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Monday, December 13, 2010

Interior Design in Rune Factory 3

Rune Factory 3 has some entertaining new options such as the ability to purchase Toys to display in your home. When the twin Lions appear in Oddward Valley, Evelyn's Menu should expand to include Toys.

Freyr was delighted to discover that he could purchase a stuffed version of his beloved Silver Wolf.

Note that there are two different types of 'Toys' in Rune Factory 3. Those sold by Evelyn are strictly decorative pieces that can be placed anywhere in your house. Those that can be made at the Workbench, such as the 'Monkey Toy' fall into the category of Shields to be used in battle.


  1. Just wanted to share this info:
    There's a limit of decorative piece you may purchase from Evelyn. You can't ship, give or even throw the decorative pieces. So how would one get rid of the already bought furniture so one can populate their tree house with silver wolf toys? Your weapon or axe! Yep! I was venting when I couldn't get rid of all the flowers I've bought. I so wanted some toys! Out of frustration, I started whacking the potted flowers after trying to throw it into the river, only to find it returned to the tree house! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Low and behold, it turned into one piece of wood to add to your lumber collection!

  2. Very interesting. Thanks! I'll test this and add to the guide. How would you like to be credited?

  3. What was the limit, by the way? It seems to me that it is not a limit on Eveyln but on the number of items purchased from her that you can have in your possession. Otherwise, how would you be able to buy the Wolf Toys after destroying the potted plants?

  4. Later: You are absolutely correct about the technique. Three strikes with a Silver Hammer and any Potted Plant or Stuffed Toy will be transformed into a piece of Lumber. Seems rather a waste, but there you have it... At least there is a way to 'lose' unwanted items.

  5. The limit is 10, by the way. I kept buying Silver Wolf toys until Evelyn told me I couldn't have any more, went home to count them and found that I had 1 Potted Plant and 9 Silver Wolf Toys...

  6. Interesting, tigress & Freya! Though I wish I had found out about the "destructibility" of these decorative pieces earlier, before I -- out of good intentions -- watered my potted flower to death! I watered the plant once, nothing happened. Twice, still nothing. On my 3rd try, my jaw dropped as the pretty flowers were reduced to a stick a lumber. D: Just one of the many surprises hidden in the game, I guess!