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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Little Quests of the Flea Market

RPGs have a tradition of incorporating chains of minor quests that require the acquisition of a special item to give to a specific individual, thus obtaining another item that is desired by another individual.

In Animal Crossing, the Flea Market was an occasion whereby one might be able to acquire a special item of furniture in an Animal Neighbour's house that one had coveted for a long time.

In Rune Factory 3, the Flea Market combines chains of minor quests with the opportunity to obtain rare Seeds and Items.

You have to pay attention if you wish to maximise your Flea Market experience either in terms of profit or in terms of obtaining the best Items. In the first year, Seeds that otherwise are not sold anywhere are sold at extremely low prices at the
Flea Market. In some ways, it is similar to the special Festivals in ToT and Animal Parade. In Rune Factory 3, however, you can interact with Characters anywhere on the Map to obtain the option to buy or trade Items. Monica and Daria offer games of chance. The Rock-Paper-Scissors Game that Monica plays is a bit like the games that the Harvest Goddess plays in many Harvest Moon games.

If you wish to obtain a Golden Turnip, Ultimate Curry or Invinciroid, the Flea Market Festival represents a golden opportunity to do so. It is a fairly early opportunity to obtain more than one piece of Platinum as well as Emery Flower Seed and other rare Seeds.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Interior Design in Rune Factory 3

Rune Factory 3 has some entertaining new options such as the ability to purchase Toys to display in your home. When the twin Lions appear in Oddward Valley, Evelyn's Menu should expand to include Toys.

Freyr was delighted to discover that he could purchase a stuffed version of his beloved Silver Wolf.

Note that there are two different types of 'Toys' in Rune Factory 3. Those sold by Evelyn are strictly decorative pieces that can be placed anywhere in your house. Those that can be made at the Workbench, such as the 'Monkey Toy' fall into the category of Shields to be used in battle.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Status of RF3 Guides

There is an incredible amount of data that has to be included in the Rune Factory 3 Guides and I sometimes despair that I am not making progress quickly enough. Nonetheless, I am making progress! You will find that I have added Walkthrough sections to the General Guide and the Bestiary and Dungeons Guide. At least they will get you to the point where you can purchase Furniture from the General Store, including the ever-desired Big Bed or Double Bed. You will find all Guides organised as 'Pages' on the top of this page above this Post and any Post.

Please do visit my Harvest Moon fan fiction page, 'We Love Harvest Moon' for a delightful tale of some adventures in Rune Factory 3 written by my RF/HM/Animal Crossing comrade and friend, Mars Frog.