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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Nature of Simple Requests in Rune Factory 3

Very often, it is only by replaying a game that one can discover the true nature of options and events. Initially, i assumed that Rewards for Requests were set as they were in other Rune Factory games. This is the case for the most part where ordinary Requests are concerned, but not in the case of the Simple Requests. Having replayed a number of Simple Requests, it is clear that the Quest itself can change as can the actual Reward.

In my guides, I wrote about Raven's Simple Request to take any or all of 6 Items on the floor of the Smithy. Those items will change each time you reload. Furthermore, as with any Simple Request, it may appear on the Board again, even after you have completed it previously.

With request to Sakuya's 'Souvenir' Request, it is only the type of Item associated with each Choice that remains constant. For example, she will ask for a Monster War Trophy and then offer you a choice between the following:

Quiet Box
Rustling Box
Smacking Box

The Quiet Box contains two plants such as Grasses. The Rustling Box contains two Accessories and the Smacking Box contains two Cooked Dishes. The actual Items you receive may change each time you reload.

In Carmen's 'Celebrate' Simple Request, she will ask you to defeat a number of Monsters in Oddward Valley. The Monster type and the number of Monsters you need to defeat may change each time you reload. The actual Reward will be a Fish, but the identity of the Fish may change as well.

I will have to modify my Requests Guide accordingly where specific Rewards were given for Simple Requests.


  1. I don't know if this is on purpose, but the "Walkthrough and general guide" tab links to the "Recipes" guide. ;)

  2. No, it definitely was unintentional. Sorry about that. It has been corrected. I guess I really did need a break from writing guides! Thanks, Cat.