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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Order of first Requests

Having started four different files now, and having experienced the appearance of the first Requests from other Characters in the same order each time, it appears to me that these first Requests may appear in a set order, irrespective of your Character's social interactions with other individuals. After all, the first Request requires no particular Friendship Level. It is only subsequent Requests that would have Friendship Level requirements.

I am posting this to 'request' feedback from other players and confirmation of the order of the 1st Requests that appear on the Bulletin Board and at the Postbox.

Without even consulting my game journals, I recall that:

Bulletin Board:

Shara's Request
Well's Request
Sherman's Request
Gaius' Request

One of the reasons I became aware of the possible set order of these Requests was because I wanted to try to obtain a Fishing Rod earlier in a new file. Yet, even when I pursued Carmen relentlessly in the first two days of the game, her Request did not appear on the Bulletin Board. The only Requests that appeared by 3 Spring were the ones listed above.

This actually makes sense as your Character will receive a Sickle from Wells' Request, an Axe from Sherman's Request and a Hammer from Gaius' Request. These are basic Farm Tools that you must have in order to be able to accomplish your ordinary Farming Tasks in Rune Factory.

NO Requests appeared at the Postbox on 3 Spring, incidentally.

On a completely different topic, I have noticed that Recipe Breads purchased from Blaise, although randomly chosen, tend to be for the same group of Recipes. For example, Recipes that appear in file after file in the first few days of Spring include: Medium Mayonnaise, Pineapple Juice, Char Sashimi, Ice Cream, Dumplings, Boiled Egg, Hot Milk... There are others as well but I shall have to refer to my game journals for them. These are not the ONLY Recipes I obtained but they all are Recipes that appeared in more than one game file in the first Spring, when buying Recipe Breads or receiving them at Festivals. In other words, most of the Recipes you buy or obtain from Recipe Bread are simple ones that you could make without a Recipe using common sense.

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