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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tip: Raven's Treasure Trove

Early Requests can be amusing, dramatic, give you vital Tools or can result in considerable financial gains. In the case of Raven's 2nd Bulletin Board Request, the Rewards are random but can be spectacular.

The first Request on the Bulletin Board by Raven is:

Raven: Bring me...
Bring iron by 7.00 p.m.
Reward: None
Details: You must work in her shop, remembering prices to sell three items

The second Request that appears on the Board is:

Raven's 2nd Request
Simple Request
Raven: Any one
Take this with you.
Reward: 6 Random Weapons, Items, Seeds or...
Details: Simply enter her Smithy and exit again with the Weapons and/or Items*

*The 6 Items are loaded randomly when you accept the Request. If you want a specific Weapon, reload until you obtain it. The Weapons can include types that would appear only as Special Deals. Items can be as valueless as Weeds or as valuable as Sour Drop.

Reloading a few times in order to see how varied the items could be, I found items as valueless as Weeds and Weapons as valuable as Frost Edge or Backscratcher. As this Request should appear fairly early in Spring, you can obtain some very decent Weapons and Equipment by accepting this Request, reloading if the six Items displayed on the carpet are not to your liking.

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