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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Little Quests of the Flea Market

RPGs have a tradition of incorporating chains of minor quests that require the acquisition of a special item to give to a specific individual, thus obtaining another item that is desired by another individual.

In Animal Crossing, the Flea Market was an occasion whereby one might be able to acquire a special item of furniture in an Animal Neighbour's house that one had coveted for a long time.

In Rune Factory 3, the Flea Market combines chains of minor quests with the opportunity to obtain rare Seeds and Items.

You have to pay attention if you wish to maximise your Flea Market experience either in terms of profit or in terms of obtaining the best Items. In the first year, Seeds that otherwise are not sold anywhere are sold at extremely low prices at the
Flea Market. In some ways, it is similar to the special Festivals in ToT and Animal Parade. In Rune Factory 3, however, you can interact with Characters anywhere on the Map to obtain the option to buy or trade Items. Monica and Daria offer games of chance. The Rock-Paper-Scissors Game that Monica plays is a bit like the games that the Harvest Goddess plays in many Harvest Moon games.

If you wish to obtain a Golden Turnip, Ultimate Curry or Invinciroid, the Flea Market Festival represents a golden opportunity to do so. It is a fairly early opportunity to obtain more than one piece of Platinum as well as Emery Flower Seed and other rare Seeds.


  1. This isn't regarding your post, but please read this comment!

    I tried to email this to you, but AOL kept sending it back saying your inbox was full.
    This was in the e-mail, regarding rune Factory 3 (in general):

    So, in about one week, I've defeated all the "bosses" in Privera Forest, Sol Teranno Desert, Oddward Valley, Vale River (this guy creeps me out!) and Dragon Cave (to marry Raven).

    I'm wondering what exactly I'm supposed to do after marriage. Given that this game is a "Fantasy Harvest Moon," I'm thinking that it might be similar to what happens in any Harvest Moon gmae after marriage?

    What I'm trying to ask is: What happens now? I really don't know what to do, so I'm pretty confused - this is the first time I've ever gotten this far!

    I really liked Rune Factory 3 , so I'm really hoping that it's not over yet!

    Also, regarding Sakuya's request:

    "Help Yet Again"
    [Requester: Sakuya]
    There's something I want you to get again.

    I know that on your Rune Factory Website, you said to turn into wooly form, but unfortunately, I read that last night when the whole town already knew i was half - monster....
    So is it okay to ignore her request? Will it effect any future events??

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!!
    I'm sorry to bother you about this, considering you're probably already a very busy person...

    - Fatiha C.

    Once again, please read this comment!!!

  2. HELP!!! LOL I am a BIG RF fan. I am stuck on the Nintendo DS Rune Factory 3. How do I marry Raven? Who do I talk to about building a animal barn? I cant find anything on it. Also, how do I get to the people in the desert? Sorry, but I am spinning my wheels. Thank you sooo much!

    AKA Kity

  3. Kity, obviously you haven't seen the actual GUIDES I have written for Rune Factory 3. The Walkthrough and General Guide covers the shops and so forth and the Bestiary and Caves Guide gives a Walkthrough for the Dungeons. I'm still working on them but the information you need is included. The dungeons in RF3 are progessive and new options are unlocked when you defeat Bosses. When you defeat the Raccoon in Privera Forest, you'll be able to meet the Univir Tribe in the Desert. When you have done that, you'll be able to buy a Monster Barn from the Smithy. The ability to marry is linked to the Quest that takes you through the Dragon Cave dungeon.

  4. Fatiha, there are other goals in any Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game apart from the 'story'. You should try to attain 100% completion in all of your Cookbooks and Shipping List. You should at least have Friendship Levels with all Characters that allow you to receive Birthday Gifts from them on your Birthday. Marriage is only one Goal. The Main Story is only one Goal. You should try to have all Crops at Level 10, all Weapons and Accessories shipped, all Cooked Dishes shipped and so on. Monster taming is another Goal. Rune Factory is interesting in that the plot goals are very strong and require that you increase your Skill Levels but it really isn't what Rune Factory is all about. After all, the series began as a 'Fantasy Harvest Moon'. It has been described as 'Harvest Moon with a sword'.

    You don't have to complete all the Requests but that's another subsidiary goal and you learn interesting details in Requests. Simple Requests will appear more than once, but I haven't found ordinary Requests to appear again once you have completed them.