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Friday, January 7, 2011

Taming Monsters in RF3: Monster Most Favourites

A couple of players suggested that I include each Monster's Most Favourites in my Bestiary and Dungeons Guide, but after doing a little research, I believe that you will find all the information you need in the War Trophies that each Monster drops. It is very easy to tame a Monster by giving it any War Trophy item that it dropped. For example, I was able to tame a Blackbird instantly by giving it one Branch. The same held true with respect to various Orcs. I will continue to perform tests, but I am fairly certain that you will find it easiest to tame any Monster by giving it an Item that it drops as a War Trophy.

Here is another example of the use of a War Trophy dropped by a Monster as the Gift by which to tame him: At Level 42, Freyr was able to tame a Hunter Wolf with 4 Wolf Fangs given by his tame Silver Wolf. The Wolf Fang is a War Trophy common to both Wolf types in Rune Factory 3. When Freyr attempted to tame the same Hunter Wolf using food items such as Ice Cream and Dumplings as well as a random Fire Crystal from a smashed generator, it was a far more difficult and time-consuming task.

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