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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cheating on Request Items

I was not certain if this were specific to one Request or not, but having tried it now successfully with a couple of Request Items, it evidently should work any time you wish to steal an Item that is not a 'Present'. In other words, if the Item can be shipped, the 'cheat' will work. If the Item cannot be shipped (like the Strange Pendant and the Dragon Bones), it will not work.

The procedure is as follows:

1. Accept a Request to deliver an Item. An example of this is Hazel's Town Helper 1 Request, asking you to deliver Relax Tealeaves to Marjorie. Speak to the person who is making the Request and collect the Item, then ship it.

2. Now, go to the location where the Request was posted and cancel the Request. You will not be able to accept the Request again until the next day, but it should be posted at the same location the next morning.

3. Accept the Request and speak to the person who wishes for the delivery to be made. He/she should give the Item(s) to you again as though you never had received it/them before!

This worked with Sakuya and her Request to deliver a Tomato and Heavy Spice to Marjorie and Blaise respectively and the Relax Tealeaves Request.

Why did I bother to steal the items? Mainly because I was logging them for my Guides and it is easier when the data is displayed in the Shipping Container, but... it can be useful if the Item is rare or valuable!


  1. I tried (and failed) at this with Karina's request to get the Strange Pendant from Sophia. First, I tried to ship the pendant and afterward found it in my house (by my bed). Since the request was canceled, I was able to complete another request (even with the pendant in my backpack). When I initiated Karina's request again and spoke to Sophia, I ended up with two strange pendants. After I completed the request, the duplicate was also removed from by bag.

  2. That is because the Strange Pendant is not an ordinary Item. It falls into the category of 'Presents' rather than Goods. Any Present that is placed in the shipping container will be returned to you. The Dragon Bones are a 'Present' and cannot be shipped.

  3. Have you found whether this Rune Factory includes a Milker or a Harvest Basket? It would seem odd to be able to collect the product of only one type of monster directly.

  4. Miss Freya pretty please with a cherry on top write your always helpful courtship and marriage guide

  5. I have not discovered a Milker or Harvest Basket. I don't think it is a good idea to collect wool from the Wooly directly, actually. He appears to sicken faster when you do, but I need to test this further.

    Anon, I will write a Courtship and Marriage Guide at some point but, like most of the Rune Factory series, courtship is different for each girl and related to the plot and to her Requests to some extent. So the Requests Guide and Walkthrough have to take priority.