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Although HarvestMoonForever remains my primary site, you will find all my posts and Guides for Rune Factory 3 on this site. I created a site for Grand Bazaar in this manner and it has proven quite useful. The actual Guides as always will be published by IGN as well.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bad Page Link Corrected

I must apologise for the error that caused the Cooking Guide to be placed on the Page that should have contained the General Guide and Walkthrough. Thanks to a player's comment, this has been corrected, although it should have been done sooner. I really did need a break. I hope to be able to update the guides for Grand Bazaar and Rune Factory 3 soon.

Note that my Guides all are published on IGN but this site was created in order to give readers a convenient location for all my Guides on my own site. Not very convenient when the wrong guide is copied onto the wrong page...

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