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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quick Farming Tips

Although this information is included in the General Guide/Walkthrough, it may be useful to post some quick tips here where farming is concerned.

1. Do not be too quick to buy Seeds. You can find bags of seeds randomly whenever you harvest any Crop or any wild Item from any Field.

2. To harvest Bamboo Shoots, use any sharp Tool or Weapon. You can use your Hoe or a Sword to sever the root from the ground, then simply press A to harvest the Bamboo Shoot.

3. Crops may turn brown even after watering, but they are not dead. Simply water the Crop and it will be restored to health and if ready to be harvested at the point when it turned brown, you will be able to harvest it instantly. If you harvest any Crop while it is in its brown, withered state, it will become Withered Grass. Withered Grass can be used as fertiliser by throwing it onto a square and tilling the Withered Grass into the soil.

4. Land that has produced Crops will deteriorate in quality unless it is given a chance to rest or is fertilised with Withered Grass or one of the Formulae A, B or C. It is best to till new squares when planting a new Crop, allowing soil where Crops have been harvested to rest. If you replant in tilled soil where you have harvested, the Crops will take longer to mature and be inferior in quality.

5. Weather in Rune Factory 3 may change during the course of the day. A day that begins sunny can deliver rain in the afternoon. You therefore may wish to wait until the afternoon before you water your Crops. Watering is effective only once per day.

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  1. Ok, but how do you get feed for your monsters?

  2. Grow Grass and harvest it for Feed.

  3. Wood - you can actually cut a tree stump with your first rough axe (something you couldn't do in the other two RFs). You get TWELVE pieces of wood from a tree stump.