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Rune Factory 3 Courtship and Marriage Guide

Rune Factory 3 Courtship and Marriage Guide

by Freyashawk
Created on 2 February 2011
Last updated on 1 March

Note on 22 February: This is very much a work in progress!

Courtship in Rune Factory 3

Characters are divided into two general Categories. The first is that of Eligible Girls and the second includes all other Characters. In the Relationship page of your Farm Menu, each of the Eligible Girls will have a Heart Icon to denote Affection/Heart Level. All other Characters will have the usual Yellow Smiley face Icon.

One interesting new touch in Rune Factory 3 is the icon that will appear above any Character's head when he/she sees you, even if you do not speak to that individual. When you become friends with the Character, a musical note will appear. When the individual has grown very fond of you, the icon of a red heart will appear.

Courtship in Rune Factory generally follows the same basi principles as Harvest Moon Courtship although Heart Events are replaced by Request Events and/or formal Date Events. In Rune Factory 3, there are Request Sequences for the Eligible Girls that must be completed if you wish to marry a specific Girl, but there are formal Date Events as well.

7 Hearts is a 'magical' number in Harvest Moon and Rune Factory where Courtship and Friendship is concerned. At 7 Hearts, both Eligible Girls and other Characters will give you a Gift on your Birthday. At 7 Hearts, you will be able to initiate a formal Date Event when you 'Invite' an Eligible Girl to be your Companion.

Note that you can Invite almost any Character to be a Companion when he/she reaches 3 Hearts by pressing L or R when the Invite option appears during any dialogue. Here, the time of day as well as the Character's Heart Level will determine acceptance of your invitation. At 7.00 p.m., most Companions will excuse themselves from your company and, should you Invite some one to accompany you after 7.00 p.m., most individuals will tell you to choose a different time.

In the case of any Eligible Girl at 7 Hearts, however, you should be able to Invite her for a formal Date Event even after 7.00 p.m. The Girl then will choose one of the four scenic screens in the seasonal Dungeons as the venue for the Date. You then must lead her there and as soon as you enter the screen, the Date Event will commence.

A Formal Date is interesting in that your Character usually must choose Responses to three different questions. In this, the Dates are similar to Harvest Moon Heart Events as your choice will influence the Dialogues. You therefore can experience quite a few different variations for any formal Date Event at 7 Hearts. At the conclusion of this Q & A sequence, the Eligible Girl will suggest that you both return home. The Date EVent thereupon will come to an end, although the Eligible Girl will continue to act as your Companion until you excuse her. You therefore can go off to fight in Dungeons with your Companion after any Date Event.

After experiencing a Date Event with an Eligible Girl, you cannot Invite her for a second Date on the same day, but you can experience Dates with other Girls at 7 Hearts on that day. There appears to be no limit as to the number of formal Date Events you can experience on a single Day, provided the Eligible Girls have attained 7 Hearts.

Furthermore, although you cannot experience two formal Date Events with the same Girl on the same day, you can ask her to join you again on the following day and she will suggest the same scenic Date location. There is more than one formal Date Event at 7 Hearts for at least some of the Eligible Girls and it appears that the actual Event you will experience is loaded randomly, although your own Response will affect the dialogue to some extent.

There are the usual practical requirements where Marriage is concerned, one of these always being the purchase or acquisition of a Big Bed.

The Double Bed and some other advanced Furniture options become available at the General Store after you defeat the Twin Lions in Oddward Forest. Expansion of the Sharance Tree is a requirement for purchase of the Bed in any case and each of the Tree Expansions are predicated upon the defeat of different Bosses in the Dungeons.

As discussed previously, you must complete an Eligible Girl's 'Story' if you wish to be able to marry her. The Story is told by means of Requests that are initiated by the Eligible Girl herself as well as close friends or members of her family. For example, in Shara's case, you do need to complete specific Requests by Monica and by Wells if you wish to be able to propose successfully to her.

In this Courtship and Marriage Guide, you will find the text of all Requests that are a part of an Eligible Girl's Story. Any Requests that simply raise Friendship Levels or allow your Character to receive specific Items as a Reward will be found in the Characters Guide but not in this one.

Marriage is founded upon completion of elements of the general plot more specifically even than the necessity to expand the Sharance Tree. Your own Character's personal odyssey to recover his memory and the need to know an Eligible Girl's Story before you can propose to her are both requirements where Marriage is concerned. If you do not move forward in the Dungeons, defeating each of the Bosses in turn and if you do not complete an Eligible Girl's personal Story by completing the required 'Sequence' of Ordinary Requests that is linked to her, you will not be able to marry.

It is interesting to note that specific Gifts both can serve to advance your Courtship of an Eligible Girl or Friendship with a Character and to strengthen him/her as a Companion in the Dungeons.

Most of the Characters have a default Weapon or Farm Tool that is used in combat when they join your party. Monica is an exception to this as she never carries either a Weapon or a Farm Tool. She will accept an Accessory from you, however and will equip it. Other Characters will accept defensive Equipment as Gifts as well. Each Character has two Item Slots. Item 1 is reserved for his/her Weapon or Tool. Item 2 is an Equipment/Accessory slot. The Accessory that will be equipped is the one you have given to the Character most recently. You therefore will have the power to improve a Companion's defensive protection by giving better Accessories as your situation allows.


Birthday: 11 Spring
Favourite Scent:
Favourite Gifts: Flowers

Birthday Gift, 1st Year: Blue Crystal Seed

Official Description: A kind and generous girl who raises flowers with love and care.

Family: Wells, Monica

Item 1: Tin Waterpot

Shara is the proprietress of the local Flower Shop, daughter of the Mayor and is the girl who discovers you initially and offers you a home in the Sharance Tree. She will introduce you to the Request System and her first Request will allow you to introduce yourself to all the other villagers.

Each day, you can obtain free Cologne from Shara if you visit her during business hours at her shop. Characters respond to different Scents and by speaking to a Character when you are wearing his/her Favourite Cologne, you will raise Friendship Levels.

Shara's Story: Shara's Story is centred to some extent on her sister Monica. When you first meet Monica, she will exhibit anti-social tendencies by threatening to bite you and in fact, by attacking you to bite you on occasion. Shara will ask you to participate in a sequence of Events that is based on an old folktale about a Prince and a 100-Rose Bouquet. The 100-Rose Bouquet appears in other Rune Factory games as well. In RF3, it is Monica's favourite story and by acting as the 'Rose Prince', you will win her trust and persuade her to lose some of her awkwardness and shyness in the presence of others.

The Sequence of Requests required to win Shara's Heart involves Requests by Shara herself, by Monica and by her grandfather Wells. If you are interested in Shara as a potential spouse, you must demonstrate an interest in her family!

Actual Dialogue:

Shara: This is the calendar. It has the dates of all the festivals in town in it. Check the calendar to see when festivals are held, so you don't accidentally miss any! The calendar also displays the birthdays of people you know. But you won't know some one's birthday unless they tell you, so get to know every one! Speaking of which, my birthday is on Spring 11th. And Raven's birthday is on Spring 29th. Be sure to give us lots of presents!

Freyr: ...

On 11 Spring:

Monica: Today's my sister's birthday!(music)

Freyr: Did you get her a gift?

Monica (with cross hurt) Hmm! Hmmm... I'll let you get near my sister today. But only today!

Freyr: Really?

Monica; But you'd better give her something she loves!


Monica: Shara really likes Flowers! So give her some nice ones!

Shara: (with red hearts pouring out) Today is my birthday. Did you get something for me?

Shara: Do you know where I got my name?

Freyr: Hmmm...

Shara: Here's a hint. It's something that plays a big role in your life here.

Freyr: Hmmm...?

Shara: Oh, do you give up? The answer is... the Sharance Tree!

Freyr: Oh, Shara is from Sharance! Of course!

Shara: Tee-hee. That's right! My grandfather wanted me to be just as loved as the Sharance Tree.

Freyr: Wells must care about you very much.

Shara: He's always looked out for me.

Shara's Story

Shara's Story is completed by means of Requests from Shara herself, her sister Monica and her grandfather Wells.

Courtship of Shara:

Postbox Requests

First Date with Shara:

Accepted Request from Shara:
Shara: Come with me
I want to show you something!

Shara: Freyr! Are you ready to go?

Freyr: What?

Shara: Aren't you here because of my letter?

Yeah, but...

Then let's go!

Aren't you at least going to tell me where we're going first?

Shara: Nope! Tee-hee. It's a surprise! But to start, we're going to head to Privera: Entrnace! I'll give yo more directions when we get there. Let's go!

She has a blue bar over her head.

When we arrive at the entrance to Daria's house, she says:

Shara: Now let's go to the meadow to the west. L Let's go!

Shara: We're here! I wanted you to see this place. Just look at all of these flowers!

My choices now:
It's beautiful.
So? What's the big deal?

Choose: It's beautiful.

It's... really wonderful. Thank you for bringing me here.

Shara: (Wow!) Really? I'm so glad you like it! I like to come here sometimes and give the flowers a little water. And... sometimes I talk to them too. What I'm feeling, whatever I'm thinking about... I tell them everything. I know they're just plants, and they don't understand what I'm saying. But talking to them somehow makes me feel better anyway.

Shara: (!)

Freyr: I'll bet these flowers are so pretty because of you, Shara.

Shara: What?

Freyr: You've given them so much care and attention. No wonder this field is full of beautiful flowers!

Shara: (Thank you very much.) Thank you... That's very sweet of you to say.

I nod or bow.

Shara: Well, I should go home.

Freyr: I'll walk you there.

Shara: Oh, don't worry about it. We can save that for another date.

Freyr: Ha ha...

Shara: Thank you for today. I'll see you soon. (music)

Request completed!

Shara: Flowers are good for your health!


Shara: Yep! You can eat them, and they'll replenish some of your RP. Every one in town says that our flowers taste surprisingly good!

If you choose: So? What's the big deal?

Shara: B-But... I thought you'd like it...

Freyr: Oh, uh... I was just joking... Heh... heh...

Shara: Hehe, you're so cute. I knew you were. (music)

Freyr: Phew.

Shara: I like to come here sometimes and give the flowers a little water.

(Event continues as with other response now.)

Shara's Bulletin Board Requests

Shara's 1st Request:
Requester: Shara
Welcome to town! Come talk to me for your first request.

Shara's Flower Kit Request

Shara: Giving out Kits
Simple Request
If you want a flower kit, please come see me.
Reward: 1 Bag of Seeds, 1 Formula A, B or C

Shara: Freyr, did you see the bulletin board?

Freyr: Yes.

Shara: I've been handing out flower growing kits to spread interest in growing flowers. So I have one for you too, Freyr. Oh, and you could even show me the flowers when they've grown. I'd like that.

Request completed!

Reward: 1 Random Bag of Seeds and 1 Formula A, B or C
N.B. Freyr received Autumn Grass Seed and Formula C in some results and Toyherb with Formula A in others.

Shara's Wooly Request

Shara: I need your help.
I want to meet a wooly.

Shara: You're here about my request.

Freyr: Yep.

Shara: Okay, so... You've seen a lot of monsters, right?

Freyr: I sure have.

Shara: Um...

Freyr: ?

(The music stops now and the Event continues in dead silence.)

Shara: I'm looking for a particular monster.

Freyr: Which one?

Shara: It's a wooly.

Freyr: Oh, sure. Those things are all over Privera Forest.

Shara: No! It's not just a regular wooly...

(A special musical theme begins now.)

Shara: I'm looking for a special wooly that wandered into town a while ago. It was on the day you came to town. It collapsed right in front of our flower shop. I brought it inside and tended to its wounds. But when I took my eyes off of it for a second, it disappeared. I looked around everywhere, but I couldn't find any trace of it. (crying) I'm worried that it's still out there somewhere, injured.

Freyr (sweating profusely): It's probably fine by now. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. Uh, was there something special about that wooly? something unique-looking?

Shara: Yes! It was a very strange wooly. It had golden wool, a blue scarf, and a funny hat that looked like the top of an acorn.

(Conflict Music now)

Freyr: ?!

Shara: What is it?

Freyr: Uh, um, ah, it's nothing! N-N-Nothing at all!!

Shara: have you seen it?!

Freyr: No! Definitely not! I've never seen it in my entire life!

Shara: Are you ABSOLUTELY sure?! Never?

Freyr: No, never! In fact, I haven't seen any woolies lately. I can hardly even remember what they look like!

(This despite the fact that a tame Wooly is working in his field as he speaks!)

(The Combat Music now shifts to the ordinary Shop Theme.)

Shara: I see... What a shame. I just want to know that it's okay.

Freyr: I-I'll tell you what. Let me go take a look. Maybe I can find your wandering wooly.

Shara: Huh? But I thought you hadn't seen any woolies lately...

Freyr: Uh, I think I'll be able to find this one. Trust me. I've got a good feeling.

Shara: Okay. Thank you.

Freyr: (Okay, let me think...) (That wooly she's describing...) (That has to be me...) (I see...) (So that was Shara's house that I woke up in...) (sighing) (What should I do...?) (she's so worried about that Wooly. I've got to let her know it's okay.) (I'll transform and talk to her.)

You will not be able to transform in front of Shara. Teleport home and transform outside your own door, then return to Shara.

Shara: It's you!! Are you okay?!

Freyr (with music): Baaah!

He performs a little twirl as if to demonstrate that he is not wounded.

Shara; Oh, thank goodness... I was so worried about you after you disappeared like that!

Freyr: Bah.

Shara: Are you getting enough to eat? Do you have a warm, comfy place to sleep?

He performs another twirl with music.

Freyr: Bah, bah.

Shara (laughing) That's great!

Freyr: Bah.

Shara: Oh, that's right.

She gives me an apple.

Shara: here, this is for you.

Freyr: Bah, bah!

Shara: Tee-hee.

He twirls again with music.

Freyr. Bah, bah bah! Bah! Bah!

Shara: Oh are you going already?

(Well, I am very limited in terms of conversational gambits... best to bah myself out of here...)

Freyr: Bah!

Shara: I see...That's too bad.

Freyr: Bah, bah.

Shara: come by and see me again sometime. I'll have some delicious Cakes waiting for you.

Freyr: Bah!

Shara: Take care!

Freyr: Baaaaaaaaaaah.

Freyr: (Whew.. Maybe I'll transform back and talk to her.)

Transform in any location where no other villagers are present, then find Shara to speak to her.

Shara: Freyr! Listen! That golden wooly just came to see me!

Freyr: Really?!

Shara: Yes! I was so surprised! It was so cute! So soft and fluffy. I just wanted to hug it!

Freyr: I-Is that right?

Shara: What is it?

Freyr: N-No, it's nothing.

Shara: Really? I feel like there's something you aren't telling me... Anyway, I saw my wooly, so I owe you a Formula A.

Freyr: Oh, that's okay. I didn't do anything.

Shara: (laughing) Please. I insist. I have a feeling you did a little more than you're letting on.

Freyr: But...

Shara: No arguing! It's yours.

Freyr: (Thanks a lot!) Well, thank you very much.

Shara: (Thank you very much!) I'm the one who should thank you.

She gave me 9 Formulae A.

Shara's 3rd Bulletin Board Request

Shara: My waterpot
My waterpot broke. Can you help...?
Reward: None if you give her money; 1 Rice Ball if you give her a Waterpot
Details: Either offer to give her money or give her a Waterpot.

When you speak to Shara:

Shara: *sob*

Freyr: What's the matter?!

Shara: Freyr... My favourite waterpot broke... I'm borrowing Grandma's right now, but... It's just not the same.

Freyr: I see...

Shara: I need to find a new waterpot... Poor, poor Mr. Sprinkles.

Freyr: And Mr. Sprinkles is...?

Shara: It was the name of my loyal and trusty Tin Waterpot. You know, because it sprinkled water.

Freyr: I... see.

Shara: *sob*...

Freyr: don't cry. Shara, I'll --

Your choices now:

Get you a waterpot!
Give you money!
Be your waterpot!

If you choose:

Get you a waterpot!

Shara: Really?

Freyr: You bet! I'll pick out a special one.

Shara: You don't have to get me anything too fancy. I'll really be happy with any waterpot that works.

Freyr: Leave it to me!

If you perform this Request early in the game, you won't be able to give her anything better than an Old Waterpot.

If you give her an Old Waterpot:

Shara: What's this...?

Freyr: Your new waterpot!

Shara (with tear): Th-thank you very much.

Freyr: Do you like it?

Shara: Oh, umm.

Shara (with tear) W-Well... um... It's definitely ground-breaking!

Freyr (laughing obliviously) You think? I'm glad that you like it. It was really worth the effort!

Shara: I'm so happy to get a waterpot from you... My grandfather went a little overboard and got too many of these. Please have some.

She gives you a Chest with a Rice Ball inside.

Freyr: I hope you get to use that waterpot a lot!

Shara: Yes...

Request completed!

If you choose:

Freyr: Give you money!

Shara: N-No, I couldn't!

Freyr: Don't worry about it. You've done so much for me.

Shara: Are you sure...?

Freyr: Yeah. Just htink of it as rent for the Sharance Tree.

You gave her 3540G.

Shara: Thank you so much! I'm going to buy a new Mr. Sprinkles with this!

Freyr: That sounds like a good plan. I'm happy I could help!

Shara: hee hee!

Request completed!

No Reward. It appears that it is better to buy even an inferior Waterpot for her than to give her the money for a new Waterpot.

If you choose: Be your waterpot!

Shara: Freyr... I'm being serious!

Freyr: I-I'm sorry...

You then will need to speak to her again to make a different choice.

Shara's Lost Seeds Request

Shara: Lost seeds
Simple Request
I lost some seeds. Please help me find them...

Shara: Freyr, did you see the bulletin board?

Freyr: Yes, you lost something? I'll go look for it. Where did you lose it?

Shara: B-But...

Freyr: Don't worry about me. I want to help.

Shara: No, I couldn't. It's too dangerous.

Freyr: What? Didn't you just need some help looking for something you lost?

Shara: Well, it's true that I lost some very important seeds, but... But where I lost them...

Freyr: I see. Somewhere very dangerous?

Shgara: Yes. That's why I'll just give up on it...

You don't need to do that. You can count on me.

Shara: Freyr... So you don't mind at all?

Freyr: Not at all!

Shara: I'm sue I dropped the seeds around Oddward Entrance. I went back when I noticed they were missing, but couldn't find them. I'm sure a monster took them with it.

Freyr: So I think that it's somewhere in the valley. Okay. I'll go look.

Shara: Oh, wait! Please take this with you. You can eat it when you get hungry. It's the only thing that I can do for you...

Freyr: Oh, it's plenty. Thank you.

Shara: Please be careful...

She gives me Plain Manju

Plain Manju: 23640G
Ingredients wrapped in a soft, plump skin and steamed. Resists all status effects.
Sell: 11820G
HP Rec +60%, RP Rec +50%, HP Max +60, STR -1, VIT +8
Effect: 6 Hours

Shara's 1st Rose Prince Request

The following Request begins a sequence of Requests that alternate between Shara and Monica.

Shara: I need your advice...
It's about Monica. Do you think you could help?

Shara: You're here about my request on the bulletin board? I have a small problem that I wouldn't mind some help with.

Okay. That's what I'm here for.

It's about Monica...

I'm sure you've noticed, but she's very shy around people. that's why she's always talking about biting them. That might be okay now, but I'm worried that she won't grow out of it. So I was hoping that you might be able to give me some advice.

Hmmm... That's a tough one... What's something that Monica likes?

Shara: Something she likes? Well, she likes anything that has to do with accessories...

Freyr: Hmm... I can't see how that'll help us...

Shara: (!) Oh, wait...

Freyr: Did you think of something else?

Shara: She had a favourite fairytale when she was younger.

Freyr: Really? What was it?

Shara: Well, it was called 'The Rose Prince'. One day, a handsome prince saw a very beautiful girl in the forest. He could see that she was terribly lost, and wanted to help. But he didn't want her to see him. She woul recognise him as the prince, and fall all over him just like all the other girls in the kingdom. He had a 100-rose bouuet with him, though. It was a gift that he was supposed to give to a princess he'd been arranged to marry. So the prince took his bouquet apart rose by rose and left a trail of roses for the girl to follow to safety. But the girl was faster than the prince expected. She caught him as he was laying down the last rose at the end of the forest. She loved him, but not just because he was a prince. She loved him for the kindness of his gesture. And the prince knew he'd found his princess. Monica loved that story. She said she'd marry a prince like that some day. Although now she's too shy to read it anymore...

Freyr: Hey. That's cute.

Shara: That's it! Freyr! Don't you think that Monica might have an easy time talking to 'The Rose Prince'?

Freyr: Uh, I guess so?

Shara: He's some one who she's always admired. I'm sure the Rose Prince could open up her heart!

Freyr: But how can she talk to a character from a fairytale?

Isn't it obvious? You'll become him!


I-I'm supposed to become 'The Rose Prince'?!

You said that you would help, didn't you...?

I did, but...

It's fine if you can't.

Freyr: ... L-Let's do it! Anything if it'll help her stop biting me!

Shara: That's the spirit! I'll go talk to her in a little bit. I'll have her send you a letter soon.

Freyr: Okay. I'll check my mailbox.

Shara: Freyr...

Freyr: Yes?

Shara: I really hope you can help Monica.

Freyr: I'm 'The Rose Prince'! She's in good hands.

Shara: Tee-hee. Thank you very much, Rose Prince.

Request completed!

As soon as you have completed this Request, you should be able to find a new Request from Monica in the Postbox.

Monica's Requests

Post Box Request:

Monica: Shara told me...
Shara told me to send this. Go talk to her about it.

Took Monica's Request at the PostBox but when I went to look for her and spoke to Shara, it was part of the Request Event:

Freyr: Where is Monica?

Shara: She's waiting for you in the plaza. Please hand her this 100-Rose Bouquet.

She throws me an enormous bouquet.

Freyr: Wow. We're really going for authenticity, huh?

Shara: How do you expect to play the part of the prince without it?

Freyr: Ha ha...

Shara: I'm leaving Monica in your hands.

Monica can be found north of the fountain in the northwest corner of the Plaza. If you speak to her, she will tell you only that:

Monica: Shara said she wanted to see you...

Freyr: What? Shara did?

Monica (with cross hurt): Hurry up and go see her!

Freyr: But Monica --

Monica: I said hurry!! Rarr!

Having spoken to Shara first, however, I had the 100-Rose Bouquet and simply had to give it to Monica.

100-Rose Bouquet:
Roses that appear in the fable, 'The Rose Prince'. Shara made it especially to help Monica.

Give the Roses to Monica.

Monica (!) What?! What are these roses for?!

Rather surprisingly, as the music switches to the combat melody, Monica begins to leap up and down where she stands.

Monica (with cross hurt) Rrrrrrrr! I'm only here because Shara begged me. Don't embarrass me! RRRAAAARRRR! *BITE!*

She bites him twice evidently.

Freyr: Ow, hey! Calm down, Monica! I thought we could spend some time together today.

Monica: What are you talking about? Quit being weird or I'll bite you again!

Freyr: I gave you those roses because... ...it's only for today, but I'll be your Rose Prince. So...

He walks a few steps, then turns to face her. The music changes...

Freyr: Please calm down, Princess Monica.

Monica: (!)

She turns her back on him.

Monica: ...

She walks forward now to stand in front of him.

Monica: W-What?!

Freyr: Whever you want to go, I'll be there to make sure you get back safely.

She turns her back on him again, displaying black cloud momentarily.

Monica: I wanna go to Vale: Icy Rosebush.

Freyr: Very well. Let us depart, Princess Monica.

Monica: (!) S-Stop calling me princess! (with cross hurt)

You need to lead Monica now to the Icy Rosebush screen in Vale.

When you arrive, the Event will resume.

Freyr: Here we are.

Monica: Wow!

She darts towards the rosebush.

Monica (with music): I can see my breath!

She races up to the rosebush.

Monica (with music): And these flowers are so pretty!

She turns quickly to face me, filled with excitement.

Monica (with music): Amazing.

Freyr: Monica.

Monica: What is it?

Freyr: Would you like to go anywhere else?

Monica: Really?!

Freyr: Yeah, you'll be safe with me.

Monica: Yay! Yeah!

Freyr: Well, let's go to Oddward: Rainbow Falls next.

Monica: Okay!

Lead her to Rainbow Falls where the Event will resume.

Monica: (!) Oh! (Wow, cool!) It's a rainbow!

She turns to me now.

Monica: (Hey ya!) Look! Oh... (blushing now)

Freyr: Yeah. It's beautiful, isn't it?

Monica: ...

Freyr: Hm...? What's the matter?

Monica: It's nothing! Let's move on!!

Freyr: ??

Monica: Hurry!

Freyr: Okay. Let's go to... Privera Flower Field.

Monica: Okay!

Take her to the Flower Field where the Event will resume.

Monica walks north towards the flower meadow.

Monica: The flowers are so pretty! I love coming here!

Freyr walks to join her.

Monica: Shara brings me here a lot. I help her take care of the flowers.

Freyr: Really? You do a great job.

She races to the northeast, then sows some seeds.

Monica: ...

She then races back to Freyr.

Monica: Obviously! Rarr!

She bites or scratches him twice.

Freyr: Ah! Hey! L-Let's keep going! We should go to Sol Terrano: Star Dunes. I want to wait until 7 p.m. to go. Is that okay with you, Monica?

Monica: I need to tell Shara if I'm gonna be late.

Freyr: Oh, don't worry. She said I'm watching out for you today.

Monica: Really? Then it's OK!

Freyr: Yeah! Let's go!

If you go to visit Shara at the shop before you complete the Event:

Shara: How's your date with Monica going?

Monica: Is it 7 p.m. yet?

Monica will simply follow you about all day until you go to The desert at 7.00 p.m. Note that you can begin the Event at night, and this will prevent you from being forced to wait until 7.00 p.m. to complete it.

If you speak to her, she will ask: Is it 7.00 p.m. yet?

When you take her to the desert, the Event will resume.

Monica: Wow! Look at all the stars!

Freyr: It's an amazing sight, isn't it?

Monica: Yes! It's wonderful!

Freyr: Good. Monica, can I ask you something?

Monica: What is it?

Freyr: Why don't you let people talk to you?

Monica: ...

Freyr: You don't have to answer if you don't want to. I just thought you might want to talk about it.

Monica: ... It's just... I... When people talk to me, I get really nervous. And then I get mad at them for making me nervous and uncomfortable! And then I bite them!

Freyr: I see...

Monica: I ... I Know I shouldn't do that.

Freyr: Well, when you explain it like that, maybe it's not so bad.

Monica: Huh...?

Freyr: Oh, I mean, you definitely shouldn't bite people. But it's good to hear that you know it's wrong. As long as you try to overcome your fear of talking to people, I know you'll get there eventually.

Monica: ... You really are like the Rose Prince!

Freyr: Y-You think so?

Monica: Yes. I think I can talk to you.

Freyr: Thanks. Well, shall I walk you home?

Monica: Okay! Thanks for today.

Freyr: Was it fun?

Monica: Yes! Very much!

Freyr: I'm glad.

Monica: Hey, Freyr...

Freyr: What?

We now are in front of her house.

The screen darkens momentarily as she kisses him.

Freyr: !!!

Monica: See ya.

She races into the house.

Monica: I'm home!!

Freyr: ... What a reward!

Request completed!

When Freyr spoke to her afterwards:

I find Monica afterwards.

Monica: *sigh*

Freyr: What's the matter?

Monica: How did you learn how to cook?

Your choices:

Trial and Error.
From recipe breads.
Blaise taught me.

If you choose:

Trial and error.

Monica; I see. I guess I've just got to keep trying. I'm not gonna give up!

If you choose:

From Recipe Bread

Monica: Hey, that sounds a lot easier! I should do that.

If you choose:

Blaise taught me.

Monica: You learned from a cook?! Well, Shara's probably as good as Blaise. I guess I'll learn from her eventually...

N.B. This conversation is pertinent to the next Request in the sequence which will come from Shara but involve Monica.

Shara's 2nd Rose Prince Request

This Request will appear in your Post Box after you have completed Monica's Event wherein you give the 100-Rose Bouquet to her and take her to all four seasonal scenic locations.

Shara: Thank you, Your Highness
May I request an audience with the Rose Prince?
Reward: Cake
Details: Meet Monica and speak to her

Shara: Freyr!

Freyr: How has Monica been since then?

Shara: After coming home from her date with you, I feel like she's really opened up to every one. She's still just a child, but she seems a little more grown up. Oh, and she wouldn't stop talking about you. She's 'Freyr did this', and 'Freyr likes that.' So much so that it almost made me jealous.

Freyr: Aw, shucks.

Shara: Really, I couldn't have imagined seeing her like this at all. Really, thank you so much.

Freyr: Oh no, I couldn't have done it without your help. You're giving me too much credit.

Shara: I'm glad to hear you say that. And now, I have a gift for you.

Freyr: Oh, I don't need anything...

Shara: But it's not here. (with music)

Freyr: ...?!

Shara: I gave it to Monica to hold. Why don't you go see her, Prince?

Freyr: Th-That again...?

You will find Monica in the Plaza.

Monica: Freyr... Oh, umm... here...

Freyr: Wow. This is a Cake, isn't it? Did you make it?

Monica: Yup!! I baked it with Shara.

Freyr: That's great. I can cook, too.

Monica: Heh heh. But Shara's better, so I'm going to have her teach me lots! I'll let you have some of my next batch!

Freyr: Okay, thanks.

Request completed!

Reward: Cake

Wells' Request about your Intentions

With Shara at 8 Hearts and Wells at 7 Hearts, the following Request appeared in the Post Box:

Wells: It's important
I need to talk to you.

If I take Wells' Request:

Freyr: What did you need to talk about?

Wells: Hmm...

The music changes to the romantic theme.

Wells: Shara's been talking about you a lot.

Freyr: ...

Wells: And I always see you two together. What exactly is your relationship with my granddaughter?

Freyr: Our relationship...? We're good friends...

Wells: Really? Then how do you feel about Shara?

My choices now:

I like her...
I owe her my life.
She's kind.

If I choose: I like her...

Wells: ... Freyr. I heard rumours that you're close with other girls, too... Do you really care about Shara?

Freyr: Yes...

Wells: ... I see... I'm fairly certain that Shara likes you, too...

Freyr: ...

Wells: I've watched her for many years now.. I can tell that much. But don't get carried away by the situaiton. As long as you don't tell her you love her, you won't knoiw how she feels.

Freyr: I understand...

Wells: She's a kind and caring girl... Please don't break her heart.

Freyr: Okay...

Request completed!
No reward.

If you choose: I owe her my life.

Wells: You owe her your life?

Freyr: Yes. She's the one who welcomed me to this town after I lost my memory. I can't thank her enough...

Wells: I see... Hm, well, I guess it was my mistake.

Freyr: What was?

Wells: Never mind. Don't worry about it.

Freyr: Ah... Okay.

Wells: YOu can go now. Sorry to waste your time.

Freyr: Oh, no, that's okay.

Request completed!
No reward.

If you choose: She's kind.

Wells (with tear): (Is that so?) I - I see...

Freyr: Is there something wrong?

Wells: N-No, that's alright... I was able to find out that you weren't a normal guy is all...

Freyr: W-What?!

Wells: YOu can go now...

Freyr: W-Wait!

Wells: *sigh* ... I'm worried for Shara...

Request completed!
No Reward.

Shara's Request at 8 Hearts

With Shara at 8 Hearts, the following Request appeared in the Post Box:

Shara: Can we talk?
I want to tell you something...
Reward: Formula C x 27
Details: Shara confesses her hope that the Sharance Tree will bloom

Shara: Did you read the letter?

Freyr: Yes.

Shara: Well then, let's go.

Freyr: Where to?

Shara: (with cross hurt) Didn't you read the letter?! To talk, of course!

Freyr: N-No, not that... I meant, where are we going to go?

Shara: Oh... Tee-hee. Sorry I jumped on you like that.

Frey: That's okay...

Shara: Well, let's go to your house then. I want to talk to you about something.

Freyr: Just the two of us...?

Shara: Oh...

Freyr: ...

Shara: L-Let's just go already! You're embarrassing me!

Freyr: Y-Yeah, okay.

Take her to your chambers in the Sharance Tree.

Shara: I';m sorry. I know I'm asking a lot.

Freyr: It's okay. I'm happy to do it for you.

Shara: ...

Freyr: What is it?

Shara gestures nervously.

Shara: I want you to hear about my dream.

The music changes now to the romance theme.

Shara: My dream is to make the Sharance flowers blossom. My grandpa has spent the last 50 years trying to get the Sharance flowers to blossom. I guess having watched him, I started to want the same things as well. I've been trying... Watering every day, pruning the branches, making special plant food. At one point, I actually lived here too.

Freyr: Oh, is that right?!

Shara: I thought i would help me understand the plants.

She turns her back on him, displaying a black cloud now.

Shara: I tried everything, but like Grandpa, I couldn't get anything to work. I almost gave up.

Freyr: ...

Shara: I just left the tree alone for a while. Then somebody came to town. He had lost his memory, and didn't know what he was going to do.

Freyr: Is that...?

Shara: That's why I brought him here. Perhaps this person could affect the tree... If he hadn't come, I might have given up on my dream already. But now I have hope.

Freyr: Shara...

Shara moves towards you now (with music)

Shara: But you made this tree biger, Freyr. I was surprised.

Freyr: Shara...

Shara: And I promised myself...

The music changes again.

Shara: I'm never going to let myself think that way again! I'm going to keep trying with all my might! I'm going to make the Sharance flowers bloom!

Freyr: Shara!

Shara: That's been my dream! I can't just give it up! Freyr, will you help me?

Freyr: Of course... You gave me those flower seeds way back. You told me to make them gow strong. (with tear now) You were forceful... But I was happy... YOu gave me a reason to be here. I owe you so much.

Shara: Freyr...

Freyr: I'll do anything for you! Anything at all!

Shara: Tee-hee... Thank you very much...

Freyr: So I guess something changed after I came.

Shara: Well, I don't know. Freyr, maybe you did something without telling us?

Freyr (sweating profusely): No way!

Shara darts closer to him.

Shara: ARe you sure...?

Freyr: H-Honest!

Shara: ..............

Freyr: ...

Shara: I wonder what caused it then.

Freyr: Hmmm...

Shara moves closer, then:

Shara: (!) Since you came, the crops have been better.

Freyr: Would bigger crops mean a bigger tree? That would be...

Shara: When my grandpa grew crops, the tree was the same size.

She darts even closer.

Shara: (!) It must be love.

Freyr: What?

Shara: You must have lots of love for your crops!

Freyr: ...

Shara: A love for veggies! That's what made the tree so big!

Freyr: Um... Shara...?

Shara: Yes! That's brilliant!

Freyr: Oh, I'm not so...

Shara: Well, if that's the case...

Shara (with music now) then here you go.

Freyr: Ha ha...

Shara: Tee-hee. I hope you grow even better crops from now on.

Freyr: Okay...

Shara: (with music pouring forth): I'll be going now. See you later.

She runs off, leaving a chest on the floor beside him.

Freyr: She must trust me if she told me her dreams. I can't just hide the fact that I'm half-human. And...

Freyr (with tear now) I don't think it's the veggies.

Request completed!

Reward: Formula C x 27

Shara's Wooly Playtime Request

When you accept the following Request, you must go to the Flower Field to find Shara. The Event will initiate immediately when you enter the screen.

Shara: Come with me
A small wooly has been coming to play. Would you like to join us?

Freyr: But that's...

You will see Shara in the middle of the field of flowers grooming a Wooly.

Freyr: Shaa... And... well...

Another Wooly is creeping up on her from behind. The music changes to combat music.

Freyr: Watch out!

You run to stand between shara and the second Wooly.

Shara and Wooly both: (!)

Shara: (!) Freyr?!

The second Wooly runs away.

Shara: I wonder what's wrong with that wooly?

Freyr: I'm curious about this wooly too.

Shara: I found it like this. It seems hurt. I did some first aid, but I'm still worried. I want to take it home and look after it.

Freyr: That's a bad idea!

Shara: It's injured and weak! I can't leave it! (with cross hurt now)

Freyr: It's a wild monster! It could attack you, Shara!

Shara: I don't mind. Help me, please.

Freyr: ... Okay.

The screen darkens momentarily. You find yourself in Shara's house in the same room where she brought you initially. There are twin beds against the wall and the Wooly stands between them.

Shara: I'm glad. It looks like it's getting better.

Freyr: Yes.

Wells now enters the doorway.

Wells: Shara, you here?

Shara and Freyr turn towards him: (!)

Wells: Monster!

Shara: Hush, grandpa. It's hurt.

Wells: But...!

Shara: Grandpa!

Wells: ... Forget it.

He leaves.

Freyr: By the way... What are you going to do?

Shara: I'll keep it here.

Freyr: I see. Be careful. I'll help with anything. JUst let me know.

Shara: Thank you very much. I wanted to give this to it... But I wasn't sure it was okay to give, so I was wondering if you'd like it.

Freyr: Oh yes. Thank you.

Request completed!

Reward: Shield Ring

Shara's 7 Heart Date Event

Shara in Flower Fields:

Shara (with music) Here I am. It smells so good...

Freyr: Yes. It's very calming.

Shara: Let's have a talk here.

Freyr: Okay. It's been a while since you first arrived here.

Freyr: Yeah, it has.

Shara (giggling): I was so surprised when I first heard you lost your memories.

Freyr: So was I.

Shara: What was the worst part of the ordeal?

Your choices:

There were many.
Nothing really.
It was a blessing.

If you choose: There were many.

Shara: Such as?

Freyr: it's a bit sad to not know where you're from.

Shara: Oh... I'm sorry...

Freyr: !!! Oh, please, don't be! It bothered me at first, but it doesn't any more.

Shara: Is that... right?

Freyr: Yes. This is my hometown now.

Shara: Freyr...

If you choose: Nothing really.

Shara: Oh really?

Freyr: I just forgot my past, but I knew how to write and eat and all that.

Shara: Is that right? I thought that you'd lose memory of everything.

Freyr: I thought so too.

If you choose: It was a blessing.

Shara: What?! Why?

Freyr: I was able to live in this town thanks to it. So it was a blessing.

Shara: I see. I'm glad that you're happy about living in this town.

Whatever response you give, now:

Shara: But spending time with you, it doesn't seem like you've lost your memories.

Freyr: Really?

Shara: That's right. You're a great worker, and you can defend yourself against hostile monsters. You're so at ease. It's easy to forget your hardships.

Freyr: Ha ha. I don't dwell on it. It doesn't keep me down.

Shara: Have your feelings ever been hurt when some one asked you about your memory loss?

Your choices:

If you choose: No.

Shara: Really?

Freyr: I'm sure. I mean, I really don't remember. There's nothing I can do about it now, so it doesn't bother me.

Shara: That's good. But if it does, you should say so.

Freyr: Oh, I would.

Shara: Are you sure...?

Freyr: ...

Shara: What is it?

Freyr: Shara, you're kind of like a mother-figure.

Shara: !! Oh, stop it. I'm not that old, yet.

If you choose: Well...

Freyr: It doesn't bother me, but I can get stumped by certain questions.

Shara: Have I asked you any of those?

Freyr: Shara, you... Hmm...? I can't think of any, so I don't think so.

Shara: Are you sure? I want you to tell me!

Freyr: You're over thinking it.

If you choose: ...

Shara: ...

Freyr: There's nothing.

Shara: Nothing? You looked so serious, I was worried there was something! Honestly!

Whichever response you chose, now:

Shara: I guess it hasn't affected you as much as I thought.

Freyr: I've forgotten it, so I can't really get upset.

Shara: Tee-hee.

Freyr: ??

Shara: I was a bit worried. I thought it might be tormenting you.

Freyr: Oh, it's okay. I have...

Your choices now:

My crops
This town.
You, Shara.

If you choose: My crops.

Freyr: I'm always so busy. So there's no time to dwell.

Shara: You've turned yourself into quite the farmer.

Freyr: Hehe... I'm a bit embarrassed now.

If you choose: this town.

Freyr: Every body here has been very nice to me. I can't be depressed!

Shara: Tee-hee. That makes me happy.

If you choose: You, Shara.

Freyr (blushing): ...

Shara (blushing): Freyr...

Freyr: ...

Shara: Stop it, you're making me blush...


Shara: We've been talking for a while.

Freyr: Yeah, we have. We should get going.

Shara: Okay.


Birthday: 29 Spring
Favourite Cologne: Strange Scent
Favourite Gifts: Elemental Crystals, Pendants, Pink Cat, Charm Blue, Toyherb, Moondrop, Ores

Birthday Gift, 1st Year: Heart Pendant

Official Description: Likes to keep to herself, and doesn't interact much with other people. Has a warm side to her.

Family: None

Item 1: Broadsword

Raven's Story

Raven is the owner of the local Smithy. She is at least half-Elf but is an orphan without family of any kind. Gaius, who works at the forge, presents himself as a surrogate brother and some of the Requests in Raven's Story are initiated by Gaius.

When you meet Raven, she will be unforthcoming in terms of dialogue. As you complete her Requests, you will discover that she is terrified of Friendship as she has come to believe that any one close to her will 'disappear'. She lost her best friend to a mysterious force and does not wish to place any one else at risk nor to be hurt like that again. She has secret bonds with Monsters as well...

Raven: Stay away from me... Nice smell... (Strange Scent)

If I give Raven Antidotal Herb (5): Thanks. It's really relaxiing when you have Pink Cat and Charm Blue.

Freyr: What?

Raven: Never mind...

For Medicinal Herb: (+20 with music) Is this for me? I see. Thanks. ... It's really relaxing when you have Toyherb and Moondrop.

Freyr: What?

Raven: Never mind...

For Cheap Bracelet or Bamboo Shoot (+5) (with music) Is this for me? Thanks. I could've made a pendant out of a crystal or something...

For Fire Crystal: Oh... ... I really li... I don't hate them. Thank you...

For Iron Ore on her Birthday Is this a birthday present? ...Thank you. ...I really li... I don't hate them. Thank you...

But on any other day for Iron:

Raven for Iron: Is this for me? Thanks. I could've made a pendant out of a crystal or something.

On Raven's Birthday:

Karina: Freyr, did you get a present for Raven? It's her birthday today, so why don't you get her a Sun Pendant?

Shara: Today is Raven's birthday. She really liked the pendant I got her. Raven may seem cold, but she's actually very kind.

Raven's Request Events

Raven's Requests

Raven's 1st Delivery Request

This Request appears in your Post Box:

Raven: Come here
I need to see you.
Reward: 2 Bronze, 2 Silver
Details: Accompany her for delivery to Evelyn

Freyr: Um, I saw the letter, but...

Raven: I see. ...

Freyr: Ummm...

Raven: ...I'll be back soon.

Gaius: Hm... Ah. This iron... is being stubborn.

Raven: Let's go.

Freyr: What? Really?

Raven: This is part of the job.

Freyr: Job? Oh, today's request...?

Raven: We repaired Sofia's item, so we're going to deliver it.

Freyr: i see.

Raven: Let's go already.

Freyr: Oh, okay.

Find Sofia then speak to her.

Sofia: Oh, Raven. What's the matter?

Raven: here.

Sofia: This pendant...!

Raven: I fixed it, so I brought it back.

Sofia: My! How terrible! I'm very sad right now...!

Freyr: ha ha...

Sofia: it is a very important pendant. I'm su unhappy it's fixed. (with music) Thank you, Raven.

Raven: ... It's just my job.

Sofia: But why is Freyr with you? And you said that you never make deliveries.

Freyr: What? Is that right?

Raven: ... ... I'm going home.

Freyr: Oh, okay...

If you speak to her now:

Raven: ... I have to give it to her and make sure we get the money.

Freyr: Is it like... a field trip?

Go back to the Smithy. As soon as you enter, an Event will occur.

Raven will be polishing the shelf at the very back of the room behind the counter.

Freyr: Now... Well then, I guess I should...

Freyr turns to leaven, then:

Raven: Wait a minute.

She walks over to you.

Raven: ... This.

Freyr: What?

Raven: Your reward. You helped me.

Freyr: (Thanks!) Th-Thank you.

Raven: ... ...Thank you.

Freyr: Huh...?

Raven: ...

Request completed!

Reward: 2 pieces of Iron, 2 pieces of Bronze

Raven's Icy Rosebush 1st Date Request

This Request appears in the Post Box.

Raven: Let's talk...
Come with me.
Reward: None
Details: Take her to Vale: Icy Rosebush

Raven: Did you see my letter?

Freyr: Yes.

Raven: I see... ...

Freyr: Raven?

Raven: ...Take me.

Freyr: What?

Raven: Take me to Vale: Icy Rosebush.

Freyr: Oh, yeah. Vale: Icy Rosebush, right? Okay.

Raven: ...

Vale: Icy Rosebush is the 'date' screen outside the entrance.

When we arrive:

Raven: (!)

There is a Wooly standing in the centre of the screen.

Raven: Wait... !

Freyr: (!)

Raven walks towards the Wooly.

Freyr: Raven?

Raven: ...It's okay.

The Wooly turns to the right and begins to walk away, then stops.

Raven: It's okay.

She walks closer to it and it turns to face her.

Raven: It's only scared because we're scared of it, too. It's scared of being feared.

Freyr: ...

Raven: So... Don't get too close.

It runs away suddenly.

Raven: You, too...

Freyr: What?

Raven: You should stay away from me, too...

I turn towards her.

Freyr: (!) Why...?

Raven: ... Every one who gts close to me just disappears.

Freyr: That can't be...

She turns to face the icy rosebush.

Raven: It was a while ago... I came to play here with a friend. ut --- she disappeared. ... Right in front of me.

Freyr: ...!

She turns to the left now.

Raven: So...

Now she faces the rosebush again.

Raven: I... I don't want to be with you any more.

She walks past me, on her way out of the area.

Raven: Stay away from me... So today wa... my last request.

Freyr: What...?

She leaves.

Freyr: ...

Request completed!

If you return to the shop and speak to her behind the counter:

Freyr: Raven..

Raven: ...

Freyr: (... What would Gaius do in this situation...?) (Oh, that reminds me... Wasn't there a letter from Gaius in my mailbox...?)

When you access your postbox again:

Gaius: About Raven
Could you come see me?
(The text of this Request is given in Gaius' section.)

Raven's Skull Request

This Request appears in the Post Box:

Raven: ...

If you accept Raven's Request at the Postbox, you will experience an Event as soon as you enter the Smithy.

You will walk into the Smithy automatically.

Raven: ...

Freyr: ...

Raven: 'Umm...' '...........' ... ...Gaius wanted me to come get you.

Freyr: What? Oh, okay...

Freyr: Umm... Where's Gaius?

Raven: Asleep upstairs. He has a cold.

Freyr: Oh, I see.

Raven: ...

Freyr: Umm... So... what should I do?

Raven reaches for a Skull on the shelf and shows it to me.

Raven: Bring this here. I can't leave the store unattended.

Freyr: Skull? Yeah, okay.

If you speak to her now:

Bring ... Skull. I have to watch the store. I think the goblins in Sol Terrano Desert carried Skull. Just because they're the same monsters doesn't mean they always drop the same items...

Freyr races home to take a Skull from storage, then races back to the Smithy to throw it at Raven.

Raven: This...

Freyr: Yes. Here's the Skull you asked for.

Raven: ... Thank you...

Freyr: ...? (Her hand is shaking...)

My choices now:

Is she sick?

Is she scared?

If you choose: Is she sick?

Freyr: Are you not feeling okay?

Raven: That's not... it.

Freyr: Then -- Are you scared or something?

Raven: ...!

The Event then progresses the same way as it would if you chose correctly from the start:

Choose: Is she scared?

Freyr: Are you scared or something?

Raven: ...!

Freyr: Oh... (I guess that's it...)

Raven: ...

Freyr: Then I'll help, too.

Raven: Huh...?

Freyr: I'll do the parts where you need the Skull, and I'll leave the rest up to you.

Raven: ... OK...

Freyr: Should we get started then?

Raven: ... Thank you...

Freyr: Huh...?

Raven: ...

Freyr: No problem...

The screen darkens momentarily and we then work together at the forge. Freyr polishes an item, and Raven walks towards him.

Freyr: Whew... Alright, is that it then?

Raven: Yes. Oh...

She turns away and there is an awkward silence.

Freyr: Umm...

Raven: ...

Freyr: ... Hey, Raven...

Raven: What...?

Freyr: Well... You think I could come again...?

Raven: Huh...?

She takes a few steps, then:

Raven: ... It's not... up to me.

Freyr: Wait, that's --

Gaius: Ah, I slept well.

Freyr and Raven both: (!)

Gaius: Hm? If it isn't Freyr.

Freyr (blusing): H-Hello. I'm just visiting.

Gaius: Both of your faces are red, did you catch my cold?

Freyr: Oh, no. That's not...

Raven: ...

Gaius: Oh well, whatever. Huh? Isn't that an Art of Attack? Did you make that for me, Freyr?

Freyr: Oh, no. I just helped out a little....

Raven: ... That's not... true.

Freyr: Huh...?

Gaius: I see, I see. So you did it for me. Thanks! Well, it wasn't like I was in a hurry.

Freyr: What?!

Raven: ...Wait. You said to have Freyr come over because you were in a hurry --

Gaius: Because I wanted to get back tot he forge. I thought I'd have him bring me medicine.

Raven: Oh...

Gaius: Did you not get that? I was wonderfing why no one was bringing me any medicine.

Freyr: Well, this request...

Gaius: Yes. I guess Raven misunderstood.

Raven: ...

Freyr: Ha ha...

Gaius walks to the forge now.

Gaius: Well, all's well that ends well. Freyr, here, it's not much, but it's for you.

Freyr: Oh, but...

Gaius: It's fine. Take it. Hope to see you around again!

Request completed!

Reward: Wood x 6

Raven's Brooch Mining Request

This Request appears at the Post Box:

Raven: Help
There's something I want to make.
Details: Accompany Raven to the Desert
Reward: Scorpion Pincer

If I take Raven's new request:

Raven: ... What is it?

Freyr: Oh, um. I read your letter.

Raven: Oh... ...I wanted to make a brooch.

Freyr: A brooch?

Raven: Gaius is always ... taking care of me. I wanted to thank him.

Freyr (laughing): Oh, I see.

Raven: But...

Freyr: Something the matter?

Raven: ... Is there something funny about giving him a brooch?

Freyr: Nope. I think he'd like that.

Raven: ...Really?

Freyr: Yes.

Raven: ...What about you?

Freyr: What?

Your choices now:

I'd be happy, sure.
I don't wear jewelry.

Whichever response you choose:

Raven: I see... Well, I'll need some hard bone for a base. Could you help me get it? Sol Terrano: The Fossil should ahve the bone I'm looking for.

Freyr: Yeah, okay.

If I give her hard horn now: Is this for me? I see. Thank you. I could've made a pendant out of a crystal or something...

Raven actually needs to accompany you into the Desert. As soon as you enter, you will experience an Event with her.

Freyr: It's so hot here, as usual...

Raven: Really?

Freyr: Are you okay with the heat, Raven?

Raven: I don't really feel the heat or the cold...

Freyr: is that right...?

Your choices now:
That's weird.
You're lucky.

If you choose: That's weird.
Raven: ...

Freyr: Oh, sorry...

Raven: I don't really care...

If you choose: You're lucky.

Raven: I don't think it's that big of deal.

Freyr (laughing) Really? I think it's pretty cool that you're so calm and collected.

Raven: It's not cute, is it?

Freyr: What?! No, I mean...

Raven: It's okay. I don't really care...

When you reach The Fossil screen, the Event will continue:

Freyr walks towards the Fossil of the Dinosaur where he found the first Dragon Bones for Kuruna.

Freyr: Hmmm... (laughing) yes, This bone should be hard enough.

Raven: ...

Freyr: Raven?

She walks to stand at Freyr's side now.

Freyr: Oh, that's right. You're scared of skulls...

Raven: ...

Freyr: That's why you wanted me to come. Well, then, why didn't you say so from --

Raven: No...

Freyr: What?

You collect a Skull from the fossilised remains automatically and hold it up.

Raven: (!) I'll be fine.

Freyr: You don't need to ...

Raven: I'm ... fine.

She carries the Skull slowly from the Fossil screen to the Open Dunes.

Freyr: Raven. I'll carry it.

Raven: I'm fine.

Freyr: But you're shaking...

Raven barks at him, then: I'm fine...!

She smacks him sharply, causing him to fall on his back!

Freyr: Ah!

Raven: Oh...!

Freyr: I-I'm gonna fall...

As the screen darkens, you hear the sound of him passing out, then you see him on the ground with a large winged creature hovering over him.

Freyr: Where am I...? (I thought I fell from the cliff...)

If you look at the map on the upper screen, you will see that he now is on the Sand Sea screen.

Freyr: (Oh...) (What a pretty bird... Did it save me...?) (I should thank it...)

The creature fans him with its wings a few times, then vanishes. Freyr stands slowly and looks in all directions in vain for the winged creature.

Freyr: Was that a dream...?

He looks in each direction again, then as he looks to the north:

Freyr: (!) A pretty feather's on the ground... This feather... That bird did save me.

Raven: Freyr?!

Freyr: (!)

Raven rushes towards him from the east.

Raven: Are you okay?

Freyr: Yes. I'm grreat!

Raven: I see... ... I'm sorry...

Freyr: What? ... That skull was scaring you, wasn't it?

Raven: Yes....

Freyr: Well, why were you being so stubborn then?

Raven: Well... ... ...I didn't want you think that's the reason why I asked you to come.

Freyr: What?

Raven: ...

Freyr: Oh, I see. Well, umm, well... (blushing now) Anyway, let's get out of the desert! We'll just get sweaty talking here!

He turns to leave.

Raven: Oh... That feather...

Freyr turns to face her.

Freyr: This? Oh, it seems like it's from the monster that saved me.

Raven: Can I have it...?

Freyr: What?

Raven: It looks like I can make an accessory out of it.

Freyr: Oh, yeah. Well, sure!

Raven: Thank you...

The screen darkens and you find yourself at the door to the smithy facing Raven.

Freyr: Long day?

Raven: yes. Thanks...

Freyr: You know, you and Gaius have a strong bond. It really seems like you're a family. I'm a bit jealous.

Raven: ... I never had a family.

Freyr: Huh...?

Raven: I do n't remember my parents. I never had that.

Freyr (I'm sorry!) Oh, I see...

Raven: But... It's jyst a feeling.

Freyr: What?

Raven: Gaius is... ...a Dad, I guess?

Freyr: Not a brother?

A chest appears now.

Freyr:: What? This is...

Raven: You've done so much for me... so I wanted to repay you...

Freyr: Oh... okay. Thanks.

Raven: ...It's nothing special.

Freyr (laughing) Really, thank you. I'll take good care of it.

Raven: ... ...Bye then...

Request completed!

When Freyr told her he would wear jewelry:

Reward: Ruby Ring

When Freyr told her he didn't like jewelry:

Reward: Scorpion Pincer

N.B. It is possible the Reward is a random Accessory or random War Trophy, depending on your Response

Raven's Thank-You Gifts Request

Raven: Could you help...?
Thank you.
Reward: Handknit Hat
Details: You need Failed Dish, Amethyst Ring and Gold Ore

Raven: ...Oh! ... Did you read my letter?

Freyr: Yes. You wanted to thank every one?

Raven: Yes... I really caused every one a lot of trouble. That's why I thought to give very one their favourit things.

Freyr: Then you want me to help you gather those for you?

Raven: Yes...

I want to give Sofia a Failed Dish, an Amethyst Ring for Karina,
And a Gold for Gaius.

Freyr: Yeah, okay. Then let's go give them in order.

Karina: Is this an Amethyst Ring? (So pretty.) But why me? (Is she trying to trick me?)

Raven: No... I cuased you so much trouble the other day.

Karina: Trouble? (What is she talking about...?)

Raven: What?

Karina: Oh, yeah, right. I think you did. (I'll leave it at that.) Well, I'll let you off the hook with this one, then.


Karina: (with music) Thanks, Raven. (Not sure why she gave it to me, but.)

Raven: ...

Sofia: I heard that proposing under the Sharance Tree is a surefire way to ge unceremoniously dumped! Some travelers seem to think the opposite, though. Who could have started such an amusing rumour?

Freyr: So... do I propose under the Sharance Tree or not?

Gave her Failed Dish.

Sofia: What?! Is this for me?!

Raven: Yes...

Sofia: Really?! I'm so sad. Thanks! Oh, which reminds me-- It seems that you think that special light makes people disappear.

Freyr: What?!

Raven: You knew...?

Sofia: Not at all.

Freyr: So you did know...

Sofia: It seems that phenomenon occurs when humans and monsters somehow cause an imbalance in runes.

Freyr: Where humans and monsters cause an imbalance...? (That's pretty much just me being a half-monster...)

Raven: ...

Sofia: But I haven't found a case where it causes a person to disappear. Just monster pets.

Raven: But I saw, I saw with my eyes my friend disappearaing...

Sofia: Was that really a human?

Raven: Huh...?

Sofia: Well, it doesn't matter. I just looked into it a little, I'm not worried about it at all... Just let me know if you find something.

freyr: She must really be curious.

Gave Gold to Gaius then.

Gaiuse: Oh? Is this for me? Thanks, but what is it for?

Raven: I ... caused you trouble the other day...

Gaius: Oh, is that all?

Raven: That all...?

Gaius: Well, every one's different I suppose, but I just did what I thought was obvious. Worry about my family.

Raven: Family...

Gaius: I mean, you'd be worried about me if I disappeared, wouldn't you?

Raven: ... Yes...

Gaius: That's all I mean. But I will be taking this, though. Thanks.

Raven: ... No, thank you...

If you speak to him after:

Gaius: I'll use it for my new weapons. Thanks.

Raven: Okay...

You needn't give the Gifts in any specific order, but after you give the last one:

The screen darkens momentarily and then Raven and Freyr stand in front of the smithy building.

Freyr: I'm glad they liked their gifts.

Raven: ... Freyr, for yiou...

Freyr: What? For me?

Raven: Yes...

Freyr: I see... Thanks. I'm happy.

Raven: ... No, thank you...

Freyr: Oh, by the way... HEre...

Raven: What? This feather...

Freyr: I found it the other day when I came back with you. If you want, you could make it into an accessory.

Raven: ... OK. Thanks...

Freyr: Something the matter?

raven: ... No. Never mind. Bye then.

Freyr: ...?

I watch as she disappears through the smithy door.

Request completed!

Reward: Handknit Hat

Raven's Bulletin Board Requests

Raven's Iron and Silver Ore Request

This Request appears on the Bulletin Board

Raven: Bring me...
Bring iron by 7.00 p.m.
Reward: 1 piece of Iron and 1 piece of Silver
Details: You must work in her shop, remembering prices to sell three items

After accepting Raven's Request, I experience an Event as soon as I enter the Weapons shop.

Freyr: (Raven!) Hey, Raven, I saw your message...

Raven: ...

She walks to the back and fetches a piece of Iron.

Freyr: ...?

Raven: Bring me some more of this...

Freyr: What? O-Okay... (It's unusual for her to ask for a favour like this...) Where's Gaius?

Raven: He needed more iron...

Freyr: Ah, so he went to get some more iron?

Raven: ...

Freyr: Hm? What's wrong?

Raven: Hurry...

Freyr: Oh, sorry!

I begin to walk out, but Raven faints suddenly.

Freyr: Raven?!

I rush to her side.

Freyr: Raven! Are you okay?!

Raven: (Nothing.) I'm fine...

Freyr: You're urning up! I think you have a fever!

Raven: No, I'm fine... I was just near the forge earlier...

Raven, this is no joke! C'mon, let's head over to the apothecary!

Raven: No.

Freyr: Raven... Well, at the very least, you should lie down andd try to get some rest!

Raven: i can't...

Freyr: Why not?

Raven: The store...

Freyr: What?

Raven: I need to watch over the store...

Freyr: ...! Raven!

She is on the ground again.

I look from side to side, then: !

Freyr: She fainted... Let me take her to bed...

I put her in bed.

Freyr: There you go...

She sleeps now.

Freyr: Man, she's so stubborn...

I begin to walk away, then turn back at the door to look at her.

Freyr: ... Well, I guess I've got no choice but to watch the store while Raven is resting!

The screen darkens and I then am behind the counter.

Freyr: Hmm... What should I do first...? Ah, I guess I should check the prices of everything on sale... I turn slowly in every direction.

Freyr: Let's see... Her's a list of the prices...

Broadsword: 630G
Spear 900G
Cheap Bracelet: 560G
Focus Earring: 1400G
Battle Hammer: 1400G
Claymore: 960G

My choices now:
OK, got it!
Look at the list again.

Got it! Okay, let's go!

The door opens and a customer enters.

Freyr: (!) Uh... W-Welcome!

Traveler: Hello. Let's see... Do you have a Cheap Bracelet?

Freyr: I-Indeed we do! Just one moment, please!

I turn to fetch one for him.

Freyr: Here you go! That'll be...

My choices now:
900G, please!
560G, please!
1400G, please!

I choose 560G

Traveler: All right, here's the money.

Freyr: (Thanks a lot!) Thank you very much! Please come again.

He leaves.

Freyr: ... Whew... I guess I did that right...

The door opens and another customer comes to the counter.

Freyr: Welcome!

Traveler: Yo! Get me a Battle Hammer! And make it snappy!

Freyr: O-Okay!

I race to the western wall for one.

Traveler: Hey, kid! Hurry up! I ain't got all day!

Freyr: S-Sorry! (Please) H-Here you go! The total is...

and one other choice...

I choose 1400G

Traveler: Thanks, kid! You look like a hard worker! I'll be back soon!

Freyr: (Thanks a lot!) Th-Thank you very much! (Wow... Raven must not be much of a salesperson...)

He leaves and a third ccustomer appears instantly.

I go to the front of the counter to greet her.

Freyr: Welcome!

It is Katrina.

Katrina: Huh? What are you doing here...?

Freyr: Oh, well, you see, I...

Karina: Uh... Never mind...

Freyr: What?

Karina (yawning) I'm kinda in a rush... (And I don't really care...)

Freyr: I... I see...

Karina: Ah, there's my order... I've already paid...

Freyr: Oh, you paid in advance...?

Karina: Yep. See you...

She leaves.

Freyr (sighing) There she goes... Maybe I should have taken Raven to the apothecary. ... I guess she wouldn't have listend to me anyway, though...

The door opens and Gaius enters.

Gaius: Hey, Raven! you transformed into Freyr! That's amazing!

Freyr: N-No, it's actually ME, Gaius!

Gaius: yeah, I figured.

Freyr: ...

He walks towards me.

Gaius: So, where's Raven, then?

Freyr: She got a cold, so she's sleeping upstairs.

Gaius: I see.

freyr: (Huh... Gaius doesn't seem too worried about Raven...)

Gaius: Hey, Raven, how you feeling?

Freyr: Raven?!

Raven now descends the staircase.

Raven: (Nothing) I'm fine...

Freyr: You're bright red, Raven...

Raven: I'm ... fine... I'll do it...

Freyr: Raven, no!

Raven: It's my job...

Freyr: But... Gaius, help me out! Huh?

I look round in very direction, then:

Freyr: (!) What are you doing, Gaius?

Gaius: Closing the store.

Freyr: What?

Gaius: There we go. All closed. Let's go to the apothecary now.

Raven: But...

Gaius: The store's closed, so there's no work to do. I'll go on ahead.

He leaves.

Freyr: Let's go to the apothecary, Raven...

Raven: ...

She walks to the door.

Raven: ... Um...

Freyr: what is it, Raven?

Raven: ... (Nothing.) Never mind...

She throws a chest on the floor in front of me and leaves.

Freyr: What's this...? *sigh* Raven's so stubborn... But it looks like it worked out in the end...

I find myself outside the shop.

Request completed.

I go inside and find a piece of Silver and a Piece of Iron in the chest.

I never gave her the Iron!

Raven's 6 Items Request

N.B. As this is a Simple Request, it can be completed more than once.

Raven: Any one
Simple Request
Take this with you.
Reward: 6 Random Weapons, Items, Seeds or...
Details: Simply enter her Smithy and exit again with the Weapons and/or Items*

*The 6 Items are loaded randomly when you accept the Request. If you want a specific Weapon, reload until you obtain it. The Weapons can include types that would appear only as Special Deals. Items can be as valueless as Weeds or as valuable as Sour Drop. As this is a Simple Request, it will appear more than once on the Bulletin Board.

When I enter the Smithy, I experience an Event. Raven stands on the carpet, surveying six items displayed on the floor in front of her.

Freyr: Ah! This is...?

Raven: Did you see the bulletin board?

Freyr: Yes... Hey, Raven? What is this...?

Raven: Some one left it...

Freyr: Some one? This much?

Raven: If you want, take it. It's just in my way.

Freyr: What? But...

Raven: Presents are about caring for the other person. This definitely isn't a present.

Freyr (with tear) That's pretty harsh.

raven: It's the truth. If you want something, you should take it. If you leave it, some one else will come and take it.

Freyr: Oh, okay...

Raven: Well, do whatever.

You now can take any or all of the Items. They can include Weapons, Accessories, Ingredients, Cooked Dishes, Fish, War Trophies and even Seeds. The Items evidently are loaded randomly at the time of accepting the Request, so you can save your game before you accept the Request and then reload if nothing interesting is offered.

Items that have been included are:

Sour Drop
Steel Sword
Sea Cutter
Small Shield
Needle Spear
Wooden Staff
Frost Edge
Fireproof Hood
Piyo Sandals
Curry Powder
Broken Box
Boiled Gyoza
Broken Box
Pineapple Seeds
Spinach Seeds
Strawberry Seeds
Pink Turnip Seeds
Onion Seed
Green Pepper Seed
Power Wave Rune Skill

Raven's 2nd Icy Rosebush Rendezvous Request

Post Box Request:
Raven: It's important
Can I see you...?

The Event began when I entered the Smithy. I walked forward towards the counter, only to discover that the shop was empty.

Freyr: Huh? Raven's out somewhere? Well, I'll ask Gaius.

Freyr walks to the forge area.

Freyr: Gaius.

Gaius: ...

Freyr: Hey, Gaius!

Gaius: Huh...?

He suddenly notices me.

Gaius: (!)

He turns to face me now.

Gaiuse: Oh, hey, Freyr. What's the matter?

Freyr: I came to see Raven...

Gaius: Raven? She's not there?

Freyr: No...

Gaius: Well, she does wander off now and then.

Freyr: I ssomething the matter?

Gaius: Well, she just hasn't been herself recently.

Freyr: I see...(Probably because of that dungeon.)

Gaius: Sofia or Karina might know something.

Freyr: Okay. I'll go ask them.

Gaius: Thanks.

Freyr found Karina and spoke to her.

Freyr: Hey, Karina. Do you know where Raven went?

Karina: Raven...? (*yawn*...) Who knows...? (Wait, didn't I see her?) She's gone?

Freyr: Yeah. Gaius didn't hear anything either.

Karina: Oh.

Freyr: What?

Karina: Wait, she was walking towards Vale: Icy Rosebush...

Freyr: You saw her?!

Karina: I think I did... (Vaguely though...)

Freyr: Thanks, I'll look there.

On the way, saw Sofia on the path.

Freyr: Sofia. Do you know where Raven is?

Sofia: Yes.

Freyr: What?!

Sofia: No.

Freyr: Oh, I see...

Sofia: That reminds me, she said that she wouldn't be able to see you again. What did you do to Raven, Freyr?

Freyr: ... (Does it have to do with that light...?)

Go to Vale: Icy Rosebush to experience an Event with Raven.

Your Character will walk slowly into the area and see Raven near the edge of the cliff.

Freyr: (!) Raven!

Raven stands next to a Wooly.

Raven: Stay away from me!

Freyr: Huh...?

Raven: ...

She turns to face the Wooly instead of me.

Freyr: Um... you gave me a letter, didn't you? Didn't you want to talk?

Raven: ... Why did you come...?

Freyr: Huh...?

Raven: That was ... a mistake. I don't have anything more to say to you.

Freyr: Wait -- ...Go home!

She turns to me now.

Raven: Oh...

Freyr: Raven...

Raven: ... Don't come near me. ...Please.

Freyr: ...

He runs off.

Raven: ... Does she hate me now?

The Wooly now waddles off.

Raven: Oh...

She takes a step or two, then:

Raven: ... I'm alone again.

The screen darkens and Freyr now is seen walking along the Path at the Entrance.

Freyr: Something's strange. But right now--

The Wooly rushes past me.

Freyr: (!) That wooly. It's drawn to Raven... ... Maybe if I pretend to be that Wooly...

He transforms.

Freyr: OK then... Now to use the snow to make me white...

He rolls in the snow repeatedly as the screen darkens. Now, a white Wooly approaches Raven who still stands at the edge of the cliff in Vale: Icy Rosebush.

Raven: You're ... I see... You came back.

Freyr: Bah! ... (I'm sorry to trick you.)

Raven: ... I wonder if Gaius is worried about you.

Freyr: Bah?

Raven: Freyr... He hates me now for sure.

Freyr: B-Bah bah bah! (That's not true!)

Raven: I don't know what you're saying.

Freyr: B-Bah... (Of course not.)

Raven: But ...thank you. I wonder why this always happens...

Freyr: Bah...?

Raven: And I thought we were getting along so well... That light... It takes every one away.

Freyr: ... (This is the curse she talked about before.)

Raven: So I decided not to be friends with any one again... That's what I decided...) ... But being lonely is hard...

Freyr: ...

The screen darkens.

Raven now is asleep at the edge of the cliff and Freyr in human form again stands beside her.

Raven: (!) Huh? I...

Freyr: You'll catch a cold if you sleep here, Raven.

Raven: (!)

She stands now.

Freyr: Well, it looks lioke the Wooly kept you warm.

Raven: Freyr...

She steps away from me.

Raven: Go away. I don't have anything more to say to you.

Freyr: Because of your curse?

Raven: ?!

Freyr moves towards her.

Raven: Stay away! I'm just so tired... I thought finally I've found it... finally I've grasped it! But when I open my hands, there's nothing there. It's always empty.

Freyr: ...

Raven: I can't take it anymore. I don't want to lose some one important again... I can't take it...

Raven and I both: (!)

Raven: ...!

Freyr: Not again...! (But... why is it...?) (It feels so familiar.)

Raven and Freyr both: (!)

The white Wooly emerges from a Green Generator south of them.

Freyr: (That wooly--)

The Wooly walks off.

Freyr: (Maybe it feels similar.) (And that wooly...) ... Raven...?

Raven: ... I thought.

Freyr: What?

Raven: I thought you disappeared.

Freyr: ... ...It's okay.

He hugs her.

Raven: ...!

Freyr (laughing) See, I'm here. I didn't disappear.

Raven: ... ...Idiot.

Freyr: Hey... Raven.

Raven: Yes.

Freyr: Let's go home...

Raven: ... ... O-OK...

The screen darkens.

Now Raven and Freyr are in front of the smithy.

Freyr: Here, Raven.

Raven: ...

Freyr: Raven?

Raven: Um... thanks for today.

Freyr: What?

Raven: This is for you...

A chest is deposited on the ground.

Raven: ...Bye.

She goes into the smithy.

Freyr: It was very... Typical Raven. Hm? What's this on my clothes...? ...! This is from the bird in the Sol Terrano Desert! But if its feather's here, then it must be real... but why was it there? ... Well, no use pondering it.

Request completed!

Reward: Wind Crystal x 3, Fire Crystal x 3

Raven's 7 Heart Date Event

When I invite her on a date, she suggests the Desert.

Raven: ... Amazing.

Freyr: The desert just stretches out forever.

Raven: ... Amazing.

Freyr: The desert just stretches out forever. I wonder how far it goes?

Raven: ... Maybe to the end of the world.

Freyr (laughing): Then we'd be looking at the same scene as the end of the world.

Raven: Oh... (blushing) Yes... Maybe you're right.

Freyr: Hey, how about we take a little rest here?

Raven: OK...

Raven: Hey, Freyr.

Freyr: What?

Raven: Have you thought about... marriage?

Your choices:

I have a kid.

If you choose: Yes.

Raven: I ... see... ...

Freyr: What's the matter?

Raven: With who?

Freyr: What?

Raven: Never mind...

Freyr: Really...?

If you choose: No.

Raven: I see... You've never thought about who you'd want to marry?

Freyr: No. Have you?

Raven: ... Yes.

If you choose: I have a kid.

Raven: ...

Freyr: Or I thought I'd ask, but there's no way... Raven...?

Raven: ... Stop breathing...

Freyr: W-Wait, that far?

Raven: ...

Whichever response you chose:

Freyr: But why do you ask?

Raven: ... I was just curious... More importantly... What kind of girl do you like?

Your choices now:
Lively girl.
Quiet girl.
Strange girl.

If you choose: Lively girl

Raven: Lively... Yaaay...

Freyr: Huh...?

Raven (blushing): ... ...Forget it.

Freyr: Umm...

Raven: But... that's your type.

Freyr: Well... maybe.

Raven: ...

If you choose: Quiet girl

Raven: I see... ...

Freyr: Um, Raven...?

Raven: But... that's your type.

Freyr: Well... maybe.

Raven: ...

If you choose: Strange Girl

Raven: Sofia? Or Karina?

Freyr: It was just a joke...

Raven: Pia? The forest elf? Wait... Marian?

Freyr: Now that I think about it, this town is full of strange people.

Whichever response, now:

Raven: But... that's your type.

Freyr: Well... maybe.

Raven: ... Hey, Freyr. Answer me honestly.

Freyr: What?

Raven: How do you... feel about me?

Your choices now:
I like you.
Let's try harder.
Pet her head.

If you choose: I like you.

Raven: ...! I see...

Freyr: What about you?

Raven: ... I like you.,,

Freyr: Huh...?

If you choose: Let's try harder.

Raven: ... What am I supposed to try harder with?

Freyr (laughing): How about smiling.

Raven: Smiling...? ...

Freyr: Huh...?

If you choose: Pet her head.

Raven: What are you...? ... ... You're trying to distract me.

Freyr: Huh...?

No matter which response you choose:

Raven: Well, let's go soon.

Event ends here.


Favourite Scents:
Favourite Gifts: Gems and Accessories
Dislikes: Diamonds

Official Description: Unbelievably lazy girl who works at the general store,. She's usually napping on the job.

Family: Hazel

Weapon/Equipment: None

Karina is Hazel's indolent daughter and is, despite her protests to her mother, in charge of collecting your shipments at 5.00 p.m. daily. She works at the General Store as well, alternating shifts with her mother.

Karina's Story: Karina appears to suffer from congenital laziness and when you first meet her, will express her dissatisfaction with life in a small village. She envies Sofia and Evelyn for their cosmopolitan attitudes and their experiences of city life. When you begin to complete her Requests, you will discover that she had a plan to run away to an unspecified city, but as you befriend her, she will become more interested in staying in Sharance and even in running the General Store!

Karina for Ruby Ring (displays big red heart) What? For me? I really love sparkly accessories like this! Thanks, Freyr! (I'm so happy...!)

Hazel: That lazy daughter of mine...

Freyr: What's wrong?

Hazel: I told her she was too slow at bagging, so now she just makes all the customers bag their own supplies!

Freyr (with nervous laughter) Well, that's one solution!

Medicinal herb for Karina: Oh, for me? Um... thanks. (A gem or accessory would have been nicer.) (+20)

Karina: Gems are nice. I know that sounds kind of shallow and materialistic. But I like the way they look. Oh, but I don't like Diamonds very much. (Anything but that.)

Karina's Requests

Karina's Postbox Requests

Karina's City Information Request

Karina: Come with me
There's somewhere I want to go...

Freyr found Karina in a bikini at the beach on the Lake in the morning.

Freyr: Karina?

Karina: *yawn* (I'm so tired...)

Freyr: Uh, I'm here about your job request?

Karina: Oh... right... (What was that request about again?)

Freyr: Uh, it sounded like you wanted to go somewhere..

Karina: Oh, that's right. Actually, I think it's time for me to leave this town.

Freyr: Oh, okay. Wait, what?!

Karina: I'm running away.

Freyr: Whoa. Uh, isn't this a little sudden?

Karina; It's not sudden at all.

Freyr: What?

Karina: I made up my mind a long time ago. (One week, actually.)

Freyr: Is that right...?

Karina: But I guess we should go hear what Evelyn has to say first.

Freyr: What? Why Evelyn...?

Karina: Well, she knows the most about the city. I'll bet there are tons of people like her in the city. People wgho have fun jobs and only work when hey feel like it... It sounds like a dream...

Freyr: Uh, I think Evelyn gets to live like that because she was born rich. I don't think growing up in the city had anything to do with it.

Karina: I choose not to believe that argument.

Freyr: Ooookay...

Karina: Anyway, can you just find Evelyn for me? We can talk after that.

Freyr: What? You're not coming...?

Karina: No, running around and looking for her sounds pretty exhausting. It doens't make sense for both of us to go through that, right?

Freyr: *sigh*...

Find Evelyn now.

Evelyn: Hello, Freyr.

Freyr: Hello. Evelyn, could I get you to come iwth me for a bit?

Evelyn: (with music) Oh, are you asking me out on a date?

Freyr: Not exactly. It's a little difficult to explain. It'd be better if you just came with me.

Evelyn: Oh, so it's a surprise?

Freyr: Well, it sure was a surprise to me...

Evelyn: Sounds exciting!

Freyr: I'm glad you're being a good sport about this.

Evelyn: Oh, it's no problem. I like a little mystery!

Freyr: Ha ha... *sigh*...

You now have to find Karina again to speak to her.

Evelyn: Oh, Karina!

Karina: Hello, Evelyn.

Evelyn: I guess you're my surprise today.

Karina: Uh, sure... (What?) Anyway, Evelyn, I was thinking about moving to the city.

Evelyn: The city? Which one?

Karina: It doesn't matter, as long as it's a city. Anyway, I was wondering what kind of clothes I should wear.

Freyr: Clothes? You're just going to ask her about CLOTHES?

Karina: Yeah. Why?

Freyr: *sigh*

Karina: You're a little strange. Anyway, what do you think, Evelyn?

Evelyn: Let's see... Well, I actually just finished an outfit that you could wear.

Karina: What? I can just have it?

Evelyn: Of course.

Freyr: What?!

Evelyn: Let's go to my house. You can try on the outfit there.

Karina: Great!

Freyr: She just gives her clothes away? It really is just a hobby for her...

The screen darkens momentarily and we find ourselves in the mansion in Evelyn's shop.

Evelyn: These are the new designs for my curry line...

Freyr: Curry...?

Karina: Hmmm... (They're all nice...) This one, then.

Evelyn: I knew you'd pick that one, Karina (with hearts).

They both look at me now in silence.

Freyr: ...?

Karina: Freyr...

Freyr: What?

Karina: I want to change... (Honestly, isn't that obvious?)

Freyr: Oh, sorry...!

He runs towards the front door and pauses on the threshold with his back turned to the 'shop' area.

Evelyn: Oh, Karina. You've really filled out since the last time I measured you.

Karina: What?!

Evelyn: In a good way, of course.

Karina: Oh. (Phew.)

Evelyn: Anyway, we'll take it in a little here, and let it out a little here...

Karina: Ow, hey! Let me get out of it before you start sewing!

Freyr: ...

Evelyn: Oh, sorry. I got a little carried away.

Karina: It's ... okay. (It'll heal, I guess.)

Evelyn: Hee-hee. Anyway, it's done! Here you go.
After a little pause:

Evelyn: Oh, it's perfect!

Karina: (Yeah...) It really is. This is amazing. Freyr, come take a look!

Freyr: Uh, okay.

He walks back to join the girls.

Karina: What do you think? Didn't Evelyn do a fantastic job?

Freyr: Ah... Well, um... It's just... Wow. (In every way.)

Evelyn displays a big red heart.

Evelyn (with hearts pouring forth): Oh, stop. You're making me blush.

Freyr: Ha ha...

Karina: This is the final touch.

Evelyn: (!) Oh? That pendant...

Karina: Oh yeah. I borrowed it from Sofia. You made it, right?

Evelyn: Yes.

Karina: SHe said to take care of it. But I accidentally broke it the other day. Right, Freyr?

Freyr: Oh, I remember the pendant. I didn't know you broke it, though.

Evelyn: Hmm...

Karina: Anyway, thanks, Eveluyn. Let's go, Freyr.

She walks towards the door.

Freyr: What?! Now? Didn't you wat to talk about... Hey, wait!

Evelyn (with music): Bye bye!

Freyr and Karina now are outside of the mansion.

Karina: I'm ready to go now.

Freyr; Wow, I've never seen you this motivated before.

Karina: I only have one question...

Freyr: What?

Karina: Where is the city, anyway?

Freyr: ...

Request completed!

No reward.


Karina: The city is so far away... (Why didn't any one tell me?)

Freyr: W-What?

Karina's Forest Companion Request

Karina: Take me somewhere
I'll give you more details when you come see me.
Reward: 100 Gold
Details: Take her to the Eye in Privera Forest, smash ore, pick apples and give her an Apple

Karina: I've been waiting. Well, let's go.

Freyr: What? Where?

Karina; Privera Forest. Of course.

Freyr: Wait, why?

Karina: Because.

Freyr: What?

Karina; Oh... um... (I probably shouldn't say.)

Freyr: Come on. You can tell me.

Karina: Well, I want to practice.

Freyr: practice?

Karina: Yeah, if I want to get to the city, it's going to take a lot of walking. So I need to get ready for that.

Freyr: You need me to help you practice walking?

Karina: Hey, there's some dangerous stuff in Privera Forest. (Monsters are such a pain.)

Freyr: Ah.

Karina: Yeah. I'll do the walking. You take care of the monsters for me.

Freyr: But won't you have to deal with monsters if you travel to the city?

Karina; Oh, I'll worry about that later. So could you get me to Privera:The Eye, then?

As soon as we enter the first screen, at the Lightway, the Event begins.

Karina: Wow, this place is really big. (I'm tired already.)

Freyr: What?! This is just the entrance.

Karina; Oh. Really? (Who would have thought that the wilderness was so... big?) Isn't there some kind of cariage service that we could take there instead?

Freyr: I don't think so. Let's go.

Karina Fine. (I guess i can gey used to walking... Maybe.)

If you try to go to a different screen:

Karina: That's the wrong way. (Don't make me walk more...)

When you reach the Stoneway:

Karina: *sigh*... (I'm really tired.)

Freyr: At this rate, we're never going to get there.

Karina: Yeah, I know. (Maybe I should give up on this 'walking' concept.)

She turns to look northwest.

Karina: Hey, what are those things?

Freyr: Thos are ore rocks. You can smash them with a hammer to get ores like iron and bronze.

Karina: Hmmm... (Oh, I know...) How do you collect ore? Could you show me?

Freyr: What? I guess I can...

Karina: Thanks. I'll just watch.

Freyr: Okay. (Now I get a break.)

Smash the rocks, then speak to Karina.

Freyr: Is this alright...?

Karina: Yeah, thanks. (It's over already?)

She considers a moment, then:

Karina: Hm... Hey! Isn't that an Apple tree?

Freyr: What?

Karina: Those apples look tasty. Could you get me one?

Freyr: You could get it yourself, you know...

Karina: But my legs are tired. Please?

Freyr: *sigh*...

Give her an Apple.

Karina (with red hearts pouring forth): Thanks.

She eats it, then:

Karina: Okay, where are we going next? (I hope it's someplace with a bench.)

Freyr: ...

Karina: (There isn't going to be a bench, is there?)

Freyr: Don't worry, Karina.

Karina; Hm?

Freyr: It's just a little farther.

Karina: Oh... (That was nice of him.) Okay, I can make it.

Freyr: Okay, let's go then.

Your Character automatically walks towards the exit.

Karina: ... (As long as it's only a little farther...)

She follows. Now, on the Eye screen:

Karina: We're finally here?

Freyr: Yeah... finally.

Karina: I see... (I'm so tired.)

She yawns heavily.

Karina: (And the city is even farther than this?)

Freyr now walks away and yawns.

Karina: ... Maybe the town isn't so bad. (I'd neve rmake it to the city.)

Freyr: Well, that's one way to make your decision.

The screen darkens momentarily, and you find yourself outside the General Store with Karina next.

Karina: Home has never looked so good. (I can't wait to take a bath.)

Freyr: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Karina: That was a real adventure. Here's your reward for being such a good guide.

Received 100 gold!

Karina: Thanks for today. (I guess it went okay.) Well, see you later.

Request completed!

Karina's Request for a Cold

In the postbox at 8 Hearts:

Karina: I want a cold
I really want something. Could you come see me?
Reward: Leek Seeds x 9, Cold Medicine and a Cold!
Details: Give Marian 1 Yellow Grass, 1 Purple Grass, 1 Grape, 1 Rice

Karina: Well... I want to catch a cold. Right now.

Freyr: Huh...?

Karina: Could you give me a cold?

Freyr: Well... I'm not sure how I could do that.

Karina: I need to catch one. There has to be a way.

Freyr: (I've never seen Karina so serious...) Okay. Let's think...

Karina: Yeah. If we put our heads together, I'm sure you can think of something (with music) How are we going to give me a cold?

Freyr: Hmmm... I guess we should talk to Marjorie about that.

Karina: Marjorie...? (Well, as long as it's not Marian.)

Freyr: what's the matter?

Karina: It's nothing. Never mind.

Marjorie: Oh, hello there, tree boy... I wish the rain would let up soon... Oh, what's the matter?

Freyr: Um, Marjorie... could you make a medicine that would give some one a cold?

Marjorie: Medicine that actually makes some one sicker? Hmmm... I'm sorry. I can't help you.

Karina: You can't?

Marjorie: I can't go out of my way to make some one sick. That would go against my Hioopcratic Oath. No ethical, responsible doctor would do something like that!

Speak to Marian next.

Marian: You want a dose?

Freyr: Hello.

Marian: So you want to catch a cold?

Karina: Yes.

Marian: I see... (with music now) That sounds like a fun experiement!

Freyr: This already sounds like a bad idea...

Marian: I know! We need the opposite of cold medicine! So we'll just make cold medicine, but, you know, do the opposite!

Freyr: That doesn't sound very scientific...

Karina: Good idea, Marian! (What was I thinking? She's actually the perfect person to get me sick!)

Freyr: ?!

Marian: Okay! I'll need some ingredients...

Karina: No problem. (As long as Freyr is here.)

Marian: Okay. So for the opposite of cold medicine, I'll need... Yellow Grass, Purple Grass, Grape and Rice. That sounds about right, right? Sure, why not? Oh, and I just need one of each.

Freyr: So... I'm guessing the onbe who is going to gather all these ingredients is going o be...?

Karina: Thanks, Freyr.

Freyr: I guess I didn't need to ask...

Marian (flourishing her syringe) I'll make you a super-duper, double extra-strength cold potion!

Freyr: Hey, she just needs a normal cold. I don't think she needs an extra-strength potion.

Marian: Yeah! It'll be the strongest cold potion ever! One mouthful and she'll be knocking on heaven's door!

Freyr: She's not listening at all...

Give her 1 Yellow Grass, 1 Purple Grass, 1 Grape and 1 Rice. Both Yellow and Purple Grass can be purchased from Marjorie at the counter if you do not have them stored and do not wish to waste time foraging for them.

In fact, if you speak to Karina now:

Karina: I think they sell coloured grass here at the apothecary. Oh, and if I catch a cold, I can pass it on to you if you want. (You're welcome.)

Freyr: Uh, no thanks...
After all ingredients have been given to Marian:

Marian: Okay, that's all I need!

Karina: Well, then...

Marian: Now we just need to find a good place to prepare it.

Freyr: A place to prepare it?

Marian: Yeah! I can't make it here. This is where we make medicine, so I need to make it in some place that's the opposite of here!

Karina: And where is that? (I hope it's not far.)

Marian: Hm. So we'll need to do things opposite... Do you know how medicine is usually made?

Freyr: What?! Umm...

Marian (with music) It's made by boiling stuff like grass and roots!

Freyr: I'm pretty sure it's a little more complicated than that...

Marian: But we've gotta do the opposite today! So dyou know what we're going to do?

Freyr: Uhh...

Your choices now:

Grill it?
Mix it raw?
Pickle it?

No matter which Response you choose:

Marian: Nope! We're going to freeze the crushed mixture with snow!

Karina: Oh, I see. (Freyr wasn't even close.)

Freyr: ...

Marian: Well, let's get to Vale: Entrance!

Marian marches out of the apothecary now.

Karina: But ... that's so far... (I guess it's worth it if I can get a cold.)

Karina now marches out.

Freyr: How did I ever get involved in this?

He then marches out.

You now will find yourself at Vale: Entrance automatically. Marian stands at the southern end of the bridge while Karina and Freya face her.

Marian: Okay, you two wait right there.

Karina: O-O-Okay. (It's so cold...)

Marian now begins to stir the snow with the end of her long syringe.

Freyr: Um... how long is this going to take?

Marian: Hold on!

She continues to stir. Ultimately, Freyr begins to pace a little.

Freyr: Man, it really is cold...

Karina: I'm getting sleepy... (I'll just take a little nap here.)

Freyr: Hey! Don't go to sleep in the snow!

Karina: I hear a voice, but it's so distant... Sleep... calling me...

Freyr: Karina?!

He begins to walk towards Karina, but Marian now announces:

Marian (with music): All done!

She turns to face the pair.

Marian: Hey, what's wrong with you guys?

Freyr: We're cold!

Marian: Then why are you waiting there?

Freyr: Because you told us to!

Marian: Really? Oops. Well, whatever. It's not so cold.

Freyr: Are you kidding?

You can see icons of zzzs above Karina's head now as Marian and Freyr hold their dialogue.

Freyr: You must be really warm-blooded.

They both look at the sleeping Karina now.

Freyr: ...

The screen darkens. You find yourself in Karina's bedroom with Hazel standing before the bed where Karina rests.

Hazel: So this dummy wanted to make a potion that would give her a cold?

Freyr: Um... yeah. She didn't even try the potion yet, though.

Hazel: Hmph. She didn't need to! Falling asleep outside in the snow like that... That would give any one a cold! Of all the stupid...

Hazel displays a black cloud.

Karina: Stop yelling...

Hazel: You're young! A little cold isn't going to kill you!

Karina: Yeah... But that doesn't mean you have to yell at me...

Hazel: Whatever happened to that hardworking little girl I used to know?

Karina: I... (It's not your fault, Mom...)

Hazel: ...

Freyr: ...?

Karina: Hey, Mom...

Hazel: What...?

Karina: I'm hungry...

Hazel: *sigh* Fine. I'll go make you something.

She leaves the chamber.

Freyr: Hey, why did you want a cold in the first place?

Karina: Well... I heard it was a big epidemic in the city.

Freyr: Huh...?

Karina: Every one there had it.

Freyr: ...

Karina: And, well, I didn't want to miss out on such a big trend.

Freyr: I see... *cough cough* (with black cloud)

Karina: Freyr? (Are you...?)

Freyr: Ugh, I don't feel so hot...

Karina: I see... Looks like I've already started the trend here. I told you it was cool to have this cold.

Freyr: ...

Karina: Hey, by the way, I need ot repay you... I'll put some medicine in there for you too. (Feel better.)

Freyr:... Thanks.

Karina: Well, bye then. (Ah, I'm tired...)

Request completed!

Reward: Leek Seeds x 9, Cold Medicine and a Cold!*
*Take the Cold Medicine at once. It should rid you of the affliction.

Karina's Bulletin Board Requests

Karina: Bring me...
I need a delivery...
Reward: 10 Gold
Details: Fetch Strange Pendant from Sofia

After taking the request from Karina, I enter the shop and experience an Event.

Karina is slumped over the counter.

Freyr: She's sleeping again...

I walk to the counter automaticlaly.

Freyr: Ummm...

Karina rubs her eyes.

Karina: Hmmm...?

Freyr: Sorry to wake you.

Karina: Oh... it's okay. (I was having such a nice dream, though...)

Freyr: You posted a job request?

Karina: A job request...?

Karina: Oh right. About a delivery.

Freyr: Uh, yeah. There weren't a lot of details.

Karina: Oh, that... (I forgot all about it...)

Freyr: What?

Karina: I need you to get a pendant from Sofia. I'm too busy to go myself.

Freyr: Weren't you just sleeping?

Karina: Well, yeah.

Freyr: How does that qualify as being too busy?

Karina: I was too busy sleeping. Seems pretty obvious to me.

Freyr: *sigh* Okay. I'll go get the pendant from Sofia.

Karina: Great. Thanks. (Maybe I can get back to that dream.)

Sofia is in the diner at noon.

Sofia: What?

Freyr: Karina asked me to pick up a pendant from you.

Sofia: No.

Freyr: What?

Sofia; here you go. The pendant, rigth?

Received Strange Pendant

Freyr: ...

Sofia: What's the matter?

Freyr: Um, nothing...

Sofia; I see. Anyway, it's not important, so please tell her to be careless.

Freyr: wait, what?

Sofia: She needs to be careless with it. Don't tell her that.

Freyr: Oh, okay. Got it... I think.

When I return to the General store, Karina is sleeping again.

Freyr: ...

I walk to the counter.

Freyr: Karina.

Karina; Hmm...

Freyr: Good morning. (Despite the fact that it is late afternoon.)

Karina rubs her eyes and stretches.

Karina: *yawn*... Yeah, good morning.

Freyr: Sleeping on the job again?

Karina: Yes... (!) Uh, i mean, no, I wasn't.

Freyr: You already said that you were.

Karina: I was copying Sofia.

Freyr: But you said 'good morning'.

Karina: I meant the opposite.

Freyr: So you meant 'good night'? You're going to bed?

Karina: Hmm... maybe? (Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad idea at all.)

Freyr: ... Anyway, I got you the pendant.

Karina: Oh, thanks. I'll take it, then.

Give the 'Strange Pendant' to Karina.

Strange Pendant:
A pendant from Sofia. It's hard to imagine any one would wear it with its 'unique' look.

Freyr: Here, Karina.

Sofia: Oh... Thanks.

Freyr: it was really no problem. I could've done it in my sleep.

Karina: What?

Freyr: Hmm?

Karina: (Was that a crack about me sleeping?)

Freyr: Oh, and Sofia said that you should be careless with that. But I think she meant...

Karina: yes, I know. I'll be careful.

Freyr: ...

Karina: What's the matter? (What a strange expression.)

Freyr: I'm just impressed by how well you can understand her.

Karina: Why wouldn't I? I don't think there's anything weird about how she talks.

Freyr: Really? I think it's pretty weird.

Karina: Oh, it's just her way. Who isn't a little weird? Anyway, here. For you. Thanks.

Received 10 gold.

Karina: Thanks for helping me out.

Freyr: Ah...

Freyr stands on the steps of the General Store now as another Event occurs.

Hazel: Hello, Freyr. What are you up to?

Freyr: I was just giving karina a hand.

Hazel: You were? that daughter of mine.... I bet she made you look after the store so she could sleep!

Freyr: (sweating profusely) Well, uh, not exactly. She asked me to pick up a package from Sofia. Because she was busy umm... watching the store.

Hazel: I guess that's OK, then... Well, thanks for helping.

Freyr: Oh it's OK. I (kinda) got a reward for it.

Hazel: Oh, I see. she's usually too lazy to even pay for help, you know. You should be flattered.

Freyr: Ha ha...

Hazel: Well, back to work. if I left it up to her, there'd be no store!

Freyr: heh heh. See you later.

Hazel goes into the shop and you now will hear her:

Hazel: Karina! Are you sleeping on the job AGAIN?! WAKE UP!!

Freyr: ha ha...

Request completed!

Karina's 7 Heart Date Events

There are at least two different Date Events that you can experience with Karina at 7 Hearts:

Karina's First 7 Heart Date Event Scenario

If I ask Karina, she will suggest Privera Flower Fields.

Karina (with music): It smells so nice...

Freyr: You seem happy, Karina.

Karina: Hmm... I guess... (Because I'm with you.) Let's take a break.

Freyr: Okay.

Karina (sighing happily) It feels great...

Freyr: Yeah.

Karina: Hey, Freyr. What's your favourite thing to do?

Your choices now:
Tending to crops.
Swinging my sword.
Talking to girls.

If you choose: Tending my Crops.

Karina: Hmmm... What's so fun about it?

Freyr: Hmmm... If you take care of them, they reward you by growing larger, bit by bit.

Karina: Bit by bit, huh? (Doesn't sound like it's for me.) I get it though. (And then, one day...)

Freyr: Hm?

Karina: No, never mind. (blushing)

If you choose: Swinging a sword.

Karina: Oh, I see. (Well, I guess...) It's not for me. (I'll get tired...)

Freyr: That's not true. You got here, right?

Karina: I guess. As long as I have you with me... (That wouldn't be bad.)

If you choose: Talking to girls.

Karina: Hmmm. (Oh yeah?) And so, whom specifically?

Freyr: Oh, um, well...

Karina: What's the matter? Can't you tell me? (Go ahead!)

Freyr: I-I'm sorry...

Karina: Well if it's me, then that's OK...(That would be nice.)

Freyr: What?

Karina: Nothing! (What am I saying...!)

No matter which response you chose, now:

Karina: Well, it's good to have a passion. (A real passion.)

Freyr: What do you want to do?

Karina: Hmm... I want to be married... (To some one special...)

Freyr: What?

Karina: Have you thought about it?

Your choices:

Not really.
Many times.

If you choose: Yes.

Karina: So, with who...? Never mind... (But I want to know...)

Freyr: Karina's husband, huh?

Karina: What? (Those eyes...)

Freyr: I bet it'd be fun.

Karina: What?! Really? (I'd do it for you, any time you want!)

Freyr: ?

If you respond: Not really.

Karina: Why?

Freyr: Well, I mean...

Karina: Imagining it is free, you know. (Like imagining you and me together...)

Freyr: ...?

If you choose: Many times.

Karina: With one person? Or with many people?

Freyr: Umm...

Karina: What's the matter? (Go ahead and say it.) (with cross hurt now)

Freyr: I-I'm sorry...

Whichever response you chose, now:

Freyr: So...

Your choices now:

Why marry?
Flowers are nice.
I'm bored with this.

If you choose: Why marry?

Karina: Well... (I won't have to work.) (Because I'm thinking of...)

Ffeyr: What?

Karina: No, it's nothing. (I can't say that...)

Freyr: ...?

If you choose: Flowers are nice.

Karina: Okay. (I'm getting sleepy...)

Freyr: It's nice to relax here. Isn't it, Karina?

Karina: Zzzz...

Freyr: Karina?!

Karina: Hmmm...? (Huh? Where am I...?)

Freyr: ...

If you choose: I'm bored with this.

Karina: Huh...? (I-I see... (That's how he feels...)

No matter which response you chose, now:

Karina (laughing hoarsely) We should go now. (I want to stay forever...)

Karina's Second 7 Heart Date Event Scenario

Karina: So, I had this dream.

My choices:

What dream?
Face reality?

If you choose: What dream?

Karina (blushing now): Freyr...

Freyr: What? What about me?

Karina (laughing hoarsely) Never mind...

Freyr: What?!

Karina: Well... (He wasn't so bad...)


Karina: Hey, by the way, what's your dream?

Your choices:

Great blacksmith
Awesome farmer
To be a nice wife.

If you choose: To be a nice wife

Karina: Marriage, huh... Wait, a wife?!

Freyr (laughing) Am I not pretty enough?

Karina: Huh...? (Well, I can sort of see it...)

Freyr: I was kidding...

Karina: Y-Yeah, of course... (I'm a little disappointed...)

Your choices now:

But, the store?
Want to be Hazel?
What's your dream?

If you choose: What's your dream?

Karina: Yes... I do, I guess...

FReyr: Really? LIke what?

Karina: Well... (To get married...?)

Freyr: What? Is there something on my face?

Karina (laughing hoarsely) Well, working at the general store is fine... (If we could do it together...)

Freyr: What? W-What do you mean?

Karina: Well, let's get going. (My mouth is dry from talking too much.)


Favourite Scents: Magic Musk
Most Favourite Gifts: Green Vegetables
Most Detested Gifts:

Official Description: Outgoing girl who's training to become a doctor. However, her treatments don't always go as planned...

Family: Marjorie

Item 1: Magic Shot

Marian's Story

Marian is the granddaughter of Marjorie, the local apothecary. She believes that science and magic can be combined to produce new treatments in medicine. Her experimental philosophy, however, can result in medications that have negative effects and many of her Requests require that you either serve as a 'guinea pig' or persuade another Character to do so.

It is only when you Invite Marian on a Date at 7 Hearts that you really begin to understand how noble her ambitions are. She wishes to find a 'Cure-All' medicine that will cure all maladies and wishes to become as capable as her grandmother of 'making people happy' with nothing more than her words.

For Medicianl Herb: (+20) with music: Of, is this for me? Well, I'll be sure to use this for my experiments. I would have happyily accepted any green vegetables.

Shara: Today's scent is... Magic Musk. It's perfume made from magic powder. People who like magic are sure to love it.

Marian loves it, of course.

Marian: Oh, that smells good... It makes me want to stuff you in a bottle. (with many hearts pouring out of her) (Magic Musk)

Freyr: Let's not do that.

Marian for Spinach (with music): Oh! I really like these! I love how green vegetables smell, although some people hate it. Thanks.

Marian for Healing Potion (+1100) Oh, is this for me? Well, I'll be sure to use this for my experiments. I would've happily accepted any green vegetables.

Marian: Some coloured grass can only grow in certain seasons! But we carry all of them in our store! Convenient, eh? I'll be waiting for you with my syringe!

Marian's Postbox Requests

Marian's Bulletin Board Requests

Marian: Help wanted!
Sooner the better
Reward: Failed Dish
Details: Take Medicine to Collette

Marian's Bulletin Board Request

Marian: There you are, Freyr. You mind handing this to Collette?

She gives me an amber liquid in a vial.

Freyr: I don't... What's this liquid inside?

Marian: Medicine. I carelessly mixed up prescriptions, so I want you to exchange it. Oh, the medicine I gave her first might cause her to explode. So be careful.

Freyr: E-Explode...? How do you make exploding medicine?!

Marian: Well, good luck!

Freyr: She's not listening...

Find Collette:

Collette: I asked Marian for a growth... oh! No, no, I mean, really good medicine! (with music) Oh, I can't wait to drink it.

Freyr: Huh...?! (I need to give Collette her real medicine before she explodes!)

Give her the Medicine.

Collette: Huh, Freyr. What's this medicine?

Freyr: The medicine you got before will make you explode, so Marian wants to exchange it with this one.

Collette (with tear) Th-That was a close one...

Freyr; I'm glad you didn't explode.

Collette: Thanks, Freyr. Well, could you go throw away this dangerous medicine somewhere...?)

When you enter the Apothecary, you will exxperience an Event.

Freyr: What the...?!

Marjorie is behind the counter. There is a sort of earthquake.

Freyr: I have a bad feeling about this...

Walk back to the cauldron where you will find Marian.

Freyr: I switched them, Marian.

Marian: Thanks! Now Collette won't explode.

Collette: Uh, Marian?

Collette walks towards Marian.

Collette: I blew up when I took my medicine. I thought you switched the medicine out...

Marian: Oh?

Freyr: Is that...?

Marian (with music): Well, it happens.

Marian and Collette both (with tear).

Freyr: What?! That's it?!

Marian: Oh, that's right. Here you go.

Freyr: Um...

Collette: Don't worry about me. This is what usually happens.

Freyr: I-I see...

Request completed!

Reward: Failed Dish

Marian: Research help
Simple Request
Get an ingredient for a new medicine.

Marian: Congratulations, Freyr!

Freyr: What?

Marian: You're my number 1 research assistant! Oh, Collette got away from me this time.

Freyr: O-Oh, is that right? Then I guess I should get...

Marian: Well, we'll just make sure Collette helps out twice as much next time! Huh...? Freyr. Did you just say something?

Freyr: No, not at all...

Marian: Well now. Get some Pink Cat please!

Took some out of the fridge for her and gave it to her.

Freyr: Okay. I've brought it for you, Marian.

Marian: Thanks, Freyr! Now, what kind of medicine will it make?

Freyr: What?! Is that how you've been working...?

An explosion and burst of white light.

Marian: Success!

Freyr: No, it definitely exploded--

Marian (with music): I definitely need to get Collette to try this!

Freyr: ...

Marian: Oh, but before that, I need to give you your reward. Here's your reward!

A chest appears.

Marian: (with a laugh) Well, it's what we made today, so go ahead and take some.

Freyr: ...

Request completed!

Reward: Failed Dish

Marian's 7 Hearts Date Event

When you use the Date Invite Option:

Marian: Okay. Why don't we head for the desert? You know, where you can see the horizon!

When you enter the Star Dunes screen, the Event will commence.

Marian (with music): There's nothing here.

Freyr: Yes.

Marian: (with music) But it's my job to create something out of nothing!

Freyr: Wait... you're a doctor, aren't you?

Marian: Well then, maybe it'd be a good idea to rest here.

Freyr: OK, OK...

He then asks:

Freyr: Marian, why is it that you insist on making new medicines?

Marian: It's not that I want to make new medicine. I just want to make a cure-all. If I had that, I can come one step closer to my dream!

Your choices now:

What dream?
You're dreaming.

If you choose: What dream?

Marian: To become a great witch and a doctor who can cure anything!

Freyr: So that's why you want a cure-all! But I always wondered why you wanted to be both a witch and a doctor.

Marian: Isn't it obvious? Because I want to help a lot of people.

Freyr (with tear): You do have the best of intentions...

Marian (sternly): Then my grandma would be proud of me. (now laughing) And I can experiment as much as I want!

Freyr: Well, maybe not...

If you choose: Cure-all?

Marian: It's a medicine that can cure anything. Isn't it obvious?

Freyr: But it seems you're always making some dangerous medicine...

Marian: I'm going to be able to make people happy just like my grandma one day.

Freyr: ... That dream is commendable, but...

Marian: No matter what!

Freyr: No, I guess it's still a little off.

If, rather nastily, you choose: You're dreaming.

Marian: Oh, am I? Am I in the apothecary bed right now then? (with music) Freyr, could you find out for me with this special sleeping potion?

Freyr: I'll pass...

Whatever response you chose, now:

Marian: Anyway, I want to be just like my grandma!

Freyr: You really want to be just like her? But...

Your choices now:

Why is that?
Since when?
You want to age?

If you choose: Why is that?

Marian: Grandma's words have strange powers. If Grandma says you're going to be all right, don't you just feel that you are?

Freyr: Now that you mention it, I do feel like everything's going to be all right.

Marian: And when I say it, most people don't believe me. Grandma can make people happy with just her words. Isn't that amazing?

If you choose: Since when?

Marian: A long time ago, my grandma told me this. You will meet something you want to protect twice in your lifetime.

Freyr: Twice?

Marian: For me, the first was my dream. I saw how quickly my grandma put a smile on people's faces. I just thought that I need to be just like her.

Freyr: I see... What's the other thing you want to protect?

Marian: Huh...? (blushing now) Well... It's something I just realised...

Freyr: ?

If, rather nastily, you choose: You want to age?

Marian: I see. You seem like you can't quite get your head wrapped round it. You just need me to inject this supplement into you.*

(*Serves you right, I'd say!!!)

Freyr: What?!

Whichever response you chose, now:

Marian: By the way, is there anything that you want to be?

Your choices now:

Great farmer.
Great pharmacist.
Great wife.

If you choose: Great farmer.

Marian: I think you will. If any one can, it's you.

Freyr: Thanks. I think you can become a doctor like Marjorie, too.

Marian: Yeah. That's what I'm working so hard for. Well, you can keep helping me with my research, Freyr!

If you choose: Great pharmacist.

Marian: (Wow!) Oh, so we both have the same goal!

Freyr: Yeah.

Marian: Hee-hee. How interesting. I need to make sure I don't lose to you.

Freyr: I won't lose either.

Marian: Well, let's do our best!

If you choose: Great wife.

Marian: I see. So you plan on taking care of the household?

Freyr: I was just joking...

Marian (with music): Alright, I buy it!

Freyr: What?!

Whichever response you chose, now:

Marian: Well now, I think we've caught our breath, should we get going?! (Do you want a shot?!)

Event ends here in the desert.


Birthday: 7 Autumn
Favourite Scents:
Favourite Gifts: Rare Can
Loves: Rocks, Withered Grass, Failed Dish
Dislikes: Powders

Official Description: Sofia's spoiled, haughty daughter. Takes after his habit of speaking in opposites.

Family: Sherman, Evelyn


Item 1: Steel Sword
Item 2:

Sofia is one of Sherman's two daughters and therefore a wealthy heiress. Her father is the equivalent of the 'Gourmet' of the Sainte-Coquille family in other Rune Factory games. Sherman and his daughters have an odd habit of speaking in opposites. If, therefore, Sofia declares that she likes something, the item is to be avoided at all costs as a Gift. Sofia's 'opposite-speak' always is typed in red. Any words that appear in red rather than black are to be taken as having the opposite meaning.

Sofia's Story

Sofia's Story deals with her habit of speaking in opposites. Any word or phrase intended to be understood as its reverse will be printed in red, incidentally.

Sofia: I really love powdery things... So if you ever get any please bring it to me. (now with cross hurt) I'll really like you for it! (In other words, she hates powders.)

Today's scent is... Scentless Cologne!

Freyr: Huh? Isn't that kind of pointless?

Shara (Very nice): I'm not really sure. Some people like it, though. I just can't figure out why.

Sofia (for Scentless Cologne) (with hearts pouring out): What a terrible smell. Please step back a little.

For Medicinal Herb (+20 Green) Is this for me? Thanks. Well, I suppose I'll take it. But I am actually not interested in useless objects.

Sofia: My sources say that one can find a rare can somewhere in the world.

Freyr: Really?!

Sofia: I'm lying.

Sofia: I actually like things that seem useless to every one else!

Like what?

Sofia: Failed Dish! Scrap Metal! And I'll have you know that I simply cannot STAND Withered Grass! (with music) But Can and Boot are just the worst!
what does she need with all that garbage...?

For Rock or Withered Grass (with music): Why, what a useful object! (I hate you!) I hate these! I hope you bring me more sometime.

On Sofia's Birthday:

Freyr: Raven. What's that in your hand...?

Raven: A worn-out accessory.

Freyr: Are you going to put it for sale?

Raven: ...It's for Sofia's birthday.

Freyr: Oh, I see...

Sherman: I shall not collect any garbage today, young squire! After all, it's Sofia's birthday! I simply cannot rightly ask the task of any one else!

Evelyn: What kind of offal should I give Sofia this year?

Freyr: What are you talking about?

Evelyn: Sofia's birthday present! I give her an offal-studded outfit every year!

Freyr: I don't even want to kknow what that looks like. Or smells like, for that matter.

Karina: You know, it's Sofia's birthday today. I should give her something she'll say she loves. (if possible...)

Shara: Since today is Sofia's birthday, I gave her withered grass. Sofia's taste in gifts is a little strange. I like that about her.

Sofia: How sad.

Freyr: What?

Sofia: Today is my birthday.

For Failed Dish: What? This?! (now blushing)) To receive such a useful object for my brithday! (now with music) Thanks! I hope you bring me more sometime!

Sofia's Requests

Sofias Postbox Requests

Sofia's Tour Request

Postbox Request:

I want to play

Note that you can go to the locations in any order that you wish.

Sofia: Is this about my letter?

Freyr: Yes.

Sofia: Well, I wanted some one to kill some time with. Because I'm busy.

Freyr (with tear): You must have a lot of free time..,

Sofia: Well, let's go around town together. No.

Freyr: Ummm...?

My choices:

That's opposite.
Then I better not.

Choose: That's opposite.

You then take her with you.

When you reach the apothecary:

Sofia: I've hardly ever been to this apothecary.

Freyr: Oh, really?

Sofia: Marian works in the apothecary. And Marian likes giving shots...

Freyr: Do you hate shots?

Sofia: I l-love them of course! Never again!

Freyr: She really must hate them...

When you reach the Flower Shop:

Sofia: There's a very cold girl living in the flower shop.

Freyr: Could that be Shara? Then the opposite of cold is warm.

The view pans to the General Store.

Sofia: The hardest worker is at the general store.

The view pans to the Smithy.

Sofia: The town's most talkative person lives in the weapon shop.

Freyr: What/ Umm... The laziest person... Least talkative person...

Sofia: They're both honest girls, but...

Freyr: Both... isn't the opposite... So if they're honest then...

Sofia; They're actually bad people.

Freyr: Ah! So confusing!

Go north towards the Inn.

Sofia: That normal building is where a nice lady runs her inn. A girl who hates traveling runs the gift shop, and a mermaid runs the bathhouse.

The view changes to the Diner.

Sofia: But among the travelers, the chef's cooking is the worst.

Freyr: Chef...? Oh, she must mean Blaise. Sherman likes Blaise's cookiing too, doesn't he?

Sofia; No. And the inn orders all of its meals from the chef as well. She's got lousy taste. (with music)

Freyr: ...

Sofia; However... I find the sous-chef odious.

Freyr: Sous-chef? Odious?

Sofia: How can she eat so much and not get fat?

Freyr: Ah, Collette. So the opposite of odious would be jealous.

Sofia: She eats whatever she wants and never gets fat. How odious.

Freyr; It's the opposite... right?

Go to the Square.

Sofia: every one gathers in this plaza. (I hate you.) It's very ugly, isn't it?

Freyr: it's very pretty.

Sofia: This is where Wells will sign you up for any festival calling for participants. hard to understand, isn't it?

Freyr: yeah, it's easy to understand.

Sofia: You can see the ocean beyond the trees. It feels disgusting, doesn't it?

Freyr: it feels great...

Go to the Resort area.

Sofia: This is a small lake.

Freyr: What?

Sofia: I'm not scared.

Freyr: Okay.

Sofia: ... Really not scared.

Freyr: Are you... Uh, yeah. It's nothing.

Okay then. Oh, and some siblings who don't get along run a fishing resort. The brother really hates the little sister and he is always distant.

Freyr: Emotionally?

Sofia: Yes. He's cool and calm. Like a librarian.

Freyr: Librarian???

Take her to your home.

Sofia: What a lively place.

Freyr: Lively...? Oh, that's right. Yes, it is quiet.

Sofia: Hmmm. I really hate places like this. I hate it. So I hope you invite me again.

Freyr: Y-Yeah...

The screen darkens momentarily. You now find yourself at the entrance to the mansion.

Sofia: (I'm still bored!) Today was pretty boring. Here, for today. Thanks again.

Freyr: Take it easy on me...

Request completed!

Reward: 6 small eggs (Lv. 3 in Freyr's case)

If you had chosen: Then I'd better not.

Sofia: I see... Just as I hoped... ...

Freyr: Then you'll go around with me?

Sofia: No.

Freyr: So this was the correct answer.

(And the Event will proceed from here.)

Sofia's Weed Request

Sofia: Not important
There's something I want you to bring me.
Reward: Rice Ball x 3
Details: Bring Sofia a Weed

Sofia: Oh, Freyr. I didn't think you'd come. Anyway, can you bring me a Weeds that only grows in special places?

Freyr: What?! Wiat, aren't Weeds available any --

Sofia (Not a problem!) Oh, I'm not in a hurry or anything. So please get it to me ASAP.

Freyr: Oh, okay... (She's even more confusing today...)

When I give Sofia the Weed, the screen goes dark for a moment, then:

Sofia: (!) Freyr! No, you imbecile! This isn't what I asked for at ALL! (with music now) Honestly, you can't do anything right!

Freyr: You seem pretty happy with some one who can't do anything right!

Sofia: Well, here's a reward for your troubles! Thank you, Freyr! (with music) I'll never ask you for help again, EVER! Hope to work together again soon!

Freyr: Uh... sounds like a plan?

She runs upstairs, leaving a treasure chest behind.

Freyr: That might've been the most confusing statement she's ever made! And that's saying something!

Evelyn now comes up the stairs.

Evelyn: Oh, Freyr.

Freyr: Oh, Evelyn.

Evelyn: From the looks of it, it seems like you passed her test.

Freyr: Test?

Evelyn: She has such a strange habit. So she sometimes tests if people can understand that.

Freyr: So she was stranger than normal because...?

Evelyn: I'm sorry if she upset you. She used to be such an honest girl...

Freyr: No, that's okay. I don't dislike her for the way she is now.

Evelyn: Hee-hee... Actually, I thought you would say that. But you know, she only does this with people she's taken a liking to.

Freyr: What?

Evelyn continues up the stairs as the screen darkens again for an instant.

Request completed!

Reward: Rice Ball x 3

Sofia's Bulletin Board Requests

Sofia's 1st Cooked Item Request

Sofia: I'm not hungry
Bring something to eat.
Reward: 2000G
Details: Give her a Cooked Item, even Rice Ball

Sofia: Ah, you saw my request on the bulletin board.

Freyr: So, which is it? Do you want to eat or not?

Sofia: I don't wish to eat!

Freyr: All right, then, I'll just be going...

Sofia: That's why I requested you bring me something to eat! Oh, but it must be something cooked or prepared!

Freyr: Wait, what?! So... you WANT to eat, then?

Sofia: No!

Freyr: Which is it? Make up your mind!

Evelyn: (Grrh) That's enough, Sofia!

Sofia: (!)

Evelyn walks towards us.

Evelyn: Stop it with that stupid opposite-speak! No one ever knows what you want!

Sofia: (No!) I don't understand.

Evelyn: Anyway, I apologise profusely. I'm sorry, Freyr. I'm sure you hate having to listen to my sister's babbling.

Freyr: No, it's okay. So... what does she want me to do, exactly?

Evelyn: Well, when she says 'no,' she really means 'yes'.

Freyr: That's simple enough.

He turns to Sofia.

Freyr: So I just need to bring you something cooked, Sofia?

Sofia: You're an idiot. Of course, that's not what I meant! So now that you know, hurry up and get it!

Freyr: I don't think you needed to berate me like that! But I'll bring you what you, uh: 'don't want'.

Gave her Rice Ball.

Freyr: Does this work for you?

Sofia: Absolutely not! I'm utterly famished!

Freyr: So... I guess I did a good job then?

Sofia: Here's a reward for your troubles!

Received 2000 Gold!

Sofia: I thank you profusely. Now I don't EVER want to see your loathsome face ever again!

Freyr: That's the thanks I get?!

Evelyn (laughing) Freyr! Think about it, you ninny. it's the opposite!

Freyr: Oh, duh! Okay, see ya again soon!

Sofia: If you ever come back, I'll beat you down with a rusty hoe!

Freyr: I really hope that's the opposite-speak talking...

Request completed!

Reward: 2000 Gold

Sofia's Lovesick Traveler Request

On the Bulletin Board at 6 Hearts:

Sofia: It's nothing
Give me a hand...
Reward: Amethyst Ring
Details: Give Sofia an Apple

After accepting the Request, the Event commenced when I entered the Mansion.

Traveler: Beautiful! So beautiful! It's like aregal rose that blooms alone!

Sofia: Such wonderful words. Gives me the chills!

Freyr: (!)

Traveler: Thanks!

Sofia is on the landing and the Traveler faces her there.

Traveler: YOu must be in love with me as well!!

Sofia: I told you I like you! So come closer!

Traveler: Of course!

He darts forward.

Sofia: Ahhhh!!!!

She moves back.

Freyr: This is...

He moves forward a step.

Karina: I knew it...

She is in the doorway and Freyr turns to speak to her.

Freyr: (!) Huh? You saw the bulletin?

Karina: Well... (But I still want to go home.)

Sofia (sweating profusely) Somebody!

Freyr: Oh! First I need to help Sofia.

He races up the stairs, with Karina behind him.

Freyr: Excuse me.

Traveler: Huh? Who are you?

Freyr; A friend of Sofia's. She says the opposite of whatever she's thinking.

Traveler: Ha ha ha. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Now, off with you! My dream is untouchable! I want to work and find a wonderful girl to start a lovely family with!

Freyr: That's quite realistic.

Traveler: Of course. I always carry a medicine box with me on trips.

Karina: Hmmm.. (A glass heart?) I think they're wealthy.

Traveler: That's perfectly fine! In fact, that's better! Mondy is never a problem.

Freyr: So honest...

Sofia: How wonderful...

Traveler: I knew you'd say that.

He moves towards her again.

Sofia: I said come closer! Didn't you hear me?!

Traveler: Of course!

Sofia: Ahhhh!!!!

She jumps back.

Freyr: This is too complicated... You know, I think the opposites are a bit more than usual.

Karina: When she's getting emotional, it happens more often. She really isn't happy right now.

Freyr: I can tell by looking.

Sofia: ...

Karina: Oh, fine... (Although this is entertaining.) Then how about you go get whatever Sofia asks you to.

Traveler: What's the point?

Sofia: Freyr will too, and we can see who's really correct.

Freyr: What?!

Karina: Is that OK, Sofia?

Sofia: No...!

Karina: Okay, then.

Traveler: Wait a minute, she just said that she...

Sofia: Anyway... go bring me an Apple you can't pick from Privera Forest.

Karina: Did you say something?

Traveler: I guess it was just my imagination. I'll go get it for you!

Freyr: What a trooper...

Karina: You go too, Freyr.

Freyr: Oh, yeah.

Your Character will walk down the stairs and find himself outside the Mansion.

Fetch an Apple now for Sofia, return to the Mansion and give it to her. The screen will darken and then:

Freyr; Sofia. Here you go.

Traveler: Wait a second!

Freyr: (!)

The traveler races up the stairs to confront Freyr.

Traveler: You can't fool me! That's an Apple you got from Privera Forest, isn't it?!

Freyr: Yes. Well... Well, that's about the only place around here you can find Apples.

Traveler: But Sofia said she wanted an Apple that couldn't be found in Privera Forest. And so you've failed!

Freyr: No, like I said...

Karina hoists the Apple in the air in front of us now.

Karina: It seems like Freyr won. (Although it was obvious he would.)

Traveler: Impossible! All he brought was a regular Apple!

Freyr: Like we said, it's the opposite. Sofia wanted an Apple that can be 'found' in Privera Forest.

Traveler: B-But... ... It's no use. I can't keep up... I'm sorry...!

He races down the stairs and out of the Mansion.

Freyr (rather laconically): He went.

Karina: Well, that's good, isn't it? (I didn't like him from the start.)

Sofia: ...

Freyr: Are you okay, Sofia?

Sofia: Yes... It's not that I care or anything.

Freyr: ...

Sofia: Anyway, thank you for everything. This is just to show my appreciation. I'll never ask you again.

Freyr: Okay.

Sofia: ...

Karina; Oh... (I think that was a ...)

Freyr: Well, I'll come by again.

Sofia: ...! ... I wouldn't like that...

Karina: ... (She seems happy...)

Request completed!

Reward: Amethyst Ring, Level 2


Karina: Seems like she likes you a lot. (I don't think I've ever seen Sofia so happy.)

Freyr: You... think so?

Sofia: I'll never ask you for help again. EVER! Hope to work together again soon!

Freyr: Uh... sounds like a plan!


Birthday: 21 Spring
Favourite Scents: Scentless Cologne
Favourite Gifts: Yarn Ball, Fish
Most Detested:

Official Description: A misguided fashionista who'll use anything for an outfit... and we do mean ANYTHING.

Family: Sofia, Sherman


Item 1: Staff
Item 2:

Evelyn is one of Sherman's two daughters but unlike her father and sister Sofia, does not speak in opposites. She designs and fashions clothing, specialising in bizarre materials and styles and sells it at a little counter on the ground floor of the Mansion.
Later, her Shop Menu will expand to include Toys, Potted Plants and Artworks made by Daria.

Evelyn's Story

Evelyn's Story deals primarily with her ambitions to create outstanding lines of clothing using War Trophies and other unusual items. In Rune Factory 3, any War Trophy can be used to upgrade Weapons, Tools and Accessories, to add the specific stats of the Material to the Item being upgraded. It is this that is at the heart of Evelyn's Requests for Materials.

For Scentless Cologne: (with music pouring out) Oh, what a nice scent. Is that cologne?

For Scrap Metal: Oh, a present? I have enough trash material. I could have used Yarn Ball for my next outfit, though...

For Yarn Ball (with big red heart): What?! I can have this?! (I'm happy!) I'm so happy! Thank you very much! To get such wonderful material... (now with hearts pouring forth) Hee-hee, what raw food could I add to make it wonderful?

Freyr: Raw...??!

On 21 Spring:

Evelyn: Today's my birthday! I'd planned on giving away fish-embroidered outfits to repay every gift I got today! But for some reason, Sofia said that wasn't a good idea! What should I do to thnk people, then...?

For Baked Rice Ball: (121) What? Is this for me? (Thank you very much!) What a wonderful birthday present. Thank you. Although I can't use it as clothing material.

For Fish: Oh, is this my birthday present? This is clothing materials! Did you want me to design a new outfit?

Freyr: Um, yes.

Evelyn: (thank you very much!) Thank you very much. I'd like to show it to you when i'm done.

Freyr: Ha ha...

Sofia: Today is Evelyn's Birthday. What does she detest? Embroidering material for her clothes! Like fish!

Freyr: Uh, don't you mean 'cooking ingredients'?

Sherman: I highly doubt I shall feel even a nibble when I go fishing today. Oh, and the fish are for me! They are most certainly NOT Evelyn's birthday present!

Today is my birthday! I planned on giving away fish-embroidered outfits to repay every gift I got today! But for some reason, Sofia said taht wasn't a good idea! What should I do to thank people, then...?

Evelyn: I heard that if you propose under the Sharance Tree, that love will blossom. ... Maybe I should try it.

Freyr: Really?

Evelyn: ... But I have nobody to propose to. And I don't particularly like any one.

Freyr: Well... can't really help you there.

Evelyn's Requests

Evelyn's Scrap Metal Request

On the Bulletin Board:

Can you help?
Requester: Evelyn
Thank you.
Reward: 2000G
Details: Give her Scrap Metal

Evelyn: Oh, what a nice scent. Is that cologne? Welcome!

I choose: I've come to talk!

Evelyn: Ah, you got my request?

Freyr: Yeah. You need some clothing material?

Evelyn: (Yes.) Yeah. Looks like I'm out at he moment. Or out of what I need, anyway!

Freyr: That seems to happen a lot with you. What do you need exactly?

Evelyn: Scrap Metal.

(Knew I shouldn't have shipped it!)

Freyr: Scrap metal?!

Evelyn: Why are you yelling?

Freyr: Well... sometimes, I just yell for no reason. It's kinda how I roll.

Evelyn: You're weird.

Freyr: Yeah. It's a personality quirk, I guess. So I just need to bring Scrap Metal?

Evelyn: (Yes.) And no yelling when you bring it, okay?

Daria: Huh? You smell good. Is it dried sardines? (displaying red hearts)

I find Evelyn in her room at 8.00 p.m.

Did you find scrap metal? Let me know when you have it.

Evelyn (Thank you very much!) Ah, you found Scrap Metal. Thanks!

Freyr: No problem! Oh, is that the outfit you're working on over there?

Evelyn: Yes) Yep! Just needed to add the final touches! Scrap Metal!

Freyr: So I take it that's an outfit for guys?

Eveln: Absolutely. Men need something testosterone-laden to really make their outfits 'pop'. I focus on female fashion, of course, but I dabble in male fashion as well.

Freyr: Well, it's good you're an equal-opportunity offender, then. Er, I mean it's good that you offer both male and female fashions!

E: Thanks! I take a lot of pride in my work! So, this outfit's for Gaius. You think it suits him?

Freyr: Uh... lemme think about this. (Sparkly pants? A poofy pirate shirt with a bare midriff?) (On Gaius?) Hmm... It could work.

E: Wow, you really think so?! I was worried it was a little too understated. (I'm happy!) I'm glad you think it suits him, though. That's reassuring.

Freyr: Yeah, well, I don't think you need to add any more 'flavour'.

Evelyn Flavour? You think maybe I should add some cheesecake or peach slices?

Freyr: It's, uh... fine as it is. Really. Trust me.

Evelyn: Well, if you say so! Here's a litle something for your fashion consulting!

Received 2000 gold!

Evelyn: You know, you've got a little bit of fashionista in you! I'll definitely be hiring you again!

I forgot I had more Scrap Metal in my hand and when I gave it to her:
Evelyn: Oh a present? I have enough trash material. I could have used Yarn Ball for my next outfit, though...

Evelyn's Shade Stone Request

At the Postbox:

Evelyn: A Favour
Could you bring me material for an outfit?
Reward: 10000 Gold
Details: Give her 3 Wood and a Shade Stone you fetch from Marian

When you have accepted this Request from the Postbox, go to the Mansion. As soon as you enter, you will experience an Event with Evelyn.

Evelyn: So, what do you think?

Karina: Hmmm. It's not bad.

Freyr: (!)

Evelyn: (Do you not like it?) I want to add some faux fur here! It would really make it 'pop'.

Karina (with music): That could be nice.

Evelyn (laughing) Maybe a bit here, too!

Freyr races forward to her counter now.

Freyr: Um, Evelyn?

Both girls turn to face him.

Karina: Hey, Freyr. What's the matter?

Evelyn: Oh, I called him here. I need Freyr to get some things for me. Can you handle that?

Freyr: (laughing) Sure thing. What did you need me to bring?

Evelyn I need some Wood. Around 3. Can you do that?

Freyr: Wood for... clothing?

Karina: It's faux fur. (Of course.)

Evelyn: Yes. It's for faux fur.

Freyr: Well... I'm not sure how you're gonna make faux fur outta that, but okay.

Evelyn: Prepare to be dazzled! And can you get a shade stone from Marian for me?

Freyr: Sure!

If you speak to Karina now:

Karina: Evelyn really is a genius. (I wonder why her clothes don't sell?)

Freyr: Oh, well...

Go to the Clinic to speak to Marian. Choose: I've come to talk.

Marian: What's the matter? Are you sick?!

Freyr: No, Evelyn asked me to come.

Marian: I see! Then do you prefer a shot or medication? Definitely a shot, right?!

Freyr: NO, that's not it!

Marian: What? What is it?

Freyr: I'm not sick. Evelyn asked me to get a shade stone from you.

Marian: Oh... Why didn't you just say so? How misleading.

Freyr: But I've been trying to say that from the start...

Marian: I've got a shade stone on me right now. Here you go! But I wonder what she plans on doing with it?

Freyr: Well, she asked me for Wood, and she said it was clothing materials... Faux fur I think she said.

Marian: Oh, I see.

Freyr: What? You know something?

Marian: (Sure!) Yes. Well, faux fur is exactly how it sounds. I think I've heard of a technique to extract fibres from Wood --

Freyr: Oh, so that's why...

Marian: But I never thought such a rural town would have a dvcie that could do it.

Freyr: I see. Maybe the ore is the key to something.

Marian: Well, be that as it may, come by if something happens. I'll be polishing my syringe.

Freyr: I'll pray that nothing happens...

Shade Stone:
A mysterious stone that absorbs light.
Item Type: Present

You cannot ship it. If you do, it will be found by your bedside table.

When you give it to Evelyn:

Evelyn: (Thank you very much!) Thank you! Looks like I only need 3 more Woods!

Give her 3 Wood.

Evelyn: That's all the material I need! Thanks!

Freyr; I, uh, can't wait to see the finished product.

Evelyn (with music): Now I just need to put this on top of the fur!

Freyr: Why would you do that?

Karina: What's the matter? (What a funny face.)

Freyr: It just... doesn't make sense.

Evelyn: What's the matter? I'm putting my materials to their best possible uses!

Freyr: But don't you use faux fur as a replacement for... uh, fur?

Evelyn: Yeah, but then I'd just ask you for fur!

Freyr: Uh... if you say so.

Evelyn: My assistant fashionista has come through again! Here's a reward for your troubles!

Received 10000 gold!

Evelyn: Well, I'll call you when I need your consulting again!

Freyr: I ... can't wait.

Evelyn's Bulletin Board Requests

Evelyn: I'm looking for
Simple Request
I'm looking for some one who will get some clothing material.

Evelyn: So you saw my request?

Freyr: Yeah, I think I can help.

Evelyn (laughing): You're always so thoughtful! So yeah, I'm short on materials for my next fab masterpiece, and I figured my little assistant fashionista could help!

Freyr: So what did you need specifically?

Evelyn: Fish!

Freyr: Why am I not surprised...?

Evelyn: Any type of fish will do! Or, rather, anything from the sea!

Freyr: So, anything at all that lives in the sea? Squid, lobster, and so on?

Evelyn: Yep! From crustaceans to cephalopods, anything will do!

Freyr: I'm terrified to see the potential results...

Evelyn: Terrified with excitement, I bet!

Freyr: Uh, yeah. That's it.

Evelyn: You won't be disappointed!


Birthday: 21 Autumn
Favourite Cologne: Delicious Delight
Favourite Gifts: Rice Dishes
Most Detested: Milk

Official Description: Works at the diner. She'll out-eat any one in town... unless she's distracted by food.

Family: Blaise, Rusk

Collette is Blaise's daughter and is Rusk's sister. As the child of the eminent Chef in Sharance, Collette's interest in food is natural, although the amount of food she can consume is extraordinary by any standards. She is a prodigious eater who claims that her metabolism fuels her appetite. Her Requests are centred rather unsurprisingly on Food and Cooking.

Collette's Story

Not surprisingly, Collette's Story involves her gargantuan appetite.

Freyr: Collette, I know you hate milk, but do you have a favourite food?

Collette: Hmm... Well, I really like Rice! Oh! And Tempura Bowl! And Fried Rice! And Baked Rice Ball! And -

Freyr: Okay, okay! I got it! So you really like Rice, then.

For Toyherb: (with white balls and stars) (+20) Thanks! Is this Toyherb for me? Next time can I have Rices?

Collette: My birthday's Fall 21! Dad's gonna make me a ginormous feast!

Freyr: Is any one else invited to the party?

Collette: Of course! But the food's all MINE!

Collette's Requests

Collette's Postbox Requests

Collette's Rice Ball Cooking Challenge

Collette: Bring it on!
Some one take me on!
Reward: Strawberry Seeds x 2
Details: Give Collette a Rice Ball

If I accept Collette's new Request at the post box:

Collette: Ah, the challenger dares to show his face!

Freyr( with tear): Yeah, I don't think I can beat you in an eating contest, but I'll give it a shot!

Collette: YOu got a geranium in your cranium, buddy? Who said anything about an eating cotest?!

Freyr: What? It's not an eating contest...?

Collette: DUH! What, you thihnk I just eat ALL THE TIME or something? You don't pay too much attention, do you? (with cross hurt) We're gonna have a cooking battle! Using all our senses, skills, and creativity, we'll tackle the scecret ingredient of the day!

Freyr: Ah, sorry, I mean, I just assumed that because it was YOU, that--

Collette: Don't you DARE make a prejudiced comment against my metabolism! It holds grudges, you know!

Freyr: I'll keep that in mind! So, what are we making, then?'

Collette: We unveil the ingredient! Today's theme is... Rice Ball!

Rice Ball...

Collette: I want to see artistic creations never seen before! You show me what you've cooked... and I'll tell you how you did!

FReyr: Wait, don't tell me you're going to be cooking AND judging?!

Collette: Of course! I'm the Chairwoman of this cooking field of battle! I can't just ignore responsibility like that!

Freyr: Uh, who exactly elected you 'Chairperson'? But sure, I'll bring my dish when it's ready!

Take her a Rice Ball.

Freyr: Okay, here's my Rice Ball!

Collette: Oh, it's beautiful...

Freyr: So, I assume your dish is ready as well?

Collette: Oh, uh... Yeah, of course! I've been slaving away, crafting artistic dishes never tasted before! ... But we'll get to yours first!

Freyr: I think you should go ahead. It sounds like you worked really hard on it!

Collette: Nope! The challenger goes first! Chairwoman's orders!

Freyr: Okay, go ahead and try it, then!

Collette: *SCARF SCARF* What are these ...flavours? These ... smells? I've never tasted anything like it! My fantasy has become reality! You are truly a culinary artist worthy of being in anybody's hall of fame!

Freyr: Wow, you really thought it was that good? So, are you gonna show me your dish?

Collette: Yeah, well, yours was so good, there's no point in tasting mine! The verdict's in! I lost! The Chairwoman has spoken!

Freyr: No point? Shouldn't you at least show me what you made?

Collette: No, it's cool! I lost! You gain the people's ovation and fame forever! Oh, and this!

Freyr: Uh, thanks!

Collette: Well, I gotta run, but I'll get in touch when I need to use-- Er, I mean, SPEAK to you again! (Whew...) (Heh heh. He'll never know I was just tricking him into cooking for me! Sorry, Freyr, but a girl's gotta eat!)

Request completed!

Reward: 2 Bags of Strawberry Seeds

Collette's Bulletin Board Requests

Collette's 3 Rice Request

Collette: I'm hungry
I want a snack.
Reward: 1 Formula A
Details: Bring her 3 bowls of Rice.

Collette: Heya! So you saw my request on the bulletin boad, right?

Freyr: Sure did!

Collette: (Thankies!) Good! This shouldn't be a difficult errand for you! I just had a huge meal, but I'm still kinda hungry! I could really use a tiny snack. Just a nibble!

Freyr: I think I can handle that. What do you want?

Collette: Could you bring me 3 Rice?

Freyr: 3?! That's not a 'nibble'!

Collette: Says you! It is to me!

Freyr I wonder what'd take to make you feel full... Anyway, I'll take care of it! 3 Rice.

Collette: Cool! And you better hurry up! I'm wasting away here!

Give her 3 Rice.

Collette: BOO-YAH! Time to SCARF! *SCARF SCARF*

Freyr: Guess she was right about that being a 'tiny nibble' after all. She tore right through that!

Collette: Done! (Thankies!) You're a life-saver! Thought I was gonna starve for a sec there! Hey, you grow veggies, right? I'm sure you could use this for when I -- er, I mean, YOU get hungry! Well, it won't be long till I'm hungry again! Ta-ta till then!

Request Completed!

Reward: 1 Formula A


Birthday: 6 Summer

Favourite Scent:
Favourite Gifts: Fruits, Squid
Detests: Most prepared Fish Dishes

Official Description: The bathhouse assistant. Ditzy girl with a bit of a fishy secret...

Family: None


Item 1: Dekash
Item 2:

Pia's Story

Pia's Story: Pia is a Mermaid who, rather appropriately runs the local bathhouse at the Inn. Although she is not Shino's biological daughter, she is treated as a member of the family both by Shino and by her daughter Sakuya.

Pia's Story is interwoven with Sakuya's Story and is centred on Stand-up Comedy as a method of drumming up more business for the Inn. If you are interested in Pia as a potential wife, you should complete the Requests of both Girls. As her 'Mother', Shino is involved in Pia's Story as well and there are some Requests by Shino that should be completed if you wish to marry Pia.

The other aspect of Pia's Story is centred on her efforts to improve her beloved Baths. The motif of a squid floating in the bath is one that is frequently mentioned.

One of the first questions Pia will ask you is whether you like fish or not. If you respond that they are tasty, she will be hurt but if you tell her they are 'cute', she will be well-pleased.

You can find a Squid by investigating the Tub in her room at the Inn.

For Toyherb: I can have this? Thank you! (music) Wait a second. But was it my birthday today?

Freyr: Well, it's not anything like that...

Pia: Oh, and while I'm at it, here are a few presents that would be awesome for SQUIDFEST! Orange! Apple! Grape! And of course, Squid!

Freyr: All that?!

Pia: I thought I wanted Charm Blue for my bath today... But it turns out I felt like Toyherb instead!

Freyr: Uh, what are you even talking about?

For Skipjack (with black cloud) Thank you for helping out with my effort to rescue the fish!

Freyr (with tear) Y-You're welcome...

Pia: When I was cleaning the bath, I found a Squid floating in it! Looks like some one didn't finish eating it!

Freyr: Yuck! Who would be eating in the bath?

Shino: Today's Pia's birthday, so I'll make some Squid Sashimi.

Sakuya: today's Pia's birthday. Maybe I'll go catch a squid for her.

Pia: Whoo-HOO! Today's my birthday! Or, as I like to call it: the SQUIDFEST! YUMMMMM!

Freyr: I don't think you can just make up holidays like that...

Pia for Apple (+90): What? For me? Thank you! Today's my birthday. Sakuya and Shino got me fruit and squid because they know they're my favourite! I'm so lucky.


Birthday: 25 Summer
Favourite Cologne: Worldly Traveler or Fish Scent
Favourite Gifts: Wooly Fur, Sashimi, War Trophies other than Food

Official Description: An inn attendant who loves to travel. Sells items she finds in dungeons. Not a fan of monsters.

Family: Shino

Item 1: Claymore
Item 2:

Sakuya's Story

Sakuya's Story: Sakuya is an intrepid traveler who sells her 'souvenirs' at the Inn. She is the biological daughter of Shino who is the owner of the Inn. Although Pia is not her real sister, she treats her as such and they both work as a team to create a 'Stand-up Comedy' troupe that will increase business for the Inn.

Much of Sakuya's Story is interwoven with Pia's Story and deals with Stand-Up Comedy. There are Requests by her mother Shino that are part of her Story as well. There are other Requests that are centred on her need to find Items to sell as Souvenirs at her counter.

Sakuya: I love it! (Fish Scent)

Sakuya has tons of Wooly Fur hidden in her wardrobe. If you give one to her:

Sakuya: Is this for me?! (Thanks!) Thanks. I really like these. Now to get a price tag on it... I'm just kidding. Thanks, Freyr! (music)

For Medicinal Herb: (+20 green) Thanks!) What? For me? Thanks! By the way, I really like sashimi. And I love items that are hard to come by. They make for nice souvenirs to sell.

Freyr: I'll think about it.

On her Birthday:

Sakuya: Oh, Freyr. Today's my birthday.

My choices:

I see.
What do you want?

If you choose: What do you want?

Sakuya: (Thanks!) What?! You're gonna get me something?! I feel a little guilty. Then... (with music) I'd be happy to get any sashimi or something a monster drops.

If you choose: I see.

Sakuya (sighing) Yeah, that's right.

For Squid Sashimi (+92) What? I can really have this? Thanks! I really like these. I'll be sure to have it with my birthday dinner! Thanks!
For Turbot Sashimi (+151) What? I can really have this? (Thanks! I really like these. I'll be sure to have it with my birthday dinner! Thanks!

Sakuya's Requests

Sakuya: Can you help?
There's something I want you to get.
Requests: Bamboo Shoot
Reward: 1 of three Items: Strawberry Jam, Curry Powder or Salmon Sashimi

Sakuya: Help again?
There's something I want you to deliver

Sakuya: Souvenirs
(Simple Request): Could you come get it?

Sakuya's Postbox Requests

Sakuya's Bamboo Shoot Request

Sakuya: Can you help?
There's something I want you to get.
Requests: Bamboo Shoot
Reward: 1 of three Items: Strawberry Jam, Curry Powder or Salmon Sashimi

Welcome to Sakuya's Souvenir Shop! Buy something!

She has nothing to sell.

Sakuya: Did you see the letter?


Good. I wanted you to get me some Bamboo Shoot. One of my customers sayid he's never had it before.

Freyr: Bamboo Shoot? Yeah, okay.

Really? Then how do you harvest Bamboo Shoot?

Your choices now:

Pull it out.
Hit with hammer.
Dig it up with hoe.

I chose Dig it up with hoe even though I use my sword.

Sakuya: Exactly. Very impressive, Freyr. Well, thanks for doing this for me.

I had some Bamboo Shoot in my pocket so I handed it to Sakuya behind the counter.

Sakuya; Oh, these are some nice Bamboo Shoot. You've proven that you can be counted on.

Freyr: Oh, it wasn't much...

Sakuya; So I've got something for you! Now, pick one.

My choices of Reward:

Sweet smelling box.
Spicy box.
Good smelling box.

Sakuya: I've got a different souvenir in each. Find out what you get after opening.

Sweet Smelling: Strawberry Jam

Strawberry Jam: 1760G
A sweet preserve made from trawberries. Generally eaten spread on bread or toast.
Sell: 880G
(Found inside sweet-smelling box)

Curry Powder:140G
Powder that forms the basis of curry. Created from spicy herbs. Halves fire damage.
(Found inside spicy box)
Sells: 70G

Salmon Sashimi: 560G
Slices of raw salmon served up for consumption. Generally eaten with soy sauce.
Sells: 280G

Freyr: Different souvenirs... You really do go a lot of different places.

Sakuya: Well, it is my job. You have to travel around, getting to know the different places. Although I pretty much just love to travel.

Freyr: Ha ha...

Sakuya:This Bamboo Shoot will be a good souvenir. Thanks a lot.

Freyr: You're welcome. Just let me know if you need anything.

Sakuya: Yes. Well, thanks again.

Sakuya's Delivery to Blaise and Marjorie Request

Sakuya: Help again?
There's something I want you to deliver

Sakuya: Did you see my letter?

Freyr: Yes.

Sakuya: I actually had orders from Blaise and Marjorie. But I have something else I needed to do. Do you think you could deliver them for me?

Freyr: That's fine.

Sakuya: (I did it!) Thanks! (with music) I knew I could count on you.

Shino: ...

Sakuya: Well, the Heavy Spice goes to Blaise, this Tomato goes to Marjorie.

Freyr: Yeah, okay.

Sakuya: Well, thanks for doing this for me.

Gave Blaise the Heavy Spice.

Blaise: (Oh!) Oh, this is a Heavy Spice. And why did you have this?

Freyr: Sakuya asked me.

Blaise: I see. Thank you. Please thank Sakuya for me for everything they do. We have a lot of customers who are picky about ingredients and Sakuya is a lifesaver.

Freyr: Really...? (So Sakuya is relied upon.)

Gave Marjorie the Tomato.

Marjorie: (Hmm.) Oh? This is...

Freyr: This is from Sakuya.

Marjorie: Now, did I ever ask her for this...?

Freyr: What?!

Marjorie: (Hee hee hee!) Ho ho, I'm kidding. We old people like teasing you youngsters.

Freyr: P-Please don't startle me like that.

Marjorie: Oh, you're here for Sakuya, aren't you? Then that's the least you can do. That girl always indulges me.

Freyr: Sakuya does?

Marjorie: (Ah!) Oh. She's a really nice girl. Unlike my granddaughter.

Freyr (with tear): ...

When I returned to the Inn, I experienced an Event.

My character automatically walked to Sakuya's counter where Pia and Sakuya were chatting.

Pia: Oh, Freyr! Yay! You came to take a bath!

Freyr: What? ! No...

Pia turns towards Shino.

Pia: Ms. Innkeeper? Can we get the bath ready for one?!

Sakuya now SLAPS Pia!

Sakuya: Of course not.

Pia: Well, here's a special offer! One free voucher to the women's bath---

Sakuya smacks her hard again.

Sakuya: What's the deal?

Freyr: ...

Sakuya: You seem disappointed.

Freyr: Wait... what are you doing?

Sakuya: I thought we'd do some stand-up comedy to draw customers in, but it's not going too well.

Pia: What's the deal?

Sakuya: Wait, what are you talking about?

Freyr: ...

Sakuya: That's about how well it's going...

Freyr: Um, so...

Sakuya: Oh, well. (Thanks!) Anyway, you got them delivered? Thanks. Well, here's your compensation.

Freyr: (!)

Received a free voucher to the women's bath.


Freyr: What's the deal?

Sakuya: Yes, that's the timing! Pia, you remember that.

Pia Robert!

Sakuya slaps her hard.

Sakuya: Who's that? It's Roger!

Freyr: ...

Sakuya: Well, this is your real compensation.

Lost the free voucher to the women's bath.

Sakuya giggles infectiously.

Sakuya (with music) Thanks, again.

Freyr: Ah...

Shino (sighs): ...

Request completed!

Reward: Small Fleece

Sakuya's Cheap Cloth Request

The next Request that appears in the Postbox from Sakuya:

Sakuya: Help yet again
There's something I want you to get again.
Reward: 3 Insect Skins
Details: Give Cheap Cloth to Sakuya in Privera Forest while in Wooly form

Oh, Freyr This is about the letter, right?


Well, do you think you could get some Cheap Cloth for me? I'm not big on monsters...

Freyr: What?

Sakuya: Wel, it's not that I hate them... But they tend to take my food and things.

Freyr: I see...

So, you going to go?

Oh, sure.

(with music): Thanks! Oh, Cheap Cloths get dropped by Orc. Well, thanks --

Shino: What do we have here?

Freyr and Sakuya both: (!)

Shino: Sakuya, haven't you been relying on Freyr too much?

Sakuya: What?

Freyr: I don't really mind...

Shino: It's an issue of will. You'll never be a respectable innkeeper with that kind of attitude.

Sakuya: ... You're right. Maybe I was relying on him too much. Sorry, Freyr. I'll try to manage on my own today.

She rushes out of the Inn.

Freyr: (sweating profusely): Are you sure this is okay, Shino?

Shino: Yes. She won't be able to take over as innkeeper with such half-hearted efforts.

Freyr: But for her not to get any help...?

Shino: Oh? Whoever said that?

Freyr: What?

Shino: I just said that she was relying on you too much.

Freyr: Then I can help...?

Shhino: That's not for me to decide.

Freyr I see...

If you speak to Shino now: Sakuya went off to defet an Orc to get a Cheap Cloth.

As soon as you enter Privera Forest:

Freyr: Orcs should be around here...

You run forward, then:

Freyr: (!) This is Sakuya's bell! Sakuya must be here too...

Go directly east to the Island screen and you will see her on the east bank of the river.

Freyr: (There she is...)

Sakuya; Ah... I don't know if I can do this... But I want to be able to run the inn like Mom...

Freyr: (...)

Sakuya: And then open up a franchise, corner the inn market and wait for the money! What should I do?

Freyr: (...)

But I can't find the Cheap Cloth anywhere. I usually just find items on the ground while I'm running away from monsters...

(This is a reference to the Chests that you can find randomly on the ground in Dungeons in RF3)

Sakuya: *Sigh*, what am I going to do...?

Freyr (I want to help, but how can I get the item to her?

Freyr: (Hmmm, I might be able to help if she doesn't know it was me.)

You can HURL a piece of Cheap Cloth at Sakuya to hit her with it while you are disguised as a golden Wooly.

When hit with the Cheap Cloth:

Sakuya: Ow! Hey, it's a... Cheap Cloth! Was it, Freyr...?

Freyr in Wooly form automatically rushes off.

Now an Event occurs wherein Freyr, in human form stands in front of the Inn as Sakuya walks towards the entrance.

Freyr: Oh, Sakuya. Did you find a Cheap Cloth?

Sakuya: Yes. But...

Freyr: what's the matter?

Sakuya: Oh, well, never mind. Anyway, I need to get back to work. Oh, this is for bothering you today.

Freyr: What?!

Sakuya (giggling) You know, since I made you come out for nothing. Wait, why are you so shocked?

Freyr: Oh, no reason...! (I thought she knew it was me...)

She steps away from me now.

Sakuya; Well, see ya.

Freyr: Bye.

She races into the inn.

Freyr: Whew... It all worked out.

Request completed!
Reward: 3 Insect Skins

Sakuya's Souvenir Request (Bought something...)

There are a few variations on this Simple Request, but they appear to be similar. Sakuya will request a random Item and then give you three Choices for your Reward. In this particular Request, her Boxes each contain three Items. The type of Items you receive depends on the Box you choose, although the actual Items will be chosen randomly.

Sakuya: Souvenirs
Simple Request
I bought something for you.

Sakuya: Oh, Freyr. I bought souvenirs for every one again.

Freyr: Yes, I saw the letter.

Sakuya: Good. Well, why don't you go get a Scorpion Pincer* for me?

Freyr: What? Wait, it's a souvenir, right?

Sakuya (giggling) Anyway, thanks!

Freyr: ...

Fortunately, I had one in my Cabinet.

Sakuya: Oh, a Scorpion Pincer. Looks like you found one. Well, I guess I'll need to hold up my end of the deal. Now, pick one of these boxes.

Freyr: Oh, yeah. Umm...

Your choices:

Light Box.
Heavy Box.
Very light box.

If you choose Very Light Box.

Sakuya: Now I bet you'd be upset if it were empty.

Freyr: ...

Very light box contained: Moondrop Flower, Vital Gummi and Formula B

Vital Gummi: 70000G
A health supplement created by a special process. INcreases vitality.
Sell: 500G

When I chose Light Box:

Sakuya: Well, I guess it's a burden when they're heavy. Well, this is your souvenir then.

Light Box contained: Large Fleece, Char Sashimi and Onion

When I chose Heavy Box:

Sakuya: Why is it that you feel like you get a deal when it's heavy? Well, this is your souvenir then.

Heavy Box contained Claymore, Gold Bracelet and Silver Boots

Whichever box you choose:

Sakuya: Well, this is your souvenir then.

Freyr: Thanks.

Sakuya: You're welcome. Well, bye then!

*When I reloaded, she asked for Magic Powder, then Bronze, then Fire Crystal.

Sakuya's Date Request

The day after Freyr allowed Sakuya to shear his Golden Wool

Freyr: Hey, Sakuya. It's about the letter...

Sakuya: Oh, you saw that? I thought I could start giving tours of the town to our customers. So I wanted you to come with me on a practice run.

Freyr: Oh, I see.

Sakuya: Huh? Were you expecting something else?

Your choices now:
I didn't mean...
Of course.

If you choose: I didn't mean...

Sakuya: It's nothing to be embarrassed about! Oh well. So, will you do it?

Freyr: Yes. But where are we going?

Sakuya: Any tourist spot outside of town.

Freyr: Tourist spot?

Sakuya: Like Privera: Flower Field, Sol Terrano: Star Dunes, Oddward: Rainbow Falls or Vale: Icy Rosebush.

Freyr: So we just need to go to one of those?

Sakuya: That's right. We should go by two of them at least. So let's go.

If you go to Icy Rosebush:

Sakuya: Snow grass...

Freyr: it's so amazing. A plant growing here...

Sakuya: Hey, Freyr, do you know why this plant is like this? Have you heard before?

Freyr: What?

Sakuya: This flower and plant, they're not frozen to begin with. See, over there, those aren't frozen.

Freyr: Oh, you're right...

Sakuya: And you can see dew on the leaf and flowers. After they've grown to a certain point, they take on water to freeze themselves.

Freyr: What? They do it to themselves?

Sakuya: They make themselves fragile and wait for animals to step on them and break them. The seeds that fall on the ice can't germinate, so they need the flower to be crushed. The reason why they're pretty is to draw attention to themselves so they'll be walked on.

Your choces now:

How sad.
How strong.

If you choose: How strong.

Sakuya: Each of these might look like they're separate. But this flower field is all part of the one flower. It won't break and disappear. The more they're stepped on, the prettier the flower becomes. I think that it's really a strong and pretty flower...

Freyr: ...

They both turn away fromm theh flower to face one another now.

Sakuya: Oh, and at night, it's even prettier. You should come see it. Let's go to the next place.

We go to Privera Flower Field now.

Sakuya: It's the flower field near town. It's traditional to get married here. You either wish for your love to never dry up, like the flowers. Or you wish that your love stays true, whether it dries up or blossoms. Which do you think is better?

Your choice now:
Love never dries up.
Either one is fine.

If you choose: Love never dries up.

Sakuya: I like the latter. That's what's important. It's not about any one else, it's about you. You have to be willing to put it all on the line. You know?

Freyr: Yeah...

Sakuya takes a step forward now towards the field of flowers.

Sakuya: Well, anyway.

She turns to face me.

Sakuya: This flower field is really something special. I hope you think so too. We can go back to the inn if you want.

She then adds:

Sakuya: There are other spots. Shall we visit those?

At Sol Terrano next:

Sakuya: This is a good spot to see shooting stars.

We both face the heavens now.

Sakuya: Did you know?

Freyr: What?

Sakuya: Shooting stars are light from objects burning up in the sky.

Your choices now:
How sad.
It's so pretty.
How plasmatic.

If you choose: How sad.
Sakuya: I thought so, too. But that light emits when these objects actually meet again. So... it's not saying goodbye, but more like saying hello again.

Freyr: Is that right...?

Sakuya: Well, anyway... This is the only place you can see the stars like this. Maybe you could invite some one here that you're close to.

They turn now towards one another.

Sakuya: We can go back to the inn if you want.*

*What this means is that, should you return to the Inn now with her, the Event will end.

Sakuya: There are other spots. Shall we visit those?

Take her to Rainbow Falls.

Sakuya: This Waterfall is called the rainbow fall. Because there's always a rainbow in the afternoon. And sometimes you can hear 'rainbow' being shouted...

A rainbow spell now is displayed (obviously Daria's work!)

Sakuya: ...

Freyr: ...

Sakuya: The weather's so nice, and the falls can change so it's popular with couples. And it's really quiet...

Another Rainbow spell.

Sakuya: ...

Freyr: ...

Sakuya: That's all for the tour. Let's go back now.

You must enter the Inn to complete the Request. When you do, you and Sakuya automatically will walk toward's the Bathhouse counter.

Sakuya: That's all for today's tour. Thanks for coming. (with music) I'm a bit more confident now, so thanks.

Sakuya's Bulletin Board Requests

Sakuya's War Trophy Souvenir Request

Sakuya: Souvenirs
Simple Request
Come get it.

Sakuya: Oh Freyr. I've been waiting. I didn't know how to give you your souvenir. I hope you like it. Oh, but before that.

Freyr: ?

Sakuya; There's no such thing as a free lunch. So instead of paying me, could you bring me something a monster drops? Then I'll trade the souvenir for it.

Freyr: Well, I don't think that's called a souvenir any more...

Sakuya: Oh, but don't make it food or weapons. Some material item. Or an ore.

Gave her some Bronze I had in my rucksack.

Sakuya: Oh, a Bronze. Looks like yoiu found one. Well, I guess I'll need to hold up my end of the deal. Now, pick one of these boxes.

Freyr: Oh, yeah. Ummm...?

My choices now:

Quiet box.
Rustling box
Smacking box

Sakuya for Quiet Box: It's important to be adventurous sometimes. Well, this is your souvenir then. Oh, and we don't offer refunds.

Freyr: What?

Quiet Box: 1 Orange Grass, 1 Purple Grass

Sakuya for Rustling Box: Oh, brave, aren't we? Well, well, this is your souvenir then.

Rustling Box: 1 pair of Power GLoves, 1 pair of Leather Gloves

Sakuya for Smacking Box: Although I still think you're crazy for picking it. Well,w ell, this is your souvenir then.

Smacking Box: Hot Chocolate and Apple Jam

When I did it again and chose Rustling Box: 1 Shield Ring, 1 Happy Ring*

*Note that the Quiet Box always contains 2 plants from the wilds, such as coloured Grasses; the Rustling Box always contains 2 Accessories and the Smacking Box contains two Cooked Dishes

Sakuya's REquest;

Oh, Freyr. I've been waiting.

Freyr: About the bulletin board?

Sakuya; That's right. You ready, Pia?

Pia (with music): Yup. All ready!

Sakuya; Alright. Then you mind coming with us? We'd be in every one's way here.

Freyr: Hm? Okay.

The screen darkens momentarily and you find yourself on the south side of the bridge to the Inn, standing on the path facing Pia and Sakuya who are standing in front of the shrine.

Sakuya: Well, I'd like to start now.

Freyr: Uh.

Sakuya: *cough* Well, thank you all for coming today.

Freyr: Huh...?

Sakuya: Please just sit down and make yourselves comfortable.

Pia: Tuna should come by, too!

A slap now.

Sakuya: But then how would they be able to breathe?

Pia: Well, I'm going to sing a song!

Another slap.

Sakuya: Why?!

Pia: What?! But you said you liked my song!

Sakuya: Ohg, honestly! Pia, you need to follow the script!

Pia: Oh, yeah! I forgot, this was that! The, um, s... Squid show.

Another slap.

Sakuya: Stand-up comedy.

The sound of a gust of wind now.

Freyr: Is this part of the act...?

Pia (with music), Freyr and Sakuya (with tear)

Sakuya: We don't have a unique draw, so we thought we could daw in people with stand-up. What di dyou think?

freyr: Well, umm...

Your choices now:

N-not bad?

Whichever response you choose:

Sakuya: Well, I didn't really need to ask.

Freyr: ...

Sakuya: If only I were smarter, I could come up with better material. You know, I heard there was some medicine that could help...


Sakuya: (!) Oh, I'm just glad to get your opionion. We'll work on it some more. You too, Pia! You can't rely on Freyr so much either.

Pia: Okay!

Freyr: Oh, but, I made it this far...

Sakuya: (with cross hurt): No. No!

Freyr: Y-Yes. Okay... (But I'm worried they might go fighting monsters if I left them be...) (Medicine... Maybe I should ask some one about it.)

They trot off.

If you speak to Marjorie now.

Freyr: Um, Marjorie.

Marjorie: What is it?

Freyr: Well... umm, do you know any medicine that makes you smarter?

Marjorie: Oh, I do. Do you want to know the recipe?

Freyr: What?! Y-Yes, please!

Marjorie: First, be a good listener. Then think before you act. And finally, always work hard.

Freyr (sighing) I see... Tank you...

Speak to Marian:

Freyr: Marian, is there any medicine that makes you smarter?

Marian: You mean, Mental Supplement? But I guess it doesn't really make you smarter, technically... What about it?

Freyr: Well, I just thought I'd want some is all...

Marian: YOu mean you'd take the medicine?

Freyr: Well...

Marian: ...!

Freyr: W=What? Why did you pat my shoulder...?

Marian: You just made my day! I'll make it for you right away!!

Freyr: What?! Wait, I didn't ask you to --

Marian: You just wait right there!

Freyr: She's not listening...

She begins to stir her cauldron with her syringe weapon, then (with black cloud), then stirs it again until:

Marian: It's done, Freyr! And look how much!

Freyr: You sound surprised about how much you made...

Marian: Now, give it a try!

Freyr: Oh well, it's not for me... Wait, you don't need to get me tea! I'm not staying long!

Marian: Really? Then just the water and medicine then.

Freyr: No, what I'm trying to say --

She darts towards him suddenly and forces it down his throat.

Freyr: *cough cough*!

Marian: So?!

Freyr: Huh...? Nothing seemed to have happened...

Marian: Any tingling or poison?

Freyr: What did you put in it...?

Marian: Then it's a success. You probably got smarter.

Freyr: Hmmm... It;s not like it's anything I could tell right away. But it doesn't seem to have any side effects. It's probably safe to give Sakuya..

Marian: Sakuya?

Freyr: Well, she's the one who actually wanted medicine to make you smarter.

Marian: I might have come up with a new formula!

Freyr: Yes, of course she's not listening. I knew she wouldn't.

Marian (with music) walks back to her cauldron.

If you speak to her now:

Marian: Oh, that's right. Let me know if something intersting happens.

Freyr: If there isn't anything more pressing...

When you enter the Inn screen, the Event resumes.

Freyr: W=What is it...? (My body feels hot...)

The screen goes white twice, then you transform into a Wooly.

Freyr: What's this?! (I'm transforming?!) I-I need to get back to human form...

Pia now comes out of the Inn.

Pia: (!) Oh.

Freyr: ...!

She runs up to you and displays a big red heart.

Pia (with hearts pouring forth now): Ahhh! So cute!!

Freyr (with tear) and Pia (with hearts)

Freyr: B-Bah! (I- I can't escape!)

Sakuya: What's going on?

She runs towards the pair of you.

Sakuya: I - It's a monster!

Pia (with music): Yup! It's so cute!

Sakuya: No, not that...


Sakuya: (!) You're the wooly that helped me the other day... ... But a monster is a monster. Shoo it away.

Pia: (!) What?!

Sakuya: What if something happened to a customer? Go on now.

Freyr: Bah... (...)

You begin to run south down the path, turning back once to look sadly at the two girls. Sakuya, then Pia, return to the Inn.

You resume control in front of the Sharance Tree, where you will be able to use your Transformation Spell to become human once more. When you re-enter the Inn, the Event will resume.

Marian: Oh, Freyr.

Freyr: Huh? Why's Marian here?

Pia: Marian came to make sure Sakuya didn't take the medicine.

Freyr: What?!

Marian: It seems like it creates an inbalance of rune energy in the body. Grandma said that Freyr might be okay, but Sakuya might not be.

Freyr: Oh... (That's why I transformed.)

Sakuya: Hmmm. So Marian's telling the truth?

Freyr: Oh!

Sakuya: I said you just had to watch. I'm sure it was for some one else, wasn't it?

Freyr: Oh... well...

Marian: I heard it was for you, Sakuya.

Freyr: Why did you have to mention that?!

Sakuya: Hmmm. For me? What's that mean?

Freyr: Oh, well...

Shino: What's so wrong with that?

Sakuya: (!)

She faces Shino who walks quickly towards her now behind the counter.

Shino: Freyr did all of that for you.

Sakuya: You're the one who told me to stop relying on him so much.

Shino: That was about before.

Sakuya: Come on!

Freyr: Well, let's all calm down...

Sakuya: Freyr.

Shino: Can you be quiet?

Freyr: I'm sorry...

Pia: I'm going to sing now!

Freyr: Why?!

Now every one displays an icon: Shino and Sakuya with black cloud, Pia with music...

Marian: Ah, they're all at it again. Well, I'm going home.

Freyr: What?! Th-Then I'll go home, too...

Outside the Inn now:

Freyr: Whew... A kind but intense innkeeper, a great businesswoman and a strange staff member. I'm pretty sure this inn is plenty unique without needing a stand-up routine...

Request completed!
No reward

Sakuya's Search Request

Sakuya: Looking for
Could you help me find something?

After taking the Request on the Bulletin Board, Freyr spoke to her.

Sakuya: I've been waiting. You mind coming with me?

Freyr: Sure... But what are you looking for?

Sakuya (giggling) I'll tell you when we get there. Well, let's go to Privera Lightway.

Freyr: ?

When you enter Privera Forest, the first screen is the Lightway and the Event will commence. Sakuya will turn from side to side, searching for something.

Sakuya: Hmm, it should be around here..

Freyr: Hey, Sakuya, What are you looking for?

Sakuya: Well, there was actually some one that helped me around here.

Freyr: What?!

Freyr: (!)

Sakuya: What is it?

Freyr (with tear): Oh, umm...

Sakuya: Hmmm... And its wool was gold, so I thought I could shave it.

Freyr: Shave it?!

Sakuya: Yes. I've never seen a golden wooly before. I'm sure its wool would fetch a high price.

Freyr: Yes... That's ... true...

Sakuya: What's the matter? YOu don'tlook well.

Freyr: I-I'm fine.

Sakuya: Okay then. But I don't see that golden wooly anywhere.

Freyr: Yeah...

Freyr: (Wool...)

Your choices now:

I can't.

Never mind.

If you choose: I can't.

Freyr: (I could shave myself...?) (That's just, too... Anything but that!)

If you choose: Never mind.

Freyr: (That's...)

Whichever response you chose:

Sakuya: I thought golden wooly wool would fetch a high price...

Freyr: ...

Your choices now:

No way.
I better not.

If you choose: No way.

Freyr: (Even if Sakuya wants it...) (I'll act like I didn't hear her...)

Sakuya: I thought golden wooly wool would fetch a high price...

You then will have the same choices again:

No way.
I better not.

If you choose: I better not.

Freyr: (You can't buy pride with money...) (I'll pretend I didn't hear her...)

Sakuya: Alright then! I've decided I'm not going home until we find that golden wooly!

Freyr: ...

Your choices now:

It was no use.
I didn't want to.

Whichever you choose:

Freyr: Seems like it'll be cold tonight...

Sakuya: What?

Freyr: Oh, well... umm... you mind waiting a second?

Sakuya: Okay...?

He rushes off, transforms automatically and runs back to her.

Sakuya: Oh.

He then runs away from her.

Sakuya: Golden wooly...? S-Stop right there!

She runs after him and the music stops. Off-screen now:

Sakuya: Good boy. It'll be all over in a second.

Freyr: Bah. (Do as you please...)

Sakuya: ... You're just a regular wooly, aren't you?

Freyr: ?!

Sakuya: I mean, of course he is.

Freyr: B-Bah... (That scared me.)

Sakuya: Alright. Well, we'll start here...

Freyr: B.. ah...! (Ah, it's cold...)

Sakuya: Now, this side... This is harder than I thought...

Freyr: ... (It tickles...)

Sakuya: Alright, now this side.

Freyr: Ba?! Bah bah bah...?! (Wait, if she shaves this much...)

Sakuya: Hm?

Freyr: Bah!! (Noooo!)

Sakuya: Hey, if you don't stop fighting... S-Stop! Where are you touching?!

Freyr: B-Bah...?! (Wait, I didn't mean to...)

Sakuya: Honestly, you naughty little...! I'll shave you bald as punishgment!

Freyr: Baaaaaaaaaah!

Sakuya (with music) walks back on screen.

Sakuya: Yeah, this should be enough.

Off-screen, one hears the sound of Freyr transforming. He then walks onscreen with black cloud in human form.

Sakuya: (!) Oh, Freyr. Where did you run off to?

Freyr: I just... had a thing...

Sakuya: You don't look well, did soething happen?

Freyr: Well, just something that really cut me to the core.

Sakuya: Hmmm... Oh, anyway! Look! Tadaaa! I found the golden wooly and shaved it. (with music)

Freyr: Oh, yeah.

Sakuya: Where's your enthusiasm?

Freyr: What?! O-Oh, I just wish I could've seen him too...

Sakuya: I see...

Freyr: ...

Sakuya: Oh well. Anyway, thanks for today. Here's just a token of my appreciation.

She drops a chest.

Sakuya: Hope I can count on you again.

Freyr: Y-Yeah...

Request completed!

Reward: Silver Hairpin, Level 2* (The level is random.)

After completing this Request and being sheared by Sakuya, the next Request was for a Date and that Request appeared in the Post Box.

Sakuya's 7 Heart Date Event

Note that, although a Request for a Date appears in the post box at 7 Hearts, this is NOT the Request Event. This is the Date Event that your Character can initiate with any Eligible Girl at 7 Hearts.

When you invite her:

Sakuya: How about we go to Vale: Icy Rosebush and see the ice flowers?

When you reach the Icy Rosebush screen:

Sakuya (with music): Ah... This flower is amazing no matter how many times I see it. It'd be perfect if it weren't for the cold weather.

Freyr: Then maybe the flower would be less impressive?

Sakuya: Yeah, that's the thing. It would make a great souvenir, but it just wouldn't work...

Freyr (with tear): You wanted to market them...

Sakuya: But seeing the flowers up close puts all those thoughts away. Hey, Freyr. You think we could take a look at them for a while?

Freyr: Of course!

Sakuya: It really is pretty. I should show them off to my customers.

Your choices now:

You seem happy.
Seems hectic.
You're pretty.

If you choose:

You seem happy.

Sakuya: Yeah. I'm happy to be able to show off why my own town is so great. And talking with a lot of people is fun.

If you choose: Seems hectic.

Sakuya: Well, it is just part of the job. (with music now) And if they like a part of my own town, well that makes me happy!

Freyr: I see...

Sakuya: And it's profitable.

Freyr: I see...

If you choose: You're pretty.

Sakuya: What...?! W-Where did that come from...?! (blushing now) You really surprised me, honestly...

Whichever response you made:

Speaking of which, how's it going with you lately? Is it going well?

Your choices now:



With girls.

If you choose: Great!

Sakuya: Well, that's good. I wish you could share some of that with me.

Freyr: What about you?

Sakuya: Well, of course, I'm in the red...

If you choose: What?

Sakuya: Freyr. No, no, no.

Freyr: What?

Sakuya: If you don't know how to answer, you have to say 'could do better'.

Freyr: Really...?

If you choose: With girls.

Sakuya (smiling widely): What? You mean me?

Freyr: What? O-Of course...

Sakuya: Then why didn't you just say so? Why say 'girls'?

Freyr: Oh, well...

Sakuya: Why?

Freyr: I'm sorry...

However you responded:

Freyr: ... Anyway, why do you ask?

Sakuya: Oh, well... I don't... I just wanted to ask.

Freyr: Really...?

Sakuya: Hey, Freyr. Why did you invite me today? (blushing now)

Your choices now:

Wanted to talk.
You wanted to talk.
Just felt like it.

If you choose: Wanted to talk.

Sakuya: Huh...? (blushing still) R-Really? Well thenb, I guess you're really satisfied now!

Freyr: Yes.

Sakuya: Uh... I am, too...

If you choose: You wanted to talk.

Sakuya: Did it really seem like I wanted to talk?

Freyr: Yes.

Sakuya: I didn't mean to or anything... Oh well. But that's the reason we're talking like this. (blushing)

If you choose: Just felt like it.

Sakuya: Does that mean it could've been any one?

Freyr: Well...

Sakuya: Hmmm... (sighing unhappily) Well, maybe I suddenly feel like going home.

However you responded;

Sakuya: I guess it's time to head back.

The Event ends suddenly and I am surprised as Collette nips into the screen, evidently on unrelated business.

Sakuya is at 7 Hearts.


Birthday: 22 Winter

Favourite Colognes: Fish Scent, Sharance Spice
Most Favourite Gift: Seafood Pizza
Loves: Fish, Sashimi
Dislikes: Pumpkin

Official Description: Loves fishing and her brother. Helps out at the family fishing resort. Full of energy and easily excited.

Family: Carlos

Item 1: Intermediate Pole
Item 2:

Carmen with her brother Carlos runs a Fishing Resort where you can pay to fish in a pond stocked with rare and valuable varieties of fish. It is Carmen who will give you your first Fishing Rod in her first Request Event. She and her brother are extremely close.

Carmen: Hiuh? Something smells good! What is it? It's so relaxing. I wonder why this reminds me of Carlos. It's so nostalgic. (Fish Scent)

For Seafood Pizza (displaying red heart, following by an outpouring of hearts): (+293 green) (Awesome! Thanks so much!) Wow, I'm so happy. Seafood Pizza! Yay!! It's like I was born for this! Really, thank you!

Freyr: Ha ha, you're overreacting. But, I'm glad that you like it.

Carmen for Salmon Sashimi (+92) Ah! Salmon Sashimi! I really like these! But... since you gave me this, I need to tell you something! (with hearts pouring out) I love Seafood Pizza only slightly less than I love my brother. There, I said it! So, keep that in mind next time!

Carmen for Medicinal Herb (+20): (Thanks!) What's this? Thanks. You shouldn't give me Pumpkin. You can't do anything with them.

Carmen: Broiled, steamed or raw, fish is so delicious! I'm actually good at cooking. When I get married, I'm going to cook for my husband. But I still haven't found a guy better than my brother. It's a serious problem.


Birthday: 24 Spring
Favourite Scent: Rainbow
Favourite Gifts: Dried Sardines
Loves: Jams, Coloured Grasses, Curries
Most Detested: Shrimp

Official Description: An excitable and eccentric artist of many mediums. She LOVES rainbows.

Family: Her art

Item 1: War Hammer
Item 2:

Daria is an Elven Artist whose primary magic is based on Rainbow Power. She lives in the Rainbow Studio in the clearing that is the location of the entrance to Privera Forest.

You can find Miso Eggplant in the chest of drawers next to her bed.

Shara: Today's scent is... Rainbow!

Freyr: What do rainbows even smell like?

Shara: I have no idea, but that's how Daria described it.

Daria: Huh? You smell good. Is it dried sardines? (displaying red hearts) (Rainbow)

Freyr: I don't think so.

For Dried Sardines (displays a big red heart): Oh... (blushing) I love this... Thanks.

Daria: Bring me any coloured grass you find.
Oh, or jam would be good. It makes for great colour and a really interesting texture. Gets a little smelly though.

For Orange Grass (+95) Oh, Orange Grass. I'll use it in my art. Thanks!

For Yellow Grass (+91) Oh, Yellow Grass. I'll use it in my art. Thanks!

For Medicinal Herb (+20): Oh, is this Medicinal Grass for me? But I like curry more.

For Medicinal Herb (+20) (with music): Oh, is this Medicinal Herb for me? Thanks. But I like jam more.

On Daria's Birthday:

Shara: It's Daria's birthday today. I gave her many colourful grasses she can paint with.

Daria: Today's my birthday?!

My choices:
That's right.

If I choose: W-What?!

Daria: That's how it is!

For Orange Grass on her Birthday: (93): Oh, Orange Grass! Nice birthday present! I like it!

If I choose: That's right.
Daria: Huh? Did you know?

Daria: The thing I hate most is Shrimp. *shiver*...

Freyr: Just thinking about them makes you shudder? That's a pretty extreme reaction.

Daria: Those long antennae, all of those little legs... They're so creepy!

Freyr: Wow! I've never seen you this afraid of anything.

Daria: I marked my birthday on your calendar. It's the 24th of Spring..

Freyr: Oh, thank --- Wait, you did what?

For Orange Grass: (Thanks!) Oh, Orange Grass. I'll use it in my art. Thanks!