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Although HarvestMoonForever remains my primary site, you will find all my posts and Guides for Rune Factory 3 on this site. I created a site for Grand Bazaar in this manner and it has proven quite useful. The actual Guides as always will be published by IGN as well.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Status of RF3 Guides

There is an incredible amount of data that has to be included in the Rune Factory 3 Guides and I sometimes despair that I am not making progress quickly enough. Nonetheless, I am making progress! You will find that I have added Walkthrough sections to the General Guide and the Bestiary and Dungeons Guide. At least they will get you to the point where you can purchase Furniture from the General Store, including the ever-desired Big Bed or Double Bed. You will find all Guides organised as 'Pages' on the top of this page above this Post and any Post.

Please do visit my Harvest Moon fan fiction page, 'We Love Harvest Moon' for a delightful tale of some adventures in Rune Factory 3 written by my RF/HM/Animal Crossing comrade and friend, Mars Frog.

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