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Although HarvestMoonForever remains my primary site, you will find all my posts and Guides for Rune Factory 3 on this site. I created a site for Grand Bazaar in this manner and it has proven quite useful. The actual Guides as always will be published by IGN as well.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rune Factory 3 Guides

As you can see, the links to my Rune Factory 3 Guides are 'Pages' at the top of this 'Home' Page. I created a preliminary Characters and Requests Guide as well as Walkthrough/General Guide, Items Guide and Cookbook Recipes Guide so far. I believe I will create a separate Requests Guide that simply gives the gist of each Request, where it appears, what it entails and the Reward that is given when completed.

The actual text of the Requests may remain in the Characters Guide as 'Requests' in Rune Factory tend to encompass all the Friendship and Romantic Events in the series. I do think that a basic Requests Guide will be helpful, however, as it will allow players to decide which Request to accept first. Some Requests actually have NO Reward whatsoever. Others have very important Rewards, including Tools.


  1. Nice blog for Rune Factory 3. Keep it up!

  2. ok so the things tht HELP u r at the top? ty