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Monday, January 31, 2011

Simple Requests and Date Events and Rare Items

My ambition is to include the text of all Events in my Characters Guide and to include basic information about all Requests in the Requests Guide.

While reloading Requests to see if they varied, I discovered that Simple Requests not only can be completed again and again but can give different Rewards and even consist of different dialogues.

As indicated in my Guides, there are three basic types of Requests in Rune Factory 3: Ordinary Requests, Simple Requests and Battle Requests. Ordinary Requests are the Requests that can be completed only once, that often depend on Friendship or Heart Level and/or having completed prior Requests in a specific sequence. They can be Courtship or Date Events or can disclose details about a Character's likes and dislikes or personal history.

Simple Requests can be an opportunity to obtain rare Items or are a method by which your Character is tested on his abilities to cook or find specific War Trophies. Simple Requests disclose personal information about the Character who initiates them or can be a method by which information about the village or other Characters is given.

Battle Requests are familiar to players of all Rune Factory games. In Rune Factory 3, they are initiated usually by Wells or Shino. They are an opportunity to raise combat skills as well as making the player familiar with the screens where specific Monsters are to be found.

Players who are looking for rare items should try to accept Simple Requests. For example, a Simple Request by Daria for Dried Sardines (her Most Favourite Gift) can result in a reward of any of the Gold Crop Seeds, although results are random. If you are patient, you can reload until you receive the Seeds you need.

The items sold by Yue, as well as those that appear as 'Special Deals' at the Smithy or the Crops that are sold at the General Store are based on the Items your Character has shipped for the most part. You will not be able to find Weapons or Accessories that are far superior to those that could be created or used by your Character at his present Skills Levels. In like fashion, Cooked Dishes sold by Yue are those that your own Character COULD prepare.

Incidentally, it appears that Yue is more akin to subsidiary Characters in RF3 than to the Main Characters. She does not appear in the Relationship Menu

The Date Events that occur at 7 Hearts in Rune Factory 3 can be initiated by using the 'Invite' option with any Eligible Girl who has attained 7 Hearts. In some cases, there is more than one Date Event for a specific Eligible Girl although the questions that are asked usually will not vary. You can experience a Date Event at 7 Hearts with a specific Girl only once each day but you can experience it more than once on different days. It is probable that you will gain points only when you experience the Date Event for the first time, however.

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