: 2000G
Details: Give her a Cooked Item, even Rice Ball

Sofia: It's nothing
Give me a hand...
Reward: Amethyst Ring
Details: Give Sofia an Apple

Sofia: It's normal
Please come. It's an emergency.

Sofia: I'm fine
Simple Request
Bring me some ingredients

Marian's Bulletin Board Requests

Marian: Help wanted.
Sooner the better.
Reward: Failed Dish
Deliver Medicine to Collette
Unofficial Reward from Collette: Formuade

Looking for patients! Come see me for details.
Reward: Piyo Sandals
Details: Ask every Character if willing to volunteer, then go back to Marian to be the guinea pig!

Marian: Ingredients Needed
Simple Request
Get an ingredient for a new medicine

Marian: Research help
Simple Request
Get an ingredient for a new medicine.
Reward: Failed Dish
Details: Give Marian Pink Cat

Daria's Bulletin Board Requests

Karina's Bulletin Board Requests

Karina: Bring me...
I need a delivery...
Reward: 10 Gold
Details: Fetch Strange Pendant from Sofia

Karina: I need to talk
I want you to tell me something...
Reward: Varies according to your responses
(Can be an Accessory, Ingredient or Seeds, inter alia)
Details: Tell her about the Dungeons
N.B. If you choose the wrong Fruit, she will ask you to bring it to her. If you choose Fishing, she will request a Masu Trout. If you choose 'eating from the ground', she will request a Mushroom.

Karina: Part-time work
Simple Request
Seeking Help

Karina: More part-time work...
Simple Request
Seeking helpers

Collette's Bulletin Board Requests

Collette: I'm hungry
I want a snack.
Reward: 1 Formula A
Details: Bring her 3 bowls of Rice.

Collette: Taste my food
Simple Request
Try my new dish!

Collette: Ugh, I'm hungry
Simple Request
Please... some one...

Collette: I'm so hungry
Simple Request
Looking for a great cook...

Carmens Bulletin Board Requests

Carmen: Fishing!
I'm your master. I'll teach you how to fish
Tool Gift: Fishing Rod
Reward: Sardine
Details: Catch 1 Spring Fish

Carmen: You better?
Come when your master tells you! I want to test you.
Reward: Salted Salmon
Details: Give her two different Summer Fish

Carmen: Need some help
I'm so busy! But my knife needs sharpening...
Reward: Snapper Sashimi
Details: Take her Sashimi Knife to Gaius for sharpening

Carmen: Can I ask
Answer your Master! And don't lie!
For 50% match: Salted Pike
For 99% match: Fried Skipjack
Details: Answer Carmen's Questions

Carmen: Date!
Your master wants you! Just come see me.
Reward: None
Fish with her at the Resort
(Request appeared at 6 Hearts)

Carmen: Master's love
(Simple Request) I need delivery help.
You're my apprentice, aren't you?
Details: Catch 1 Lobster and deliver it to Blaise.

Carlos' Bulletin Board Requests

Carlos: Friendship
Welcome to town. I've got a present for you.
Reward: Protein Boost
Details: Simply speak to him to obtain Gift

Carlos: How's it going?
I want to give you something. I know you can be a good fisherman.
Reward: 1 Silver Ore
Details: Simply listen to him talk about Charging Tools

Carlos: Take it Bro'!
Simple Request
I need a delivery. Think of the karma!

Rusk's Bulletin Board Requests

Rusk: Oh, I forgot!
I can't remember! S-Some one! Some one help me!
Reward: Pancakes
Details: Give him Sweet Powder

Rusk: Help wanted!
Some one who's good at cooking.
Reward: 1 Iron, 1 Bronze, 1 Silver
Details: Make Grape Juice for Rusk

Rusk: Ingredients
Simple Request
Could some one get some for me?

Rusk: I want sweets
Simple Request
Is there any one who enjoys cooking?
Reward: 1 Bag of Level 1 Seeds
Details: Make a Sweet that is chosen randomly and give it to him

Gaius' Bulletin Board Requests

Gaius' 1st Request

Gaius: Need some help
Looking for some one to get Iron for me.
Tool Gift: Hammer
Reward: None
Details: Give 1 Iron to Gaius

Monica's Bulletin Board Requests

Monica: What to do...
I got a pretty stone from Shara. But...
Reward: Cookie
Details: Give Monica an Amethyst
(Appeared at 5 Hearts)

Monica: Oh, no...
Simple Request
There's something I want to ask in secret.
Reward: Prelude to Love
Details: Give her Cake

Monica: Let's play
Simple Request
Let's go find treasure

Well's Bulletin Board Requests

Well's 1st Request:
Details: Deliver a Message to Marjorie
Reward: Sickle

Well's Battle Requests

Wells: Help...
Battle Request
There's a pomme pomme problem I need you to handle. Come see me.

Wells: Help...
Battle Request
There's an orc problem I need you to handle. Come see me.

Wells: Help...
Battle Request
There's a buffamoo problem I need you to handle. Come see me.

Wells: Help...
Battle Request
There's an elephant problem I need you to handle. Come see me.

Wells: Help...
Battle Request
There's a cluckadoodle problem I need you to handle. Come see me.

Hazel's Bulletiin Board Requests

Hazel: Help stock
Simple Request
We're fresh out. Could you get some for me?

Blaise's Bulletiin Board Requests

Blaise: Send Message
I'm so busy. I could use some help.
Reward: 1 Cooking Recipe Bread
Details: Deliver correct Message to Shino

Blaise: New dish
Simple Request
Looking for some one to taste test.

Blaise: Ingredients
Simple Request
Could some one help me?

Sherman's Bulletin Board Requests

Sherman: Lumber Quest!
Please don't come!
Tool Gift: Rusty Axe
Reward: 3000G
Details: Give Sherman 9 Wood

Sherman: Food quest
I don't need help!
Reward: 15000G
Details: Give ingredient for Fried Blowfish, Chocolate Cookie or Dried Sardine

Sherman's Cooked Dish Request
Sherman: Not a request
Simple Request
Please don't bring me a dish I want to eat!

Sherman: Cooking Quest
I don't think you can help me!
Reward: 40000G
Details: Give Sherman Fried Sand Flounder

Sherman: Not emergency
Simple Request
I can forget that taste.

Marjorie's Bulletin Board Requests

Marjorie: Ingredients
Simple Request
Looking for a boy with lots of time and isn't afraid of dungeons.
Reward: Random Medicine
Details: Give her one ingredient for the Pharmacy Recipe she randomly chooses

Marjorie: Help Wanted
Simple Request
Could some one bring me an ingredient for a medicine?

Shino's Bulletin Board Requests

Shino: Part-time Job
Please come sign up by 11.00 a.m.
Reward: 1000G.
Details: Order Eastern-style, warm Meal without Seafood from Blaise.
(You must return to Shino before noon.)

Shino: Battle Requests

Shino: High Orc
Could you first come and see me?

Shino: Planchoa
Battle Request
Could you first come and see me?

Shino: Faerie
Battle Request
Could you first come and see me?

Owl Requests

Kuruna's Requests

Kuruna: Owlvin's...
Simple Request
Owlvin disappeared. Could some one help find him?
Reward: Fried Turbot, Fried L. Snapper *
*Reward should be two Fried Fish dishes although actual variety may differ each time
Details: Find Owlvin in northeast corner of Open Dunes screen
Kuruna: A favour
We are almost out of fish. Can some one help me?
Reward: Water Crystal x 3
Details: Deliver 1 Masu Trout, 1 Pike, 1 Pond Smelt to Kuruna

Kuruna: Food...
Could some one... come see me?
Reward: Cooking Recipe Bread+ x 3
Details: Give her Roasted Yam

Zaid's Requests

Zaid: Come here!
Right now! Hurry!
Reward: 1 Pineapple (returned to you by Kuruna)
Details: Deliver 3 Pineapples

Zaid: Help me out!
Battle Request
Goblin captains got me! Help me get back at 'em!

Zaid: Help me out!
Battle Request
Goblin gangsters got me! Help me get back at 'em!

Zaid: Help me out!
Battle Request
High Orc Vikings got me! Help me get back at 'em!

Ondorus' Requests

Ondorus: To a warrior
Battle Request
We have a big duck problem that I need taken care of.
N.B. The 'Big Duck' appears randomly on the screen where you first found the Dragon Bones with Zaid.

Ondorus: To a warrior
Battle Request
We have a scorpion problem that I need taken care of.
Reward: Fireproof Hood
Details: Defeat 5 Scorpions

Ondorus: To a warrior
Battle Request
We have a weegul problem that I need taken care of.

Ondorus: To a warrior
Battle Request
We have a tomato geist problem that I need taken care of.

Ondorus: Dangerous...
Could some one help me?
Reward: Lightning Staff
Details: Pour Formula A on Cactus

Ondorus: To a warrior
Battle Request
We have a snowy problem that I need taken care of.
Reward: Power Gloves
Details: Defeat 10 Snowys

Ondorus: To a warrior
Battle Request
We have a piney problem that I need taken care of.